A person on the blog, brought this post from June 6, 2016 to my attention. I looked at the comment I had made then and had to repost. For we are here now. 

58929b624a056ce5cb6f5ea82eca194d?s=50&d=identicon&r=GDianne Marshall says:

“Sadly, it has been done. I do believe in all my heart that this time in history shall fulfill Esra where he states that a lion roars and makes the nations cower in the last days. He mentions borders that are not respected and all the lot we are witnessing this day. God has called a lion up. That is what I see, and in that so as in the days of Moses….he shall prevail.”
Once God called a simple peasant girl to deliver a message.  The girl answered and did as she was told. She did not understand why a simple peasant girl would have been called at all upon by God, given she was so young and could not even read nor write. Yet, she took on the task and delivered the message in an effort to save a nation.
More such messages were given to this young girl and she did as the Lord told her.  Her obedience, although full of rebuttals by those she was sent to help, resulted in the historic saving of a nation.  No I am not talking of Biblical Esther, I am speaking of Joan of Arc of France.
In the end, evil and jealous ones hated her so deeply and great they sought to kill her and shut her mouth up forever.   Of those who sought to kill her, especially came the rulers of England of whom Joan saved France from their clutches.
They won Joan as a prisoner by cooperation from a very weak  king of France.  The same man that Joan led  battles  against England for and won to secure his throne to make him such. Once he had what he wanted (his crown) he did not care if all of France was safe or not, nor if those hungry would ever eat.  He was only concerned with himself. He turned his back on Joan and his own soldiers at the battle of Paris, by not sending reinforcements.  He had his crown  and was foolish to think he could keep it without securing the entire nation. A defeated Joan returned asking why reinforcements were not sent. Her new King answered by shutting her up through imprisonment via a coupe with others. He sought to have her declared a heritech by the church and be done with her incessant pleas to help those starving and to save all of France via being granted an army to finish the task they had started.
joan of arc scherrerorleans
Now, the defeated in England sought out to kill the woman  famous for heeding the voices of God and the loyalty of her soldiers who rallied around her in every battle they entered.   These evil ones of England had a vengence to end her fame and allegiance from those who fought with her. They placed a big bounty on her head and indeed secured their prize. Next they bribed the so-called church to interrogate and condemn her…finally getting the lies they needed to properly burn her at the stake.  Now, I ask you all….what do you think God allowed?  The death or the coming home of the girl he had so entrusted?  God’s ways are not man’s ways.  Whose names do you remember?  The king of France she helped crown? NO. The Bishop who condemned her? NO. The King of England who had her killed? NO. There is one name in all of history that to this day serves as a message between doing what is right against all odds and what is wrong. That name is JOAN OF ARC!
Joan-of-Arc 1
In the end….evil never wins.  They are only heaped more coals upon their heads. This is why evil is never cheered on as a good thing.  Always booed as a bad thing. For in our hearts through out our soul, all know the difference between good and evil.  Even all who commit evil acts know they are evil, yet they delight in them.
The moral of the story is this:  A people undeserving of a servant’s heart, will never reap the one who is so serving to lead them. The undeserving shall always reap evil leaders and their folly. Forewarned is forearmed.
2015 Hank's Yanks Golf Classic
America awake, know the Lord will spare a city, a nation….even if there are but a few who follow.  Know also that all who do not heed shall be swallowed in the fire the same as those left in  Sodom and Gomorrah. Choose, and choose wisely.
I believe Trump was sent to serve God’s people in this end of days saga.  Time will tell.  I believe it is so.
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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