Pence-Ryan 2016 Emails & Cleveland Deal

Many have known and many have denied the Pence-Ryan 2016 plan to oust Trump and run in his place that is all supposed to be conspiracy theory. Those of us who were watching wrote about it but it went on deaf ears. Why? Because of propaganda and people comfy in their sleep. Even after all things passed and it went for “round two” to awaken people… it all but fell flat again.

Many knew and, in an article, posted by Amy Tiel on Aug 19, 2017, the emails were included to show they were not a conspiracy.    

Ryan says he and Trump 'not planning' mass deportations- POLITICO
A picture says a thousand words….now doesn’t it.

Excerpts from the article:

If you think Pence is loyal to Trump you probably don’t even know about the Cleveland Deal made just before the Republican National Convention. Oathkeeper NavyJack @USNJack shares, “There are a LOT of NEO-CONs in the cabinet (Pompeo, Coats, Haley, Perry, Cohn, Preiebus, etc.). All of them came with the Pence/Cleveland Deal. Paul Ryan was about to change the rules to allow delegates to vote however they wanted on the first ballot. Trump would not have been nominated.”

So how could Ryan alone change it? The rules had to be voted on by delegates. NavyJack shares, “And they would have voted for it had Ryan allowed it to come to a vote. He did not because of the deal.”

Did the Cleveland Deal include Pence/Ryan picking Trump’s cabinet for first year?

So, Trump picks Pence in July and by October the Globalist (DEMs, RINOs, NeverTrumpers, etc) are in a panic. Trump is gaining ground on the Globalist pick – Hillary Clinton. Time is running out and their options are limited. So Pence and Ryan continue to connive:

image 28
image 29
image 30
image 31
image 33

Then Mike Pence shares that Trump is not loosing, in fact he’s winning support to the Trump Team/Train.

image 34
image 35

The article ends with … **YOU DECIDE IF THESE ARE REAL.**

Vice President Mike Pence Used AOL Email Address for Official Business
I have a feeling Trump knew all along. If we did, you know he did.

So please check out the Pence-Ryan 2016 website… and see for yourself.

The question is, does a candidate for V.P. on the Trump Republican Ticket, need to have a dual website announcing he’s running for President with a VP named Ryan waiting in the wings? If so, why? I just never heard of that one before, but maybe that sort of thing is done a lot? So, as Lin Wood says, “Do your own research”.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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