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Today, May 5, 2023 Central Florida Schools were on Gun Watch as threats of school shootings were sent out on social media causing public schools to shut down midday.

Knowing how things have rolled out in this so called ‘SHOW’… what would you have done as a parent if you received this notice?

“Dear Families and Students,

“I am writing to let you know that we were made aware of a social media post on Snapchat that referenced Lake Mary High. We have been working closely with law enforcement to investigate the origin of the message and we have been told this same post is circulating in other counties with various school names attached. This has been deemed non-credible in other counties that dealt with the post earlier.

“Lake Mary High will operate as usual tomorrow including AP and F.A.S.T. testing. As a reminder, we will have additional law enforcement presence on our campus for the remainder of the school year.

“Seminole County Public Schools”

Would you have sent your children to school? Or keep them out as a precaution?

And what’s up with using social media to let parents know of such dangers?

image 28

What would we do in an emergency without Twitter?

image 29

I’m sure (sarcasm)that parents getting ready for work and school are looking at Twitter messages about what to expect for the day?  NOT!

image 30

This has got to be a joke, right? What has happened to warning systems when it comes to our schools and children?  Guess we are to spend our days searching social media for any warning updates? Has it come to this sort of…we let you know and you now should go to social media to be warned of dangers that could cause death and destruction?

“In Daytona Beach, law enforcement said a threat has also been made to Mainland High School and officers are investigating.”

But pay no attention to this, as nothing has happened yet, so send your kids to school and pay no attention to the reports and threats they just found out about? USF Sarasota-Manatee and several other Florida schools receive false shooting threats (

In MARTIN COUNTY, Fla. the online school threat had parents, students and law enforcement scrambling last night (Thursday evening). However, investigators said they believed the threat was a hoax. Florida police believe widespread school shooting threat is a hoax (

image 31

The social media threat was specific of the intent to kill, but not clear on the school, or the others who would be involved? Nor exactly when he planned to do it. Morning? Middle of the day or between classes?  The question is was this a “BOO” and “FEAR” with intent to carry it out, or merely a non-credible posting?

“MARK THE DATE 5/5/23 FRIDAY I WILL MAKE HISTORY AS THE TOP SCHOOL SLAUGHTER,” the threat reads in all capital letters.

image 32

Below is the wording in the screenshot of the FB message. (written with errors in spelling and punctuation)

MARK THIS DATE: 5/5/23 I will shoot up the school and kill every student here. Tommorow morning Friday © 7:40 as soon as the bell rings but who knows I may do it during the day or after the school day or in between classes, all I know is everyone must DIE spread the message. It would be a shame if you let kids roam the halls while I secretly shoot them to there death, wouldn’t it?. Let’s see and find out. MARK THE DATE 5/5/23 FRIDAY I WILL MAKE HISTORY AS THE TOP SCHOOL SLAUGHTER. You can capture me but it won’t only be me it will be other kids in other classrooms helping me out with this memorable slaughter but I won’t tell you there names who knows there may also be a bomb in the school right now I guess we’ll wait and find out.

Sincerely, Devyn

FYI: Sometimes a hoax can turn into an event if you get the mentally troubled person mad enough, let’s say by not believing them that they will act it out. That just might cause him to prove to you he is dangerous. That’s how mental illness works.

The troubling post talks about other students being involved and possibly including bombs. But there was not a specific school stated, nor the state it was to be in? The threat was shared all over South and Central Florida, including Lee County where today, May 5, 2023, one such school in Cape Coral had 26 teachers absent!  26! That sure sounds like someone was taking this serious?  Yet, students were told to report to school. And at noon they were sent home in Cape Coral?  Why were they even sent to school? This is definitely a change in emergency response and definitely not very good prevention.

Many parents are speculating whether this had anything to do with Governor DeSantis signing a bill that allowed 18 year olds to carry guns and AR 15’s. This has raised a lot of conversation as to the new gun laws and some say this is a deliberate scare threat to gun grab and reverse the laws, while others say this is unleashing angry kids to act out. So, while all are against gun violence and especially in our schools, others are pointing out that guns are necessary for protection, especially in todays world of angry birds on every corner.

image 33

We see the threat also included bombs. So do we make a law that no bombs are allowed in schools? And no bombs can be used in public or private places? Oh… we have that already. So why would anyone break the law and bomb anything? Why would anyone resort to stabbing with knives if they have no gun? Why would anyone resort to throwing bricks and stones if they have no knife? Why would they poison others if they have no bricks and stones? And why would anyone use their fists if they have no other weapon?

The problem is not a weapon or which one is used… the problem is morals, values and mental illness. You can break a bottle and use it to slash a person up. You cannot eliminate every thing that could harm a person, nor chop off ones limbs and shut down a persons mind as a precautionary remedy to the problem. Lawlessness breeds more lawlessness and those who desire global RESET also desire to achieve their goals through lawlessness.

The schools in Texas took the threat serious there too! But, fear not… the San Antonio news let the public know that school shooting social media threats went out to several states and are not credible. So, I ask you… what would you do with your children knowing there was this threat, even though the NEWS TOLD YOU it WAS NOT CREDIBLE?  Especially in today’s new reality show world?

 Schools across San Antonio report threats; SAPD says the viral posts are not credible (

The real issue is emotional and mental instability. Criminal threats and actions against innocent people is not of any good, it is evil. It is demonic in nature. What the person believes and desires to do can directly be related to a mental illness and lack of conscience, morals and values, along with their own past abuse issues and hate as possible root causes. Add to that drugs and mind control programming and you have a serious issue that kills, steals and destroys not only the person but those around said person.

Just as troubling as the one who issued the online social media threat, are the ones directing the school systems and the method of letting parents know of the possible danger.

Again, would you have sent your child to school on this day?  Just asking. Many went to school and had no idea of the social media threat. How convenient?  Is this a test to see who is obedient and who is a self thinker? Is A.I. data basing to see who relies on social media for their daily instructions for school news and who doesn’t?

And why aren’t there warnings on social media that let us know that today your six year old will learn about gender pronouns, furrys, and how to give oral sex? Should you make your child stay home until this threat passes? Or send them to school?

The entire situation is troubling. From the shooter to the public school and perceived police system of protocols used in the manner of investigations and warnings.




By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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