NWO Establishment Coup d'état Against America, TRUMP Is Our Only Chance To Stop It!

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President Bush, and President Chavez – the coupe that almost ousted Chavez was later denied by the Bush administration.  Watch the video below.

Beware of how the media lies and makes things look different than what they are to mind wash the masses to do what they want them to do.
We must learn from the past and learn the propaganda methods that are used. In the video, you will see the lies we have been fed? You will see how the media has shaped our thinking? Many of us already know this, but many do not.
As we enter into an election where lies and smears abound, we must understand that the same ones who are behind the establishment now, are the same ones who have been running it for a very long time.  The very same Council on Foreign Relations then, is the same council in full force now.  The very same toppling of sovereign nations strategies used then, are being used now.  We can look at all the nations that have been toppled through US paranoia and or for other greedy means to meet the establishment elite’s goals.  These patterns have been repeated so much that they now have a very familiar look.  The same strategies and the same ones behind the evil coupes continue to repeat themselves over and over. Do they really believe we are so blind we can not see what they have done and are still doing?  We are witnessing the same toppling methods slowly taking place within our own government system. Systematically changing the US constitutional republic into a new world order.  Lies and propaganda are their biggest weapons.  When will the majority rise up and say – ENOUGH!
Please watch this award winning documentary.  It will open your eyes and prepare you for the coming 2016 election. ‘The War On Democracy’ was a Youngheart Entertainment, Granada and Michael Watt production. It was released in UK cinemas on 15 June 2007 and broadcast on ITV1, 20 August 2007.
Awards: Best Documentary Award, 2008 One World Awards, London. The panel’s citation read: “There are six criteria the judges are asked to use to select the winner of this award: the film’s impact on public opinion, its appeal to a wide audience, its inclusion of voices from the developing world, its high journalistic or production standards, its success in conveying the impact of the actions of the world’s rich on the lives of the poor and the extent to which it draws attention to possible solutions. One film met every one of these. It was the winner of the award: John Pilger’s ‘The War on Democracy’.”
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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