Nuclear Arms Control or Ban?

It’s time to understand the U.N. Nuclear Arms Treaty…or at least review it.

The United Nations has pushed to have a Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) that prohibits/bans any nuclear weapon explosion or any type of nuclear explosion anywhere in the world. Remember all the peace talks??? Well the idea to end nuclear testing was so darn important by the free nations and they eagerly set out to have all nations sign this treaty of which as of July 2020 it has been signed by 185 nations and ratified by 170. One would believe the nations are in league to bring about world peace at least to prevent a world wide destruction.

Nuclear Nevada | The National Endowment for the Humanities
Playing Nukes in Nevada, USA
President Harry S Truman decided to turn 800,000 barren acres of a military bombing range into the Nevada Test Site for atomic weapons. Hundreds of technicians and support crews swarmed into the area to operate the nation’s nuclear proving ground.
“Building Atomic Vegas,” an exhibition at the Atomic Testing Museum, traces the history of Las Vegas’s development in tandem with 42 years of nuclear testing.
The first test began at dawn on Jan. 27, 1951, as a United States B-50 bomber dropped a nuclear warhead from nearly 20,000 feet onto Frenchman Flats in the Nevada desert. The device, codenamed Able, detonated 1060 feet above the desert floor, shaking the earth and echoing through the nearby mountains. The test would be the first of more than 900 documented nuclear detonations that would take place at the Nevada Test Site between 1951 and 1992.

To mark the 60th anniversary of the first nuclear test, the Nevada Humanities Council has helped fund “Building Atomic Vegas” at the Atomic Testing Museum through Jan. 5, 2012. They celebrate this. On Jan. 5, 2022 they celebrated their 70th year (as in the years of a King). This won’t age well, watch and see.

However, the treaty cannot enter into force until it is ratified by 44 specific nations and eight of those yet to sign DOES NOT INCLUDE RUSSIA. RUSSIA, THAT MEAN OLD RUSSIA HAS SIGNED ON TO THIS Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty!


Here’s how it went down and how they do things. President Bill Clinton eagerly signed the bill at the UN meeting, leading the way to a good faith motivating factor where other nations signed on including Russia. Then a couple weeks later, in October of 1999, the agreement goes before the U.S. Senate for a vote to ratify the agreement, and it fails by a vote of 51-48, marking the first time that it has defeated a security-related treaty since the Treaty of Versailles. At the time, President Bill Clinton pledged that he would keep fighting for the CTBT and that the United States would continue its moratorium on nuclear testing, which has been in effect since 1992. Despite his assurances, Russia and China as well as American allies in Europe and Asia were very alarmed. The Senate also voted against the six safe guards which included:

Nuclear Safeguards Necessary for U.S. Ratification of the CTBT

A: The conduct of a Science Based Stockpile Stewardship program to ensure a high level of confidence in the safety and reliability of nuclear weapons in the active stockpile, including the conduct of a broad range of effective and continuing experimental programs.

B: The maintenance of modern nuclear laboratory facilities and programs in theoretical and exploratory nuclear technology which will attract, retain, and ensure the continued application of our human scientific resources to those programs on which continued progress in nuclear technology depends.

C: The maintenance of the basic capability to resume nuclear test activities prohibited by the CTBT should the United States cease to be bound to adhere to this treaty.

D: Continuation of a comprehensive research and development program to improve our treaty monitoring capabilities and operations.

E: The continuing development of a broad range of intelligence gathering and analytical capabilities and operations to ensure accurate and comprehensive information on worldwide nuclear arsenals, nuclear weapons development programs, and related nuclear programs.

F: The understanding that if the President of the United States is informed by the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of Energy (DOE)—advised by the Nuclear Weapons Council, the Directors of DOE’s nuclear weapons laboratories and the Commander of the U.S. Strategic Command—that a high level of confidence in the safety or reliability of a nuclear weapon type which the two Secretaries consider to be critical to our nuclear deterrent could no longer be certified, the President, in consultation with Congress, would be prepared to withdraw from the CTBT under the standard “supreme national interests” clause in order to conduct whatever testing might be required.

Then in 2009, President Barack Obama announced his intention to seek Senate reconsideration of the treaty, he did not pursue this. But in 2016, the United States did see through UN Security Council Resolution 2310, which was the first UN Security Council resolution to support the CTBT.

The 2018 President Donald J. Trump’s administration on Nuclear Posture Reviews noted, “Although the United States will not seek ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, it will continue to support the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization Preparatory Committee as well as the International Monitoring System [IMS] and the International Data Center [IDC]. The United States will not resume nuclear explosive testing unless necessary to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the U.S. nuclear arsenal, and calls on all states possessing nuclear weapons to declare or maintain a moratorium on nuclear testing.”

Today under Biden there is a push to bring the nuclear arms control back into focus. Are you connecting the dots here? The United Nations that is run by the Khazarian Mafia is behind the push to have control in monitoring all the nuclear arms of all nations…and now that we know their end game goals to rule the world and you will own nothing and be happy…it appears they want to disarm everyone but themselves. At least disarm the nations they are trying to crush. Read: Arms Control Now | Arms Control Association

Remember they play games with big toys at other peoples expense.


They point to Russia always as doing these tests on their own people and that keeps you looking at Russia bad and USA, UN good. When in reality, the US Inc. has done very sinister things without telling you.

They target Russians….

And then the US has tested on YOU.

In 1995 Clinton apologized for the radiation testing on the people. Yet he signed an executive order in 1994 that still allowed radiation testing it if the committee found it necessary. The trick is to say one thing, then leave a loop hole to do another.

So it appears after law suits were filed based on citizens who had proof of radiation poisoning, and there was no denying anything, anymore… an effort to soothe angry voters and at the same time slide in a bit of Tort Reform where the government isn’t sued one by one by individuals which would amount to trillions… Clinton announces a committee to award compensation. This was an obvious effort to herd the masses who were affected into a coral to settle for a lower price. This is what big pharma does, it is also what the Vatican did when sued by individuals for sexual abuse cases…they put them all into a class action law suit and those take years and years (generally with gag orders) and then when it is all done…each gets a small check. This is what they do.

Bill Clinton said, “I saw this committee as an indispensable part of our effort to restore the confidence of the American people in the integrity of their government,” Clinton said. “Today, by making ourselves accountable for the sins of the past, I hope . . . we are laying the foundation stone for a new era. . . . We will no longer hide the truth from our citizens.”

That last line was a joke right? You know the one that said – “WE WILL NO LONGER HIDE THE TRUTH FROM OUR CITIZENS!

Note: As of 2007, not a single U.S. government researcher had been prosecuted for human experimentation. The preponderance of the victims of U.S. government experiments have not received compensation or, in many cases, acknowledgment of what was done to them! I am guessing that it is the same report for 2022, although I have not found anything to confirm or deny it. It has seemed to disappear.

United States Human Radiation Experiments (

Whereas Bill Clinton did write an Executive Order to investigate the radiation test subjects and proclaim a public apology for such horrible testing on citizens…he also left in a clause that allowed radiation testing loop holes to hold them at no fault. Nor did he specifically recognize any radiation testing that occurred after 1974.

Executive Order 12891—Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments

The Advisory Committee shall review experiments conducted from 1944 to May 30, 1974. Human radiation experiments undertaken after May 30, 1974, the date of issuance of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (“DHEW”) Regulations for the Protection of Human Subjects (45 C.F.R. 46), may be sampled to determine whether further inquiry into experiments is warranted. Further inquiry into experiments conducted after May 30, 1974, may be pursued if the Advisory Committee determines, with the concurrence of the Human Radiation Interagency Working Group, that such inquiry is warranted.

(b)(1) The Advisory Committee shall determine the ethical and scientific standards and criteria by which it shall evaluate human radiation experiments, as set forth in paragraph (a) of this section. The Advisory Committee shall consider whether (A) there was a clear medical or scientific purpose for the experiments; (B) appropriate medical follow-up was conducted; and (C) the experiments’ design and administration adequately met the ethical and scientific standards, including standards of informed consent, that prevailed at the time of the experiments and that exist today. Read the order: Executive Order 12891—Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments | The American Presidency Project (

But NASA has told us over and over it will be meteorites that hit us next. But does the Khazarian Mafia have access to that or has that been forbidden their hands to touch? We never know. But I remember when Russia went on Fox News and Accused the USA for the man made meteor that hit Russia. Does anyone else? Fox took the video down a while back. Gee, I wonder why?

Whereas the scientists and government tell us this is where a meteor hit… it still makes one wonder if it really was? Only because they have not told the true very much.

Things To Know About Arizona Meteor Crater

In the video below, they tell us Tunguska was where a meteorite hit in 1908….and it took 105 years of research to find out how it happened. Yea…do you believe them?

Or do you believe it was nuke bomb testing? In the same desolate region. Maybe it was a meteor? (Sarcasm intended)

Now take all this with a grain of salt and a lot of misinformation. But this is the garbage they feed us to create fear, fear, fear.

Meanwhile…this action was taken…



Keep on Pressing into the Kingdom of God and expose every lie. Reveal that which is questionable and investigate all things! Discern to find the truth!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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