Lin Wood-It’s 1776 Again!

“When a truth-giver speaks, listen carefully. You are hearing the TRUTH!” LIN WOOD Message to all Patriots and Americans from Lin Wood, “The words of Jesus Christ, the Son of God and my Lord and Savior, found in one of my favorite passages of scripture in the Holy Bible – “And this is the condemnation,…Continue readingLin Wood-It’s 1776 Again!

Word of God Versus Cabal!

GOOD VERSUS EVIL…IT’S THAT SIMPLE AND VERY COMPLICATED! The world is run by Lucifer/Satan who works great evil through wicked men who have sold their souls for a price. In return, these wealthy, wretched merchants do his bidding. They plot in secret to buy mens souls for a price and bid them to go out…Continue readingWord of God Versus Cabal!

Cabal Attacking Christianity!

The wicked cabal has infiltrated all denominations with false shepherds teaching doctrines of devils to control and RESET humanity! Wake up or be herded like cattle into their new world order! This is SPIRITUAL WARFARE ON STEROIDS! Steve Bannon and Michael Matt fill in the blanks on the RESET and what the CABAL is planning…Continue readingCabal Attacking Christianity!


If Generals are more interested in fighting Tucker Carlson than they are fighting the Taliban and even exposing the lies of the CDC which is a private corporation and not a Government branch, then we are indeed in need of questioning why? If they are more interested in shoving more deceit in our faces instead…Continue readingTREASON OR STUPIDITY?

Goons of The Cabal…

The dumpy, frumpy, goons whose only asset to the head of the Cabal is their williness to sell out humanity for self gain. Everyone has a price and this lot have poorly negotiated the fee for their souls. They fully underestimated the price to be paid in return for a fleeting moment of misery and…Continue readingGoons of The Cabal…

Cyber Symposium LIVE…

The show will go on regardless of the evil Cyber attack to delay Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium! We are under attack and the censoring continues to be brutal. The voice of the people will not be silenced and the truth shall prevail! Watch it live below! Mike Lindell says at 7:00 PM Central Time they…Continue readingCyber Symposium LIVE…

China Genocide Against Uighurs

IS THIS WHAT THEY ARE BRINGING TO AMERICA? REEDUCATION CAMPS? WHAT ARE THEY TRYING TO DO TO PATRIOTS AND TRUMP SUPPORTERS? DO YOU SEE THE PLAN YET? January 6: The Faces of Political Prisoners at America’s Abu Ghraib in DC – Patriots’ Soapbox 24/7 News Network ( Before leaving office, the Trump administration declared China’s…Continue readingChina Genocide Against Uighurs

Last Days – Saving America!

Floods, Earthquakes, Demonic Human Hybrids, Fallen Angels, and Crazy Signs of These Last Days…IT’S BIBLICAL! Let’s take a walk back into the history of America, the same history the Cabal has tried so desperately to keep hidden from American eyes. If in watching how they have tried so hard to gaslight Americans during the day…Continue readingLast Days – Saving America!

Founding Father’s Vision!

2021 – THE YEAR THE FOUNDING FATHERS VISION IS TO BE RESTORED! On January 5, 2021, I wrote this article for the Marshall Report. I am reposting it here for people to see again, that the Founding Fathers Project that President Trump had initiated and Biden Administration took down immediately following their theft of the…Continue readingFounding Father’s Vision!


WHAT IS THERE TO GO BACK TO? THERE IS NO NORMAL, ONLY WHAT WE ALLOWED AND TOLERATED. PRESS FORWARD TO A NATION FREE OF THE CABAL! That may sound cold and hard, but it is the honest truth. What we are presently pushing through is the final showdown of ending the Cabal’s system. None of…Continue readingNO GOING BACK…