Cabal Will Lose Everything and They’ll Not Be Happy!

When the meek wake up at the same time it is all over for them! Come out from her 7.5 billion… it’s time to wake up and see! No matter what the fake news tells you, the truth is the leaders all know exactly what has taken place and those with boots on the ground…Continue readingCabal Will Lose Everything and They’ll Not Be Happy!


People have asked to hear more on Tesla and President Trump. Especially with fake news shouting Trump is part of the Oligarch Schwab mess that has struck humanity like a fatal disease and it is. I pulled out from the archives a story I wrote in May of 2021 which was gleaned and added onto…Continue readingTESLA EXPOSED The CABAL In His Work…Who Knew? TRUMP KNEW!

Putin On The Ritz!

This Show Has Fallen Apart! The Real War Is The NWO Oligarchs “Cult” Versus Humanity! America and the BRICS are in the way! PUBLIC ATTENTION HAS BEEN SWITCHED…. WHY IS THAT? IS THERE ANOTHER TRAP SET? David Icke points out the same things we’ve been seeing in Ukraine and warns of why it is going…Continue readingPutin On The Ritz!

Aliens Are NOT Coming!

It was a NAZI INVASION HIDDEN IN THE BUSHES… THEIR ORDER OF EVIL SHALL NOT BE RESET! Man has been trying to take all the patents of Nicola Tesla and recreate his inventions to rule the world. Hitler’s spy’s George Scherff Senior and his son George Scherff Jr. stole a lot of these. Who happened…Continue readingAliens Are NOT Coming!

Woe To Those Who Devise Evil!

In the battle between good and evil the first step needed to take in order to come out of her my people is to know the truth of what is taking place and what has been taking place. In so doing you see what the end day plans of the wicked ones are. Once you…Continue readingWoe To Those Who Devise Evil!

When Psychopaths & Puppets Try To Cull The Nations…

Then It’s Time For Trump To Flush!! Here are the brilliant leaders who are hand picked by Klaus Schwab and do everything he asks for the new World Economic Council to usher in his new world RESET.  That is before a few BRICS shattered a glass window or two… maybe three or four? What will…Continue readingWhen Psychopaths & Puppets Try To Cull The Nations…

Excuse Me, This Isn’t What You Said…

Will someone ever tell the comedian who ended up President of Ukraine that technically Ukraine is still within the borders of Russia and the governing experiment is failing rather poorly now? There is no Minsk Agreement. That is annulled. The Minsk Agreement was not upheld by the Ukrainians. They broke the cease fire agreement all…Continue readingExcuse Me, This Isn’t What You Said…

Ukraine The Snake Head!

US and World Leaders Are Lying To You, Stealing From You, Destroying You, and Killing You~ while you sleep or worse, while you sit and watch them do it! As I went looking for new information on Ukraine and the US and came up with a lot of the “Go to #1 sources” and wondered…Continue readingUkraine The Snake Head!

Putin Bombs Biden’s Villa in Ukraine along with Biolabs & Pedophile Rings!

Looks like Biden is worse than we knew! But he wasn’t alone – many nations had their grubby hands in the evils being done! In an article in Raw News by Michael Baxter, Titled, “Putin Bombs Biden-Owned Villa in Ukraine while Hammering Biolabs & Pedophile Rings!” he stated that President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday told President…Continue readingPutin Bombs Biden’s Villa in Ukraine along with Biolabs & Pedophile Rings!


RESTRICTIONS, MANDATES, JABS, MASKS WILL END IN MOST OF CANADA PROVINCES! With all the Russia, Russia, Russia taking place, the excitement of the truckers and people of Canada winning their health freedom back is taking a back seat! It is time to put it FRONT AND CENTER! There is a steady flow of provinces dropping…Continue readingTRUCKERS IN CANADA WIN!