Glory’s Gate – Christian Based Music Ministry Presents a Video Premier of their new release that fits perfectly into the events of this day! It’s a must listen and one you will enjoy over and over!

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Band Members

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Artist Bio

Glory’s Gate combining elements of classic rock, rhythm & blues, southern rock and country produces an energy and sound that is unique to Glory’s Gate and appealing to all generations of listeners.
This music ministry was formed in May 2017 as a dream of JT Marshall who is joined by instrumentalists Jon Anthony, Brian Firmand, Casey Young and Robyn Davis. The music carries on the mission inspired by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the commission to spread the Gospel to the corners of the Earth.
JT’s personal mission is to bring an understanding of the written Word and personal faith experience to life; in a way that is clear, meaningful and impactful. JT’s style is similar to Johnny Cash. The lyrics are mainly designed to connect in a way to provoke visions of inspiration and reflection. According to Rohman (Rock the Faith Radio) the song ‘Day of Pentecost’, “…conjures images of the actual Day of Pentecost.”
Glory’s Gate believes that each person is a special creation whom God loves regardless of their background or circumstances. The ministry utilizes the deep personal testimony of a loving God who will never leave you no matter how broken you are. This is the driving concept of their 1st album ‘Stay Strong’.

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To hear more of their music go to: Glory’s Gate | ReverbNation

I am very proud to also add, that TJ Marshall is my son, and the keyboard artist; composer; and sound engineer Jon Anthony, is my grandson. So proud that the Lord has led them to do such a healing ministry through music.

Dianne Marshall

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