Why is Sidney in Question?

I found it startling that someone allegedly on the same side of justice is questioning Sidney Powell on her Cyber Voter Fraud investigation along with Mike Lindell’s efforts to expose the corruption. Did anyone else see this or is it just me? Does anyone know why the Law Professor with sad eyes and a “woe…Continue readingWhy is Sidney in Question?

Eyes Opened Wide

Those who are with us are greater than those who are against us! MEANWHILE FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO KNOW THE FEAR PROPAGANDA MESSAGES: ISLAND OF LA PALMA – ENTIRE NORTH QUARTER LIFTED 10CM on October 9th ! News report from the Hal Turner Radio Show: “The entire northern quarter of the island of La…Continue readingEyes Opened Wide

Trump Live In Iowa!

Trump speaks and the crowd goes wild! Funny how the momentum for Trump across the nation is greater now than it was when he broke all the records in political history for the most votes ever…and Biden stole it away. Or so his global friends thought he did….but, a thief is a thief and will…Continue readingTrump Live In Iowa!

Diamond & Silk Shut it Down!

STOP THOSE WHO ARE KILLING, STEALING AND DESTROYING! It’s time to shut down the hands that mandate tyranny and stand up for our Constitutional Rights and Freedom! MORE GASLIGHTING – this time it’s all about the Constitution! Now we are being blasted with garbage to sway our opinion on the freedoms we have. DON’T BUY…Continue readingDiamond & Silk Shut it Down!

It’s All About The Kids!

The wicked globalists have gone too far. Now they’ve lit a powder keg by going after the children! The Justice Department has waged a war on the wrong people. Meaning momma and papa bears looking out for their cubs! (F.Y.I.: Mother and Fathers and their Children!) And so what do they do? They roll out…Continue readingIt’s All About The Kids!

The Greatest Weapon of All

GOD has given us the greatest and most powerful weapon of all, that is the power of HIS SON JESUS AND THE HOLY SPIRIT to dwell within us – IT’S HEAVEN UNLEASHED! This includes our Almighty God and Father at the helm! If God be for us, who then can stand against us? NOTHING CAN…Continue readingThe Greatest Weapon of All


Don’t let the fear mongering get you down. It’s always good to work in a few light hearted things among the crazy upside down… war against humanity. It helps keep your mind free of lies and fear. HOW OLD IS THE MAXINE? SHE’S BEEN AROUND MAKING PEOPLE SMILE FOR A LONG TIME NOW. JUST WONDERING…Continue readingMORNING COFFEE STUFF

We’re At A Critical Mass!

Dr. Michael McDowell CALLS OUT BIG PHARMA AND CHURCHES PUSHING THE FAKE COVID VIRUS AND DEADLY JAB! Dr. McDowell spoke out boldly of the “Frankenstein” jab that is killing people and called out the entire global scam behind the man made COVID virus! He shamed the churches who are doing the evil work of the…Continue readingWe’re At A Critical Mass!

The Mantal of Esther

The Lord is preparing a people to return to Him. Nothing that is taking place is doing so by any direction other than that of the Word of God so that all things might be fulfilled that were spoken of by the Lord through his prophets. Where it is a time of shaking, those who…Continue readingThe Mantal of Esther


IT GOES ON FOREVER! – BILLY FALCON My good friend Billy Falcon is an amazing man, filled a path that has climbed forever with the Lord up many hard mountains of fire. He continues to climb and perservere in God’s work. His testimony is genuine and true. A man who learned how to see the…Continue readingLOVE DON’T STOP