Only Trump Can Make America Great Again!

Do you remember when being an American meant you had the opportunity to try and be anything you chose to be?  Do you remember when a strong work ethic was something that was automatically instilled, the same as respecting your elders and those in authority?  Do you remember when a person could open up their own business and not have the government mandate how you were going to run it?  When Americans were too busy raising their families, enjoying their careers, planning for their own and children’s future and never even had a thought about having to watch dog the government?     I do.
I remember a pre- 911 America where my concerns  were contained within my own day to day affairs and not those of our very freedoms as a citizen.  How many of us ever woke up and went about our day talking about how America was falling apart, or worrying about our first and second amendment rights?  How many worried about illegal immigrants, terrorism or free trade agreements?  How many worried about what the government was going to do to us next?  I miss that America. The question is, who will help restore America, the one I see on life support?
I’ve been watching all things.  I have found Trump’s life in word and deed is one that exemplifies what helping others and giving to those who need help truly means.  He has been criticized unjustly for taking pride in his American made dream accomplishments. The truth is,  Trump has built more than a great empire of business to pass on to his children, he has built a Trump brand and turned his name into a legacy of quality and note worthy American made icon world wide.  He is already a proven  American made leader.
Where has the made in American pride gone?  Trump watched as it went to China, to Mexico, to India and Japan.  He participated with the manufacturers as long as he could stomach it.  He is for fair trade.  He also knows there is nothing fair about exporting our American jobs and importing the items that once were and should be made in America.
Trump has watched as one by one the points of strength that made America great were whittled down to nothing but a stub. What good is a lifetime of building when all that is left is a shallow and empty idea of the American dream and no way to pass it forward?  What good does it do to know how the establishment elite works and their goals of redistributing all things that made America great if you are just going to remain silent about it?
What good does it do to repeat the phony political process of funding those into office who never do what they say they are going to do?  It was time for a man like Trump to say,  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, I’m putting America first.  I’m running for president to make America great again!
Trump shouted, “The America dream is dead, but I am going to make it bigger and greater than ever before!”
Those words rang out and America heard them!  They applauded every thing he said because they have watched as their jobs were removed, and their homes foreclosed on while illegal immigrants flooded our borders. They experienced the failings of our educational system through common core, white house lunch menus, and student loans their kids couldn’t pay back. They discovered the lies of Obama Care, and watched Obama’s racial divide. They witnessed Ferguson/Baltimore encouraged protests and the regimes manipulation to increase crime and  wage their  war on police officers.
They experienced autism and other side affects from mandated  vaccines, and watched as Monsanto GMO’s invaded our food sources.  The wondered as the skies filled up with Chem trails, and were angered as the banks received bail outs from their own tax dollars. They were ashamed at the way our veterans have been mistreated, while illegals were given homes, state aid, free healthcare and food stamps.  They were appalled at the funding for planned parenthoods sale of aborted babies body parts. They were angered at the toppling of sovereign nations and the fake war on terror to appease the establishment elite’s new world order plans.
As the entire agenda 21 was being played out, overriding our American way of life, the people’s voice fell on deaf ears. Many yelled out as our elected officials played along with the regime, but it did no good for most all did nothing to stop it.  While the regime attacked our constitution and bill of rights, our elected officials either clapped or threw their hands in the air as they allowed them to strip every aspect of our freedom down to a thread. All the while the media spewed lies and deceptive propaganda.  The people knew only one thing for sure – the system was broken and corruption was now the law of the land.

Will America be great again or will we enter into more chaos and fold into a new world order?  What will the people choose? There is only one person running for president who is standing up to make America great again and restoring the nation to the greatest country in the world. That one is the one all the establishment fear.  His name is Donald John Trump.
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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