Of Truckers and Prophets!


All things appear to be in place… to fulfill the word spoken of by Kim Clement of the times… especially with the bold movement of TRUCKERS ACROSS AMERICA, CANADA, AND THE WORLD!

President Trump climbs into an 18-wheeler and pretends to be a trucker - ABC News

Listen to the words of Kim Clement…and you decide. What do you believe is taking place?

“But God said suddenly life will be, I will say it – suddenly, be still demonic forces. Life will be snuffed out for God said even though some will say “what do we do now?” There has been a death. God said I will prove myself in this next administration and bring times of refreshing and times of restoration. Five times I will do it.

“And God said this is a revival that we have never experienced before. This is that which they spoke about and Abraham looked ahead. This is that of what he saw, God said that what Abraham saw. This is it. This is what Daniel saw. For the spirit of God said, in this month of February watch me there shall be no super Tuesday, there shall be no super day, God said there shall be a stupid day. But listen, remember the cloud that has come, but I will walk into that house that you call WHITE and I will prove myself in a way that you have never seen, shaking both in charge to the core. There will be a change within those four years and that change will be assigned to my people, your time of refreshing and your time of restoration has come.

“There is a spirit of boldness that is coming. I speak by the spirit now. A boldness that is coming. It has been sporadic. It has been occasional, occasional events must now change to daily events. The spirit of boldness that is coming will make you take steps you have never taken before.  Though you face danger with your boldness under the direction of the spirit of grace, you shall see your future in a glimpse for the spirit has been willing but the flesh has been weak. Therefore, the disillusionment, disenchantment not to speak… God said you are to open your mouths this is the time and the season.

“Now I will speak to you in direct terms for I trust you. Whenever I come to this, this pastor…I don’t want to call him a pastor, I think he’s more than a pastor, so much more to your church. I say this, every time the celebration of the people that you give me, the moment to do what we do which we could not do in a lot of places allows God to say things that are mysterious to some and will always remain in a parable, but know not to suffer others he’ll speak boldly.

“Moses knew the ways of God, Israel knew the works of God, some people only recognize God when he works, others know his ways. I know the way he works and this does look just like Him. Those that are controlled by works say He and He’s never done that before. Why would he bring water from the rock, why would he provide our tax money through a fish mouth?  But that’s the way He is because I know His ways.

Coronavirus: Massive Trucking Organization Issues Demands to Trump

God says, I’m looking for people who know my ways, not my works. They’ve recognized me when they are no works.  This is what He said, do not be disheartened at the elections for you shall be…many of you. So it’s a man, no it’s not a man, it’s not a woman. God said in the term starting, God spoke about death, now I have to be careful how I word this…this is a spiritual matter but there shall be a swift change in the next four years even though elections took place.

People were voted in, God said do not be disheartened for when this takes place, people will begin to shake and they will get fearful and then my people will be needed. And the voice of the prophets shall invade every department, every department of government. How is this? We want a Christian as a president. God says fooy, what you want is righteousness within the system.  And I am sending apostles and prophets into the system says the Lord, therefore do not fear when death strikes for resurrection comes straight after that, says the Lord of Hosts! Come on! Come on!

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“Out of the caves you come, out of the den. You are commanded to come out of the furnace, come, come for the spirit of God said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

My people have fallen into fear but today fear and intimidation have received a severe blow. And God said the prophet holds by his neck and strangles the force of witchcraft. Intimidation I choke you!

You have no power over this house, over these people, over this nation, over our families…you are doomed for failure says the Lord. COME ON! COME ON! COME ON!”



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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