Pelosi Wrap Up Smear Take 5!

Paul Pelosi’s ties with someone’s ex-lover is out of the box and in the headlines? Can Nancy put her/him back in the box? This is one smear job that won’t go down well. Why was this going down at Pelosi’s house?

Not even sure if the blue pill will put it at bay?

You know it’s bad when many news outlets are cringing to even write about it. That’s what Republican Daily has said…or close to it. They finally weighed in and gave their opinion in an article titled, ” The Paul Pelosi Story Makes No Sense, and the Public Needs Answers“.

The administration of Republican Daily wrote, “I’ve stayed away from the story of Paul Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi’s husband, being attacked by a hammer in his San Francisco home to this point because of how confusing the fact pattern is. After all, it’s always best to not get out over one’s skis, a rule I’ve not always followed in the past, not so much on RedState, but in the lightening fast environment of social media.”

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And getting out over ones skis is exactly what was intended to be done… but not by the ones who want to report the truth, it was intended to be a J-6 wrap up smear and Republican Daily called it out and very correctly!

RD Admin. Continues, “But here I sit on a Saturday morning, reading all the details that have come out over the last day, and I can’t help but come to one conclusion: This story makes no sense.

“I don’t mean that as a way to suggest some grand conspiracy. I mean that much more as an idle observation. What has come out about the attacker and how the attack unfolded simply doesn’t add up. Now, that could be because we just lack some additional facts that confirm the predominant narrative, but until those facts arrive, no one can be blamed for looking at the situation with some heavy side-eye.

What we do know is that Paul Pelosi was attacked with a hammer. He suffered some kind of injury that required a trip to the hospital and an operating table. We know that the police showed up prior to the attack commencing and that Paul Pelosi was attacked in their presence. We know the assailant was arrested in his underwear. We also know that a glass door was shattered.

The article goes on to say it’s the assailant himself that is such an enigma, and shortly after his arrest was announced, the authorities claimed that he was a right-wing conspiracy theorist with ties to January 6th rhetoric. That led to the usual gnashing of teeth, accusing Republicans of somehow being responsible for the attack despite that rule never applying to Democrats when leftwing attackers target conservatives.

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The RD Administration went on to point out the falicies in that statement as after a bit of investigation it was proven that David DePape is a hemp jewelry making nudist protester. And showed his home which showed signs supporting Bernie Sanders and Chesa Boudin, both far-left figures. One with the flag out front of a gay pride/marijuana flag.

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They also wrote that DePape is apparently a “father figure” to the children of a woman in a commune who is married to another man. That woman is known for her public proclamation of 9/11 conspiracy theories, which are typically a left-wing pursuit.

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The author goes on to ask the question of the day…“How does someone with that profile end up a Trump-loving, January 6th supporter as the authorities claim?”

“I honestly don’t have an answer to that, and that’s the problem. The public needs more information, and this event can’t be allowed to be swept under the rug in the way Paul Pelosi’s DUI arrest was.” Read full story here: The Paul Pelosi Story Makes No Sense, and the Public Needs Answers – Republican Daily


Nudist ex-lover of Paul Pelosi attacker is female PEDOPHILE who harassed boy, 14, and who bought sex dolls ‘for their sons to use’

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They point out the key facts:

  • Oxane ‘Gypsy’ Taub, the former lover of Paul Pelosi attacker David DePape, was convicted in 2021 for child abuse after stalking and harassing a 14-year-old boy 
  • Police said Taub had an ‘obsession’ with a former friend of her son in 2019, messaging the boy about her desire to date him
  • She was arrested when she tried to lure him to meet her in secret without his phone despite a restraining order placed against her
  • The shock new information appeared on Michael Shellenberger’s Substack, which brands DePape a ‘psychotic homeless addict’ 
  • It comes as DePape faces allegations from his daughter of abusing her and his sons when they were children 
  • Neighbors have described Taub and DePape as ‘off the walls,’ saying they abuse and sell psychedelic drugs 

If you want a wild ride where you are left trying to guess what is and isn’t true… tackle this stream of information… Read:Nudist ex-lover of Paul Pelosi attacker is female PEDOPHILE who molested boy, 14 | Daily Mail Online

And then my friend Renato Cunha sent me this from Cesare Sacchetti, Italian investigative reporter.

Sacchetti says, “Some Twitter profiles claiming to have sources in the San Francisco Police Department report that the story of the alleged raid on Paul Pelosi’s mansion is very different from the one circulated in the media. David Depepe, the man who was in the residence of Pelosi’s husband was having sex with Pelosi himself. At some point, a discussion about a drug exchange would arise. At that point, Pelosi would have called the police and the completely false story of the raid on Pelosi’s villa was fabricated. The house is surrounded by video surveillance cameras that would show that there has been no raid but the Pelosi obviously take care not to publish the videos.”

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The only thing sure about this story is that THERE IS NO conservative involved and it has nothing to do with J-6. The “exclusive reports”, the “breaking news”, and the “Here’s what we know so far” are FAKE NEWS reading their fake scripts as those over them make their edits minute by minute to update as they see what sticks.

The bigger story is that there are a lot of untrue stories being pushed to hide the cold hard facts that reveal the corruption and terrible things the “old ones” have been doing. Not only in this tall tale, but with J-6, Ukraine, Election fraud, RESET, COVID, et al. If we were to stack the corruption list of dispicable things being done upon one another like legos it would be the size of the Empire State Building and then some what taller than that.

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It’s time to brush up on the game of Clue and learn how to be a sleuth for truth!

Keep on Pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press.


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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