Ode To The Show

Wolves, Possum, Vipers, and Lions – Oh My! Where is truth?

Regardless of where you are with eyes to see and ears to hear… you are in the war whether you want to be or not. The reality is this. As much as you would like to wake up and not remember a thing (which that is what Klause and his flying monkeys desire), you are in the new reality show. Each one in the show has been given some special glasses. Each can wear them or put them in their pocket. When you put them on… you may not like at all what it is that you see. Not liking it, will not make it go away. The show must go on and it shall.

image 27

Whether you are a key actor in the show or taking your part in the audience, this is a live theater event. Your part is to figure out what is taking place in the show and be not deceived in the process. Discernment is a must and there are two types of discernment to be used. There is the discernment of the intellect which includes fact finding and investigating both sides of a story and coming up with the logical conclusion based on what is presented.

The other discernment is that of the Holy Spirit where you listen to what your gut is telling you to do. Before the Holy Spirit was able to reside within God’s people, the Holy Spirit resided inside the Ark of the Covenant in the Holy of Holies. The High Priest would put on the breast plate and place inside two stones one called the Urim and the other called the Thummim. The Urim is said to be the light which held the message and the Thummim was the decoder of the message. The High Priest would enter into the Holy of Holies and go before the Ark and present the question that needed divine discernment. The answer would come through the Urim and the Thummim.

Urim and Thummim - Truth Snitch

Through Christ our Savior we have become the Temple and the Holy Spirit resides within us and we take our questions before the Lord and the Holy Spirit discerns for us. We must listen and follow what is said… for the Holy Spirit will never lead you falsely. You are always led in truth for the Holy Spirit is Wisdom and all Truth.

1 Corinthians 3:16-17

16 Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? 17 If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.

In this show we who believe must rely on the Power of the Holy Spirit and our Lord to guide us in all things.

That being said…

image 24

Wolves, possum, and vipers, had to be a part of this from the start. The lions made it clear there were no carnival acts hired, buy some popcorn – popped in the fire and enjoy the show.

The first woe…

So when wolves, possom, and  Vipers couldn’t infiltrate directly, even sneaking in unaware, it’s off to the woods they go. Following a yellow brick road, seeking the Wizard in the land of Oz, when all of a sudden the scene changes to snakes on a plane and they are everywhere.

image 28

Where are the heroes, and where are their pals, you are either for us or against us, infiltrate, infiltrate, infiltrate, publicize, publicize, publicize… and once again infiltrate – be sure to use the roaring lion as an anchor on all sides to infiltrate.

Then out of the smoke of cannon after cannon being fired, with guns blazing,  both sides  working independently – suddenly two shows emerged. One selling “Rigged Messages”, and one seeking “truth”. Decisions, decisions… the valley of decisions.

Next, a traveling road show appears which quickly turned into a carnival act, come one, come all and here is what it will cost. Cha-ching, cha-ching.  Which also began the recruitiment of false and good shepherds flocked together running off the Deer and good Rams reputations, Slyly and covertly unequally yoked. Who can tell? Who can tell? Liar, liar we come with good tidings.  Buyer beware.

Once it became clear the yoke was unequal, a bold Ram stood up, spoke his truth, and the head butting began. Sabatoge, sabatoge…everywhere is sabatoge. 

Then we observe a deep dive taken to destroy a strong Ram in the woods, followed up by insane animated rants and internal war that excites and stimulates the monster that is growing inside a hunter gatherer carnivore road show. The gilded cover is to also go after the possum at the same time…who would suspect anything by going after both in the same swarthy strikes?

Meanwhile, white board magic maps are displayed, and all arrows aimed at Trump…. only to gain their targets of followers, donors, and podcasters into their flock and now push, push, push 3 stars to be the candidate of the wayward show for president in 2024.

image 25

Now  they are all together inside one big fat camp…..a target easy to see. Where will they draw breath outside of the camp? They will not draw much, for now many have eyes to see and ears to hear the lies. The podcast brigade has grifted into the limelight along with the wayward sharks circling other wolves. Sheep with eyes have ran off. Blind are left to lead the blind and the ditch is no longer hidden.

The coordinators try their shot at their new muscle arm of grift hungry podcasters and have now controlled the alternative news to say and parrot what they want them to say, for many have taken the bait, hired the one eyed program of success services of  a carnival barker, and now the wolves build for themselves a tower of deceit to go after flocks to fleece them.

image 26

All the while what of the audits, the horrible plague, come one come all and hear ye… all on donors’ dimes, asking for more, more, more. Those snuck in smile and sneer as they eat their oysters on the half shell and toast their glasses in the shadows gleefully laughing at the sheep as they snort their lines in the dark.

Ram Symbolism & Meaning (+Totem, Spirit & Omens) - World Birds

So, a Ram emerges and a few other shepherds and one of them, the Ram, has stepped away, refusing the food placed before him. Woe, woe to those who placed the tainted food…. And now we see another woe coming. But what of the first and the second woe…how did that happen to the strong Ram who was deceived? What can we learn from it, as the third woe is coming, and we all must learn quickly.

After the first woe… came the second….

There was a day…. And a Great White Ram warned all the sheep of a snake like spirit and that one he warned us of was the Spirit of python. Many oohed and ahhed at the message. Some took it to heart and others, after hearing, applauded then went out to hear others as their ears were itching.

image 29

But even before then, and while sheep were scattered seeking a shepherd, there appeared a great gathering, seeking direction and truth. Suddenly, one appeared touting his commitment to the cause. He sought many Rams, Wolves, and Deer.  One particular Ram caught his desire.

Can anyone tell me where I can find this Ram? Indeed, said the sheep with good intentions. And so it was arranged.

Upon greeting and salutation, the spirit of python brought alms of admiration, flattery and praise. And as all pythons do… he took his position to go before the Ram shouting praises and proclamations in his honor, willing to be the brunt to defend in the game of psyop and greed. Just let me attend your cause and walk beside you my Ram. Not long after, let me apply my expertise at your service my Ram… for thy books to keep, I am trustworthy, have you not seen and have I not spoken so my Ram?

To be continued, for alas and alas….. the show must go on? We are entering into the third woe.

Keep on Pressing into the Kingdom of God!  Press, Press, Press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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