Now The Ball Is In Trump’s Court

On July 16, 2018 at the summit meeting in Helsinki, Finland, the Russian President – Vladimir Putin gave President Trump an unusual gift. It was a soccer ball. An innocent gift considering Russia had just hosted the FIFA World Cup. It was presented  during  a press conference between Putin and Trump. The soccer ball was a 2018 FIFA World Cup “Official Matchball”. 

President Putin smiled and handed the ball over to Trump and said, “Mr. President , I’ll give this ball to you, and now the ball is in your court.” As President Trump smiled and took the ball, Putin added, “ All the more, that the United States will host the World Cup in 2026.” 

President Trump graciously accepted the gift and stated, “Thankyou that’s right. Thank you very much, we do host it.  And we hope we do as good a job.  That’s very nice. That will go to my son Barron.  We have no question. In fact, Melania, here ya go.” And he tossed the ball to her and smiled and said, “Okay.”

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Immediately after, the fake media started a firestorm of gaslighting of what may be inside the soccer ball. Lindsey Graham tweeted scathing comments pointing to Russia Gate,  Syria and Iran. And followed up with devious chatter of not allowing the ball near the White House, even accusing Putin of having it , “bugged” with an embedded listening device. Warning Trump to have it immediately checked by security and more bla, bla, bla Graham speech that he is known for.

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Graham gave away his not so secret standing with the Dems on his RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA participation. McCain would have been so proud of him. Wonder if he also feared what Putin may have told Trump about him? The media always covered but never reported any of Putin’s Press conferences. Especially not those on ISIS and the paid Obama mercenaries in the Middle East. And especially not the times Putin shamed Obama and Bush for their war on terror that gave them permission to declare war on any nation, any time, for any reason they declare. Now we know it is true the deep state embedded inside the system can even declare war on America, or so it appears.
Is it just me or does he look like someone got hold of him and told him what he better say? Not as cocky today and he looks like he’s choking on having to say it.
Comment regarding video above: Does anyone find it odd that the cyber checker sliced out the chip from a different Adidas soccer ball and stated that – you now all see the soccer ball presented to Trump was just a ball? Not saying the soccer ball presented was or wasn’t…but I am pointing out how ridiculous this proof that there was nothing in Trump’s soccer ball is. It’s like saying I might have a “bug” in the heel of my shoe and having someone tear open the heel of another shoe same brand, different color, and say…so now you see, there is nothing in your shoe.

The gift set off a media firestorm  with accusations that the ball may have a transmitter chip. CNN, MSM and fake news all reported suspicions. One headline at the Root stated “CNN -Yep, That Soccer Ball That Vladimir Putin Gave to Trump Had a Transmitter Chip.” MSM and Dems were all in an uproar over the gift. It did have a chip. But later it was reported that the ominous gift had the same as every Adidas ball of that model . Who told them that? It appeared to be their own fact checking conclusions. Or were they now trying to drop the attention they gave it?

Video above: Q followers had their own take on the soccer ball. The topic went viral in their community. But to think this was done in the open? Right in front of their faces? That would definately be the only way Trump would enjoy it the most. But, that doesn’t mean it did. I’m just reporting what took place. In case you missed it or just listened to CNN.

Q posts were speculating a different view which then the news either dropped the story or began reporting that the model incorporates an NFC chip that provides customers with “exclusive” content. Showing that by tapping a mobile phone to these NFC-chipped balls, the Adidas website explains, users will be directed to the “Telstar 18 experience”

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 So what was Graham and the press so afraid of finding in the soccer ball that made the gift consume the media for weeks?  

What was Graham and others so afraid of? Could it be that there was a gift being passed that viewers didn’t know about but the deep state feared?  After all, Putin had toyed with the idea of giving Trump the gift of Snowden a year earlier. Could the soccer ball be a trojan horse filled with a bunch of terabytes of much sought after information?  Or was it just a ball?

Which brings us to the next question. How many knew that Barron Trump was a computer genius? How many caught the meaning behind the gesture that the ball would go to Barron? Now we all know it went through a security clearance, and we can assume that if it did have a transmitter the right group would investigate that and not his son Barron. But, knowing how Trump always gives us clues, I am sure if there was anything to it…indeed that would be a gift of great importance. Who else at the time might have thought that?  Who were the ones having a panic over it? Could they be identified as the same ones panicking now?  

It has since been rumored that the ball contained a numerous amount of terabytes of  NSA information that Snowden had acquired. But that was just a rumor. And no one knows any different and no one ever will.

Pray for America and sound the Shofar. The journey is historic and THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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