I swear, DC is full of magic these days. Just when you think you know who someone is, they get a makeover and they don’t look the same. And some just disappear from the scene all together.

But, fact checkers will say you are seeing things or making it all up. Biden is better than ever and Harris is on her A game. Fauci is a miracle doc and …oh, if your sick of hearing the lies, hang on. Soon they will have to say what God wants them to say, and that is the truth. There will be no getting around it. That day is coming soon.

Just for the seriousness of the point to be made. Can you tell who is who these days? It’s been going on for a long time now and it is hard to remember when it began exactly, except, I will say I notice it a lot lately. From day one President Trump has been draining the swamp and acting on the information he received via his Commander in Chief Title (which allow him special sources and forces), even when the alphabet agencies and Judicial system were all corrupt and working overtime against him. Remember he even had his own Attorney General, Jeff Sessions recuse himself from doing anything for his defense against the Russia, Russia, Russia coup.

But, more people paid attention when the deep state swamp began to get public and visual at the Funeral of George Herbert Bush on Wednesday, December 5, 2018. There were key people who received letters. What was written in the letters still remains a mystery, but the reaction on the face of Jeb and George’s wife, Laura Bush, says it all. Perhaps all the letters said the same thing, and perhaps they all said something different? Whatever it was… it had a special intent.

You’ve been served?
image 54
Hillary, Joe and Mike get their letters.
image 55
So used to looking at the new Joe it’s hard to remember the Old Joe. And yes, there is a big difference between the two.

After that, we didn’t see much of George Bush. We did get a special photo of him delivering pizzas.

bush 88 copy
He has no belt. And the pizza’s mean something. Nothing is as it appears. This was on January 18, 2019.

Now there are many things that took place in between this photo fast track I am presenting, but, this is to show how people are here today, gone tomorrow, and the news always seems to ignore these things, and cover for the entire mess.

image 57
Trust me, President Trump has had the tiger by the tail this entire time. That
is why the cabal was so bold and lawless. They have been fighting for their lives, their existence, and they have not succeeded at anything they have attempted. That is why they hate good people and want them all gone. By any means possible.

It got interesting on July 4, 2019. That was the day that President Trump declared that “We now own the skys.” We watched a dynamic Air Show representing all of our military branches and from that day forward, our skys were no longer filled with criss crossed white lines. The chatter began that President Trump had ended the chem trail spraying and white puffy clouds were seen in our skys once again.

On that very same day…

V.P. Mike Pence left immediately after the FIREWORKS, July 4, 2019. He boarded AF2. Halfway to his destination of Indiana, the Gulfstream Aircraft reversed course in air flight and changed the call sign to SAM 239.

AF2 is the name given to the flight when the Vice President is on board. When the call sign was changed to SAM 239, it meant Special Airforce Mission and no V.P. on board.

See the source image

It can only mean one of two things.  Pence was either physically incapable of functioning as VP (died on the plane) or he was removed administratively – stripped of his position. ??

At the time, rumor was Pence and John Sununu were planning an event of their own that included a high powered rifle. Allegedly, Trump’s 4th Marine tipped him off and the event was intercepted.

1 Samuel 23:9 KJV: 9 And David knew that Saul secretly practiced mischief against him; and he said to Abiathar the priest, Bring hither the ephod.

10 Then said David, O Lord God of Israel, thy servant hath certainly heard that Saul seeketh to come to Keilah, to destroy the city for my sake

Whether the rumor is true or false, that is unknown.  However, the Pence VP AF2 call sign changed to Sam 239 is a fact and true.

After that event, Mike Pence has never looked the same. His wife Karen, is now younger and looks like she had the best plastic surgeon in the world. She just looks like a brand new person!  Mainly, because she is.

Karen Pence on the left when her husband first came into office. To her right is the new, younger model that arrived after July 4, 2019. She got a total makeover or something. On the far right at top, VP Pence is sworn in with Karen watching on. Then lower far right, Karen on the left and the new improved, younger version on the right.
pence mike pence karen pence
Karen and Mike Pence Before their new and improved makeover.
pence n70723248 2717719264913847 5449673127590100992 n
The new and improved Karen and Mike Pence. After July 4, 2019.
pence 201218 mike pence v copy
Vice President Mike Pence receives the COVID-19 vaccine in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building in Washington, on Dec. 18, 2020. Which one is the real one? The eyes are the window to the soul….
pence copy
Karen went through a few makeovers before she found a style she liked. I guess that is what we are supposed to believe?
nancy who
Pelosi just isn’t Pelosi anymore. Left is the new, younger, face lifted Pelosi, and the one on the right is the aged, doomed, caught and stuffed Pelosi.

Where’s Hillary? Where’s Hunter? Where are a lot of the loud mouths like Pencil Neck and Nadler? They are very quiet lately. Now that Pelosi’s mask mandate has been overthrown…it is easier to spot the new ones. They should have never locked smart Americans down. It gave them a lot of time to research and study all things. That was their biggest mistake. They thought we were as dumb as they called us. They have discovered they were very wrong.

And now we are watching the G-7 show. These five are all in hot water as I am sure the others are as well. But these five have been appearing to have a lot of trouble lately.

gee 7 copy

All of the show had to be presented. If not, we would have had a battle raging in the streets, far worse than what we have seen. The biggest threat are those who have no concience in the streets, so beware and be safe and don’t get in front of crazy people. Watch your back and the backs of your neighbors. We are almost there… but not quite yet. We have a little ways yet to go.

Biden will meet with Putin today, Wedns. June 16, 2021. The news has been hyping this up like Biden is some type of American wonder. Putin will mop the floor with the robot. If they even meet. Is this the real Putin or a double? Who knows?

Know this… if someone had a lot to say before the election and they are saying nothing now, chances are they can’t. We The People are winning and we must keep on pressing forward and expose the liars, the thieves and do that by opening our eyes and seeing what the propaganda really is. They have tried to “fact fiind and shame” everyone to keep them from calling a spade a spade and a fake a fake. When the gaslighting fails them, they go for destruction. Yet, in all that they have done to silence the truth, God’s people have continued to break through the barriers and spread the word.

pence many Untitled 21
Note above, the real Joe with the real Pence. The biggest give away in Pence is his nose. His smile and upper lip. His eyes. What else?

By pressing forward and not giving up, more and more are waking up and seeing how they have been lied to. The election audits are showing what we all knew and that is President Trump won! The people have rallied and pushed their states to hold audits and more are coming. Fauci and his “China” man made virus and deadly vaccines are exposed and the Rockefeller LOCKSTEP RESET coup is landing the globalist masterminds in a Nuremburg trial. Gates is quiet and when they are quiet these days, it generally means someone has taken them to a place they didn’t want to go. WHO is on the chopping block and the entire United Nations is being exposed as a global control network. The Crown is no longer with power, and the Vatican has lost its’ global power as well. D.C. is a bankrupt corporation and we are watching a pitiful show with dire consequences.

Hollywood is being exposed and there is now a shortage of many favorite actors and actresses. Forces are out world wide to stop those making billions on human and child trafficking. Many tunnels have been scouted out and destroyed. Rescues have been made and the adrenochrome labs are now identified. Silicone Valley has been busted and all that remains is the final boss fight to bring the rest out into the open. There is an interesting court date set for Theranos and the outcome of that will show a lot of other interesting things. Kissinger and Albright haven’t said a peep since they were removed from the Pentagon Board of Advisors and Joe hasn’t reinstated them. Wonder why?

God bless every one and we are almost through the Twilight Zone. This has been and is a very strange and dangerous time. God is in charge – have faith and know that greater is he who is in you than he who is in the world.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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