Only Fools Poke A Lion!

First things first…On Telegram Lin Wood says…

During my Lawyers Day, we discussed commercial misappropriation of one’s likeness for gain.

I have not heard back from Clay Clark yet in response to the text below which I sent him this morning.

Hey, Clay, take my image off your advertisements for your for-profit tour.

I did not grant you permission to use my image to sell tickets to your show.

Thanks, Clay.

image 51

Now this is embarrassing. Should we call Her Wendy Rittenhouse Lewis or Kyle Rittenhouse? Or is this just more psyop? Who knows?


But of course they played this off by saying Kyle wanted to be a police officer and he backed the Blue. But no one mentioned this photo was taken in 2019 and he sure doesn’t look like he is playing dress up.

Antioch teen Kyle Rittenhouse charged in Kenosha shooting is a high school  dropout, Blue Lives Matter supporter - Chicago Sun-Times


In the video above, the man says that Wendy Rittenhouse Lewis is 26 years old and a Police officer. In his source info it also shows that Wendy (his mother) is 42 so that tells us that the 26 year old is likely someone other than Kyle? So the video is not acurate or maybe the ages? Who really knows anything for certain anymore? But what if these are crisis actors? What if he is a Police Cadette…or was that a fire cadette? Or both? What are we to believe? The entire event now smells like a set up from the start.

See the source image

Mean while Lin Wood had a lawyer up meeting today and it appears he is going to give Rittenhouse’s handlers a Christmas gift. 

They keep shoving the 18 year old kid in front of media telling untrue things. So far, Lin has put the blame on the handlers and the fake media….(many are not so willing to allow the kid to get off the hook so easily. He is the age of accountability and he has thought about, felt about it all and chosen very unwisely to say the things he has been saying). As far as his handlers, I doubt IF ANYONE WILL LET THEM OFF SO EASILY! One thing is certain…this all American good cadette of both Fire and Blue….sure isn’t acting like it now. Not at all.

So since it has become a national vendetta for Kyle to ax the man who raised 2 million dollars in bail to through his foundation “Fightback”, to get him out on bond….instead of thanking the man, Kyle has said bad things about Lin Wood and is the media’s punching bag on parade for fake news propaganda. So now… the show becomes as bizarro as it can get…or is it designed to WAKE PEOPLE UP TO HOW EASY THE FAKE NEWS CAN LIE AND DECEIVE ALL OF US? Was it all a false flag? A set up? Someone has forgotten that Lin Wood is the finest defamation lawyer there is.

SPOILER ALERT: But now, it’s Lin’s turn and the law suits are coming…..and well deserved. Lin Wood did say tonight….”whoever Kyle is”…so it looks like he has some questions too. This will truly be an interesting side show in the main show…it sure appears the deep state who is controlling the Rittenhouse live theater is now pushing “Kyle, Kyle, Kyle” up in your face… but by now we have all seen deep state’s pattern, so there is truly nothing new under the sun.

A “day of reckoning” is coming – Lin Wood reveals, “the evidence I have is  stunning!” (03.12.2020)


I heard tonight that Kyle Rittenhouse plans to sue me. What is the basis for his claim?

Kyle says I am a liar. What lies have I told about him?

Kyle said I stole money from him? What money and when?

I only spoke to Kyle twice by phone. Once for 3-4 minutes when he was in juvenile detention in Illinois. He thanked me for the efforts of #FightBack, said he was comfortable and being treated well, and that he was reading his Bible.

I spoke to him again for 2-3 minutes right after he was freed on the $2M bail posted by #FightBack. He was again very polite and thankful for the efforts of #FightBack.

That’s it.

I have never uttered a disparaging word about this young boy. I have asked several times that you pray for him and his mother, Wendy.

The idea that I or #FightBack stole money from him is errant nonsense. #FightBack has meticulous records to prove these accusations are blatant lies. The records have been made public. We have nothing to hide.

Something is off here. Kyle’s media tour makes no sense. His false attacks are only backfiring against him.

This is a Deep State operation (think Fraudcock). I pray that Kyle is not knowingly a part of it.

I am not sure any of us know who this young boy really is but he and his mother still need our prayers.

In time, TRUTH will prevail over lies and every lie will be revealed.

Thank you for your continued support of me and the mission of #FightBack.

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

We shall see this play out and my money is betting on Lin and his pursuit for truth! Who all can he now include in his defamation law suit? Are we going to see more crooked courts? Is this a psyop to bust the crooked Judicial system? Is that what this is all about? Or is this simply more deep state abuse of power?

So, this show is more intense than Shrek, and neck to neck with Saturday Night Live satire.

Time will tell, but as for me and my house we shall serve the Lord and praise God for calling out all the liars to their shame.

The fact is the entire ruse with Rittenhouse is a psyop to disrupt the Trump base, and to make it more dandy we have Flynn, Byrne, Billings, and Mr. Clark all part of the psyop. What they aren’t realizing is the base that is falling apart is the base of grifter frauds and not Lin Wood and not Sidney Powell…. and try as they may…NOT PRESIDENT TRUMP. Oh yea…Flynn threw Trump under the road show bus saying Trump quit on Americans and he didn’t pay for the Arizona Audit and even questioned why not. Good grief… that would be a gift to fake news on a silver platter. They would headline it the Trump fake audit and the cabal would whistle at the Pelosi double to do the Trump wrap up smear. 

So if the  guy named  Flynn believes we the sheep are that stupid to not see through his gas light logic, he has been in the psyop field too long. We are now awake and we are not as stupid as his council on foreign relations buddy Byrne tells him we are. Flynn is either dull in his thinking or he did a set up and one can guess a thousand different reasons why he would do so, especially now that the veil has been pulled back by Byrnes yanking at it – that guy just doesn’t know when enough is enough.

But thanks to sloppy “Patrick CIA in pocket” Byrne, we get to see how he operates which is all over the place to see what sticks. Being crazy has its benefits…he can always fall back on himself having a crazy day.

If America wasn’t at stake and communism to be the winner take all… most people wouldn’t even be paying attention to this ridiculous show…but, since this is not really a show, it is a war. A very serious well thought out war using psyop propaganda, all being played out and now American’s realize that and are watching close and seeing who is the liar and when they started the lies.

With jabs killing people and crippling people left and right… the antics are not important at the time by most who have lost their jobs and are trying to figure out how to survive, and others learning to walk again…some never will and are trying to adjust to their disabled lives alone, without medical care because fake doctors have told them it was all in their head.

But with kids now having heart attacks from jabs and Fauci CGI or his rubber masked double still enforcing rules…this world is sick, sick, sick….crazy sick. We have doubles and CGI running our lives…or should I say ruining them, and for some reason we are unable to tear down the curtain and show everyone these are fake actors….because the puppet masters own the puppet booth and fly through the air on Pegasus.

So, that being said…all of this crazy show is a masquerade ball and needs to be unmasked.

It’s time for all of God’s people to pray unceasing and stand up with the full armor of God and use the discernment and all the mountain moving power of the Holy Spirit to expose the evil ones and stand and help the good people press forward as they expose the treasonous coup and all the grifters and psyops!  The gaslighting ends here. 

Choose this day who you shall serve…. God or mammon?  You can’t serve both! The time has come to sell your cloak and buy a sword, and carry your purse with you.  Give not a dime to the fake foundations! And it’s time for the mega churches to fast…the kind of fasting of the wallet! Give to the poor and needy and take care of the elderly, which does not mean jab them to death. It means care for them.

So while we are looking at the all out attacks and bombs going off inside the magical Mr. Clark podcast appearances, and how they are blaming the victims they have “boomed” for merely defending themselves openly….we need to look at the patterns. The patterns are always the same and they are very telling. They always point to the guilty ones.


So now, according to a new report from Infowars, new content from Hunter’s laptop reveals audio and text messages between the troubled son of Joe Biden and a top executive who works for Walmart chatting about “pulling the trigger to stop Trump” from taking home a victory in the 2020 presidential election.”

Since we are getting good at decoding these sick conversations… one thing is true. They all have the same dirty pattern. And they all feel justified. But, then again…they serve the same masters.

BOMBSHELL AUDIO: Hunter Biden & Walmart Chairman Discussed ‘Pulling The Trigger To Stop Trump’

From the Republican Insider

image 50

Click on link to view video: BOMBSHELL AUDIO: Hunter Biden & Walmart Chairman Discussed ‘Pulling The Trigger To Stop Trump’ | Republican Insider


A file found in the iTunes folder of Hunter’s laptop reveals an audio transcript from 2018 between Hunter and Walmart Corporation Chairman of the Board Greg Penner discussing ‘pulling the trigger’ to stop President Trump and his movement in the 2020 election,” the report said.

You know, that phrase, “pulling the trigger” almost sounds like these two individuals were wanting some kind of physical violence against President Trump, doesn’t it? Of course we know that’s not how that phrase was meant to be taken, but if this were two Republicans talking about a Democratic president, that’s exactly how the media would report on it.

“Overall objective here is to stop, not only Donald Trump, but to stem the tide of what Donald Trump represents in the political process, for the future of this country,” Biden goes on to say. “Which is way more dangerous than I ever thought that it possibly could be.”

We can pull the trigger on getting something in place on these different ballots…where we wouldn’t even have to have necessarily a specific candidate…” Penner stated.

Email 6 Apr 2018
Email 11 Aug 2017

The bottom line. The only way the global communists will win is if they can destroy Trump, Wood, Powell, and Rand Paul, and any others who are actually on their evil coup list to take down at any cost.

Keep Pressing Forward Into The Kingdom…and don’t let the flies distract you from staying focused on God’s work! Press, Press, Press and expose every lie!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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