Saving The Children!

The evil of human and child trafficking is now in our face! The days of hiding the evil are over. They are now trying to legislate laws that allow the government agencies to take your children from your homes. Children ARE NOT government property or livestock to be raised, fed, poked, prodded, and herded into…Continue readingSaving The Children!

Taking America Back!

On October 1, 2021 Dan Scavino confirmed a Red October. What did this mean? It appears to be a classic, “Art of the Deal”. Is it a political statement, or something more? Or was this just a meme to give American Patriots a Ra, Ra, Ra? SHUT IT ALL DOWN? On October 18, 2021, Senator…Continue readingTaking America Back!

Black Swan Show Ends…

Will there be an intermission first, or have we already had that? The show is coming to the grand finale and the end is an eye opener like no other. Shakesphere said it all when he said. ” All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players.” The question is, do…Continue readingBlack Swan Show Ends…

Good Morning USA & World!

Stretch a bit and get ready for another GREAT DAY! Grab some coffee or beverage of choice…. and laugh! It’s humor time! Words from a wise cat… Grandma knows best, yes she does! We got the scoop on the real teacher behind the mask whooping it up… Guess who….??? Trump at the Pump… Say what?…Continue readingGood Morning USA & World!

America’s Backbone Walks!

750 General Electric Employees walk out in Ohio! 750 General Electric Contract Workers walk off their job in Protest against Vaccine Mandates. Workers have banned together in mass non-compliance to defeat the tyrannical COVID-19 unconstitutional mandates. This is the type of unity that cause systems to collapse. From the Southwest protest earlier, to the mass…Continue readingAmerica’s Backbone Walks!

Expose The Beast System!

From head to tail the beast system lies, owns, controls, and limits humanity! Now they have gone off the rails with their schemes. They are about to lose all of their little scams due to their own greed and lust for power. Like the true gluttons they are, these rich parasites have played their hunger…Continue readingExpose The Beast System!

Bits & Pieces of Surreal Time

It’s the same old mindset and it belongs to the world! Remember how it all went down and how it all backfired in the devil’s face. Fear not for the Lord has conquered the world. Remember the set up smear that works in sinc with the wrap up smear… it’s all about bearing FALSE WITNESS!…Continue readingBits & Pieces of Surreal Time

Patriot Lions Are Ready!

TAKING AMERICA BACK! The show is coming to a close and the Grand Finale’ is a DRAMATIC, EPIC SCENE! THE LORD IS ABOUT TO COME OUT FROM HIS THRONE – BEHOLD THE SALVATION OF THE LORD – BETTER GET READY, HE’S COMING TO PRESS WITH HIS PEOPLE! Someone has been out playing with patriotic cats…Continue readingPatriot Lions Are Ready!

Fear= Propaganda Warfare!

Fear leads to confusion. It is not of God it is from the prince of darkness. Do not bow to fear…fear stops us and leads to bad decisions that can lead us into destruction with terrible consequences. The Lord said, “Fear not!” And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but…Continue readingFear= Propaganda Warfare!

Have Ya’ll Had Enough?

Who’s playing Fauci this week? Who played him last week? Who will be playing him next week? What happened to the real one? This one is a douzy! You have got to be kidding me…the Fauci double is at it again. It’s as though there may be mulitple doubles, and C.G.I. animations. What’s more is…Continue readingHave Ya’ll Had Enough?