Patrick Byrne Admits He’s Behind All The FTX Crypto Mess!

Well, once again…we hit the target when Byrne shouted…his trouble with crypto was just a “Tiny Little Thing” in 2019 and when we heard, we said…no Byrne it’s a big thing!

Read Nov. 30, 2021: Byrnes Tiny Little Thing- The Marshall Report (

We’re still sorting out how we got into where we didn’t want to go, and how we got maneuvered around in that place, and now that we’re out in the open facing the naked truths…where do we go from here? Are we even really out?

Byrne went where he wanted to go, and thought he was a genius and in reality he was not that smart. Most of us got dragged into this mess and we aren’t real happy about that. We don’t listen to the Byrne sorts…we listen to men of reason.

The real man, that Byrne will never be, is President Trump. While Byrne was kissing deep state butts, doing their bidding… Trump was showing the world their nakedness!

On the road again… Remember Byrnes of a Feather, fly together!

Looking into the possibilities of being a part of something bigger than we are individually, many gravitated to a funky, quirky road show with a real live carnival barker who hangs on to the first part of someone’s name sucking the life out of it before his tongue will let it go and then…. After you unplug your ears… you get to hear the next speaker. And quite often it is informative and often it is programming that you believe because there are religious people there and religious people are not going to lie to the public. Well, generally that’s true, but generally also… some of the most religious can be the most self- serving. In the case of the road show…they are NOT a religious group, Clay Clark the barker of the introductions has made that very clear… and after watching … you will agree that he did speak the truth on that one. 

You may also have a hard time understanding some of the signs like the one that looks like a voodoo roadmap with a picture of President Trump in the middle of it and all these arrows drawn right at him with other people’s pics and it does go all over the place and have some very odd things written on it.

image 345

But if you can’t quite figure that message white board out, you definitely know the Illuminati pyramid symbol and he has a lot of those around. Even on books he is still selling… but hey, he said he knew nothing of what that meant, but he sure knew all the ones who associate with it as they are what he used to write about as his heroes in whatever it was/is that he was/is selling? 

image 347
He sure loves his certain look and uses it over, and over, and over again. He says… he doesn’t know what these things meant, until someone told him…and he still uses them because he likes them. These work well for him.

Oh yea, mostly on how to get rich off other people…and schuss God is watching.  Specifically, he has taught others in a 501c3 class that God can’t use anyone who looks like they live in a van down by a river… so that leaves out John the Baptist… and some of us… actually it leaves out the majority of the world population which are the ones the Lord sent out the apostles to reach.  He said to make disciples of all of them.  A disciple is a follower of the way of the Lord. It all begins with a person who looks like they live in a van down by the river… and the one on the street who needs a coat, a shelter, food and above all someone to love them.  To do to them as you would have someone do to you.

But that requires giving what you have, not taking what they have and if there is nothing to take…I guess that means from what we can gather from his lectures in videos and again in the CC books … that means to move on to the next big house and leave the river.

If your head doesn’t hurt with that and you have rationalized it was just all for book sales, then proceed to buy a $250 ticket to attend his road show. After all, they have to pay the religious mega church $90,000 just to book the venue and they have faith you will buy their ticket… that is what they have said, not me. Not sure if there is extra on top of that or if that covers the entire show boat…but he said just the venue…so we are to assume there is more…like perhaps also  guest speaker fees of which the star of the show…three stars at that, on the shoulders of the General who we now know Clark holds these for, because he said so. 

image 348
Curious as to how CC takes all the credit for his Re-A Quakening Tour but is now telling the world it is General Flynn’s Gig…are sales down using nobody CC who thought by stealing a title he would be somebody? Who knows what the deal is?

The one out to save America, or at least sell something to, that “one” tells us a lot of things both verbally and with his body language. He actually is a good memorizer but that’s what makes him valuable to the likes of those whose images he knows nothing about on the cover and inside his books that he admires to be like. He can memorize things and stay on script. Repeat, rinse and repeat. Over and over and over again, and over again…did I say over again?

Which bring us to these funny looking photos. I am trying to believe these are the same person, but something just is tugging at me. Similar to many photos and many things my eyes have seen and ears have heard???

And the funny thing about the new look on the three star General is … he sure looks different than he did before he started the road show. But, then again… so do many others these days.

image 349

I’ve been trying to sort this all out, at first I questioned it might be the vax…but then the unvaxed were looking odd too. Even Lin Wood has been trying to figure out who is who and so on….

image 350

So …… I thought… then prove those aren’t my feet! And prove I didn’t have a conversation with the man in the chair….

image 344

But since Lin is questioning Flynn… and using even a more contrasting photo…I thought I’d look for some of the most common ones and not single out an obvious CGI video interview. (There are a lot of those floating around of many of them.) They are becoming very obvious to most all of us by now. That and green screen settings.

image 351

So we also have the crypto block chain guru who is partners with the general in America Project… which knowing what we now know, is a scary title for a corporation.  As the KM Oligarchs also have their America Project, so does the EU, UN, WEF, Foreign council on Relations… oh of which the crypto blockchain guru Byrne is a member of. 

image 352

So Patrick doesn’t tell you that he is still a member of the Foreign Council on Relations, but he does tell you that he has a PhD from Stanford Univ. which is the same University that seems to spit out the likes of those involved in Crypto Currency scams and scandals like Sam Bankman Fried’s mom who has Mind The Gap with other Stanford grads…. and he does tell you that in 2004 he and the “Oligarchy” got crosswise and have been at odds ever since…. he came to believe the “Oligarch” had two wings, Wall Street, and the Deep State and he so boldly has surrounded them. What a big guy he is. He fails to tell you that it was Oligarch George Soros who invested in Overstock to the amount of $100 million dollars to do block chains and crypto for his particular interests in Crypto over Fiat dollars which are harder to money launder… and he gladly obliged and took the $100 million from the Quantum Fund, managed by billionaire George Soros and let that Oligarch invest in his Crypto gig and that was announced by Patrick to Coin World in January of 2017 (The year President Trump entered the White House) and he failed to mention that he also got involved with dirty tricks again, a year ago.

So he kinda tells you, but doesn’t come right out and tell you that he was part of the crypto concept to devise another form of currency…another form made out of thin air…sorta beating the Central Banksters at their own game and although he would love to take the credit for it… it had to be an idea out of the DARPA and WEF Oligarch controlling minds…who had a long term plan of putting everyone under mass surveiliance or imprisoning the planet… transhumanism for all of who are left after their depopulation… but hey… he should have been brilliant enough to know that. He sat in their think tank meetings… we didn’t.

But he did tell the people at the CC roadshow as he had his meltdown and spoke of why they can’t kill him….and cancer and his last Hoorah and why they can’t put him in jail if he has cancer…oh that should make your head hurt. It did mine. After all his has done to set up good people to fail, like our President, and after all he has done to Lin Wood and Sidney Powell…or was that the last thing he was hired to do? Who knows. What we do know is this guy has lied so much…there is no truth in him to listen to. Unless you want to hear a good story. His sort is definitely up to God to search his heart, for his leopard spots are two big to hear what he is saying.


So all the FTX info came from a Patrick Byrne Project? Is that what he just said?

So he was working on all this terrible BITCOIN CORRUPTION…AND GEE…. he was an honest / dishonest criminal…. and the people at Thrive time would have it so. The writing is pretty much on the wall… they got caught and he did a thousand years of felonies…and he believed it would take years after he was gone before they caught on. But he is now trying to grab onto Trump’s socks to suck on them for some help. After all he did to harm him. Good grief the man is fighting for his life… without his mind…he has long lost that.

Oh there is so much to remember… but they think we are dull and dumb and can only follow and if they talk faster than we can think and repeat and rinse we will buy the brainwashing and repeat after them. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.  Unless, that is, you bought into his “How Do I Create A Podcast” programming…and let him mentor you…then you will learn to do just that.

And never forget… it was Patrick Byrne who said…we need a government without Trump!

He’s been busy working for the globalists all along the way and now he’s caught. It’s cut and dry, pure and simple. They didn’t get away with it and now he fears they will hire a hit man to do away with him. So now he is acting like he was trying to save America, when he was really duping the Christians and patriots and orchestrating Flynn’s road show with their puppet barker CC, who loves illuminati symbols just because he thinks they are cool but has no idea what they mean nor who the illuminati are.

Since when did Patrick get the idea that the world was waiting for him to tell them what to do or anticipating his ideas for America? Let alone take our voting tips from him to get in bed with RINOs…because that is what the seated Republican party has turned out to be led by. What an arrogant jerk this guy has proven to be.

Remember, the most affective psyop are the ones where they give you at least 90% truth… this one is now south of that percentage and hitting around 20% with the other 80% being his own doctored confessions and feeble efforts to set up an alibi with a new narrative.

Do not forget that in 2019 he went on Fox and told the world he changed and said Warren Buffet was his Rabbi and he was tricked by Peter Strozk and the dirty trick squad. He said he was out as soon as he found out they lied to him. And now… in 2022 we hear a new woe…and similar story where he continued to do dirty work for the same bunch and swears once more that he was tricked and now wants to save America.


Have they changed their ways? Who knows? God judges the heart, not us. Forgive them? Sure. Trust them? NO. Follow them? NO WAY. LEARN FROM THE TRUTH OF THE PAST, PRESENT AND KNOW IT FOR THE FUTURE!

So on this Thanksgiving day there is a lot to be thankful for and the most important thing, that I obviously took for granted was my free will. Or perhaps I just never sat and pondered it? It was just something I always had, and because of having had it and using it, I was often called stubborn.  Often called a conspiracy theorist, and often told I didn’t know what I was talking about. And often when those tactics didn’t work on me… I was often punished in other ways.

So today, I am thankful that the Lord was always there for me, no matter what was said, and at the times I wandered out where angels fear to tread… and often will not follow…the Lord always brought me back and showed me the error of my wanderings. For that I am most thankful and can testify solidly that the Lord will never leave you and to teach a child the way they shall go… they will always have a path to follow to find their way back home.

Teach your children the right path to follow and love them this day like you have never loved them before. Amen.

image 353

As more people wake up and come forward, know that it was hard for them to follow along… and it was a millstone around their necks and as they sank a little more each day… it was the living water that reached deep into their  conscious that brought them out of that lake of fire and back to the narrow path that few there be that find it. Welcome them home.  Smile.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God!  Press, press, press.


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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