Oligarchs, Fake News & Elections

Kari Lake must be over the target for Australia’s 60 Minutes to want to oust her and mix her words in their propaganda news programming!

Lake held her own and called them out for the fake news they are!

They have become the western tool to demonize Trump and everyone who wants a free America. Just so you see the fake news and anti-freedom lovers garbage they are pushing… it is obvious that those who love their nation and cherish the freedoms in the constitution and bill of rights are now the enemy of the oligarchs who are out to steal their nation just like they stole Ukraine. At least it appears that is the message sent. Remember who funds this propaganda, it is the same Oligarchs who steal elections to place their own mindless puppets into seats of power.

The Oligarchs must be very afraid of Kari Lake. They are losing the information war and the more they talk the more they tell on themselves as being the liars that they are.

Meanwhile in Ukraine the battle to oust the Oligarchs continues…

A documentary from 2018 showing the corruption in Ukraine. How it was seen by Ukrainians and Russians alike. The piggy bank for self-made Oligarchs and those on the world stage. Many have enjoyed using the leaderless nation for their own political and self-gains. Oh the power oligarchs and mini oligarchs have gained from their grubby little hands digging their fair share of this nation. The more you learn, the more you see the evil that has been done, not only here in this small scale model that is on parade…but the more you see the same chain of events taking place in the western nations including the USA, Inc.

But we the people were never supposed to know any of this. We were only supposed to know what they tell us.

This documentary shows you how money is moved around and companies are created on paper and no one needs to know that it is all created on paper out of thin air, the same as fiat money is printed. This is all built on the backs of humanity whose real property they tax and lust for as well as the backs on nations they can do the same with like Ukraine. Modi recently told the world that the United Kingdom took over 45 trillion dollars worth of the wealth of India in its’ natural resources.

The video shows how they tried to tie Trump into this mess… but the only thing they could do was say he wanted to build a hotel in Moscow. Meanwhile, they don’t tell you of all the other chain Hotels that have been built in Russia. Remember they always tell you what they are doing and blame it on the one who is innocent. This is how they make their own history. So take this with a grain of salt and know they are telling you how ‘they’ DID IT and still DO IT.

Follow the glorious colonization of nations throughout the world and you will see how these were all used for looting by the elites and oligarchs. The world has been their oyster. Now the greedy appetites have grown to want everything and want it now. The pesky useless eaters are in the way so… these are on their list to depopulate and they got very sloppy in their RESET. So now humanity is waking up from their slumber and many continue to sleep.

This is where we are.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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