Pelosi BOOM!

So are we supposed to believe an 81 year old woman, with a flask dependency, who shakes like a leaf when walking and talking, whose tongue stammers and sputters as though wrapped up in knots when explaining simple things, somehow went against the presidential thief’s wishes, and ordered her own military escort to head to Taiwan, knowing this could start world war III and no one stopped her? Ohhhh give me a break! Does anyone have an Advil? I suddenly have a headache….does anyone elses head hurt?

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WHO WRITES THESE SCRIPTS? Hollywood or the Club of Rome? Maybe it’s DARPA? Maybe it’s Saturday Night Live? It is obvious that the same script writers that wrote the lines for the divine commedy of “Zelensky’s NAZI’s of Ukraine”, are the same ones writing the lines for “Pelosi Grips Chips in Taiwan”!

What happened to season one where the script said Biden was in bed with China? Somehow while Ukraine got our billions, we went from having an administration that China led by the nose to an aging Pelosi toasting her flask as she begs for chips in the name of progressive democracy which simply means…we own you because we said so…you know, the same sort of twisted minority rules bla, bla.

The question is..(which there are many) is this all show rhetoric or is this a danger? What and who is behind the Gavel Queen’s arrival in Taiwan? Did she sneak in as some are saying…(yes some are saying that) or did she boldly go where others feared to tread? And does “sneaking in” mean in a studio somewhere or C.G.I.?

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None of this will make sense to people unless you understand that there is a world wide infiltration of Khazarian Oligarchs who have infiltrated in strong holds complete with bioweapon labs and other toys. Progressive Democracy is globalism. Which means there is something in Taiwan that the Khazarian Oligarchs want to maintain. And Xi and Russia are not going to stand idle and allow the double Pelosi to infiltrate by her faux presence.

The gavel Queen said as she smirked, during a meeting with the president of Taiwan, “Today the world faces a choice between democracy and autocracy. America’s determination to preserve democracy here in Taiwan and around the world remains ironclad.”

Translated this means….’America isn’t going to give up their bioweapon labs, and nuke readiness that their Khazarian Overlords have worked so masterfully at creating.’

It was said that Pelosi was the highest ranking US Government member to even visit Taiwan in 25 years. So why now after 25 years do we have a woman who can barely express a coherant sentence and needs a flask to get through the day to become highest ranking member of US government? That is the greater question to be asked in this ridiculous facade called a trip to Taiwan in the name of democracy.

The second question is why was it even allowed, knowing it broke an international resolution, a redline called “One China Principle” and this has provoked not only China, but Russia also?

The One China principle is the position held by the People’s Republic of China (PRC) that there is only one sovereign state under the name China, with the PRC serving as the sole legitimate government of that China, and Taiwan is a part of China.

Even the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said on Wednesday that the UN had support for the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) Resolution 2758 of 1971 and the one-China principle.

The UN Secretary General Guterres said, “That is the orientation that we have in everything we do,” in response to questions asked at a press conference regarding Nancy Pelosi’s visit to China’s Taiwan region. 

In a nutshell, President Xi has made unifying Taiwan with China a primary goal of his rule, and his defense minister warned in June that Beijing would not hesitate to fight for the island. Now although Xi issued a warning to the US on playing with fire and those who do will get burned….that does not mean that they are going to push a button and start blowing things up. What it means is now they have crossed the line and will take action… as they have prepared for such a day as this and now by the GRANDIOSE STUPIDITY of the Biden Regime in allowing this…..those whom they have just opposed have been granted permission to proceed.

Remember, Chinese officials strongly stated that no part of the Taiwan Strait could be considered international waters, even though it is one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. This means China can take action to intercept and block U.S. warships sailing through the area, at any time, and even though Pelosi snuck in (allegedly) she just gave a green light for China to grab an iron hold on Taiwan, backed by Russia Alliances. A redline was crossed and so now Pelosi is returning home in order to continue her part in the global Jab virus from hell genocide on Americans and the world. She will continue to play her part in killing off humanity in the name of her democracy.

Before the flask snuck into Tailand China took diplomatic action. Their first step was diplomacy…of which they denied the flask permission to go to Tailand and warned retaliation would be forthcoming and that first attempt was snubbed. The second step was taken as the Chinese government filed a formal protest with the U.S. State Department over the flask’s (Pelosi’s) visit. Today, Taiwan is bracing for China’s reaction.

Meanwhile…Nancy needs some chips to go with her martini.

When in Taiwan, Pelosi allegedly met with the chairman of the Taiwan chip giant (not the kind you snack on) T.S.M.C. Working on a hopeful trade deal to increase domestic production of microchips. Read: Welcomed by Taiwan, Pelosi Leaves Rising Tensions With China in Her Wake – The New York Times (

US Markets fall as Pelosi shows off and begs for chips…. oh how this unfolds showing us how – PELOSI’S FLASK BREATH SMELLS LIKE A BIG FAT DISTRACTION!

Pelosi opened a big fat door for China to utilize the opportunity to carry out unimpeded sea and air patrols of Taiwan, and gradually normalized their goal of unification of China and Taiwan. Which leads to everything that is allegedly taking place to be questioned.

And just like that…BOOM!

Taiwan is now under attack to be unified with China. And they get to blame it all on Pelosi. No chips for you… and you can drink to that Nanny!

Pelosi flipped her finger at the ‘One China Principal Law’ … and now … she goes home (If she even ever left) and Taiwan is under attack. Thank you Nancy…now go get drunk and deny doing anything wrong.

Sending the congressional drunk in any form, real or C.G.I., is not impressive to world leaders. What has taken place is a slap in the face for international agreements and another stupid move by the man with dementia and the woman who lives inside her flask. Or then again… the real truth is hiding behind another veil…???

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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