NEWSMAX Agrees With Bidens Immigration Trafficking and Throws Lara Logan Under their Bus!

The biggest threat to mind controllers is the freedom of thought.

I can hear the children of the devil as they whisper in the shadows….”We cannot have people thinking on their own. They are not to do such things… and if they dare to try… we shall use the power of deception to have them question their intelligence. We shall belittle each one who dares to question our philosophies, sciences and our truths. We shall press against them until they are an outcast. If that does not work, well we have other methods and ways, now don’t we?”

And so, with that being said,

NEWSMAX shows its’ true colors once again by axing Lara Logan for telling the truth and having facts!

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RESIST THE MAINSTREAM online media reported that Newsmax is not in line with the facts reported by one of the few who actually report the news.

The following excerpts are from the recent article titled ” Newsmax Drops Journalist Lara Logan Over ‘Reprehensible Statements’ She Made About Immigration”.

“Newsmax condemns in the strongest terms the reprehensible statements made by Lara Logan and her views do not reflect our network,” the network said in a Thursday statement to The Daily Beast. “We have no plans to interview her again.”

“I spoke to a man who was actually holding the documents in his hand,” Logan told Mr. Bolling during the Wednesday broadcast. “He told me about it, right? He said he infiltrated the global cabal at the U.N. level, right? And one of the things that he was able to tell me about, from his own personal experience, what he witnessed himself, was these documents that showed the time there is a plan, and this was several years ago.”

“The plan was to infiltrate 100 million illegal immigrants, and at that point, there were already at 40 million, and these people would dilute what they called the pool of patriots,” she continued. “Those were their words, right? And they would not be taught that America is a great country and trained to sing the national anthem with pride, and so on and so on. They would be taught all the negative things that we’re told about the U.S. today that our own children are taught.”

“Logan asked rhetorically what would be the effect of diluting the pool of patriots before answering her own question. She opined it was designed to break down the sense of pride in being American and what it means to be an American.” Read: Newsmax Drops Journalist Lara Logan Over ‘Reprehensible Statements’ She Made About Immigration (

Watch the video. What do you think? I think she repeated it the way it was and told the truth! Trump couldn’t have said it any better!

The outrage over Newsmax and their denouncing Lara Logan, a REAL INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER, is just beginning. They blew it and there is no walking these actions back.

I applaud Lara Logan for coming out and talking about their new food push of bugs. It’s already in many foods and listed by the name of the bug. They didn’t even try to hide it with some scientific name of the insect species. Yes, there are bugs in the pantry, but this time people are paying for it, such as millworm flour I guess for baking, and cricket flour for smoothies. Read:Super Cricket Smoothie | Entomo Farms

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So Newsmax can deny by censoring Lara Logan and her truth, but they can not make it go away. They are already selling it and mind washing the children that it is good for them. It’s called “CLEAN, SUSTAINABLE NUTRITION”. There are many online sources and I am sure Newsmax has since found this out. Now roasted and chocolate covered cockroaches aren’t new… and bugs may contain minerals and protein, as well as other insects, but this is an evil thing to brainwash our childrens minds to eat them. I’m sure school lunch programs will be next…or will they just let them go out and hunt lunch in the grass? What they are doing, all of it, is sheer evil. Lara Logan is brave enough to call it all out!

image 289

Read: Roasted Mealworms (3 Flavors) | Cricket Flours

Which brings me to the question… Was Newsmax going to promote the new bug food later for advertisers? Makes one wonder now doesn’t it?

image 293

Meanwhile, Lara Logan announced her new upcoming show today on Truth Social!

It’s all about the children!

image 291

Lara Logan – “Nobody owns me & nobody ever will.” 

“They haven’t seen anything yet – wait for the first season of my new show when it is launched: four separate hours on the true face of trafficking children and what it really means/looks like. It is time for the whole truth & time for this to stop. Brace yourselves – they will attack me again & again but I could not care less. I do not look to any of them for validation. I care about the children – do they?”

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This is not the first blunder made by Newsmax. In December 2020, Newsmax denied any election machine tampering.

In an article titled “Newsmax Admits No Evidence of Voting Machine Fraud After Smartmatic Threatens Lawsuit”, Newsmax bowed to the beast for the almighty dollar and sang like a crow.

Newsmax’s John Tabacco read a statement on air – Tabacco said there are “several facts” viewers should be aware of: “Newsmax has found no evidence either Dominion or Smartmatic owns the other, or has any business association with each other. We have no evidence Dominion uses Smartmatic’s software of vice versa. No evidence has been offered that Dominion or Smartmatic used software or reprogrammed software that manipulated votes in the 2020 election.” Read: NewsMax Admits No Evidence of Voting Machine Fraud After Smartmatic Threatens Lawsuit (

Newsmax isn’t new. It was launched in 1998. It’s just that no one was paying attention to it. But it’s obvious now that they are on a tight leash controlled by other news broadcasts. In other words…they obey. They were a nobody until some somebodys made them known as an alternative news source to Fox, such as the biggest somebody named Donald Trump…. This got people to flock to Newsmax and their ratings went up over night. But, once high ratings and greed take over… (and that may take a little while and it may come quickly)… the true nature or new nature, whichever applies as pride goeth before a fall, reveals itself.

Here is how the media club works.

When you are someone with a big following like let’s use Judge Jeanine for an example. She is very influential because she speaks the truth and bears down with sharp teeth called FACTS to drive her truth home. Now this works well for Fox as long as it is a narrative that the owners are driving home, but when the truth wakes up and alerts people to a few facts they aren’t wanting others to know… THEY CENSOR, SHUT UP, BLOCK, DISCREDIT, GIVE TIME OUT…OR OUST.

In the case as with Judge Jeanine, when you are being censored one place… they make sure you are censored in other places.

In September of 2019, Judge Jeanine Pirro, was promoting her new book release titled: “Radicals, Resistance and Revenge: The Left’s Plot to Remake America”, (sound a bit like Lara Logan’s message now doesn’t it?) She had hosted Fox’s highly-rated “Justice With Judge Jeanine” since 2011 and was on such a tight leash at Fox, she said she wasn’t even allowed to go on other conservative outlets – to promote her book. It became a #1 Best Seller in spite of the limitations. That’s how truth works and those who believe in God have their mountains moved and giants fall. Smile.

image 284

Get the story the Fake News media doesn’t want you to hear in the #1 New York Times bestseller: a withering indictment of the Deep State plot against Trump and a firsthand account of the real presidency, based on interviews with the Trump family and top administration officials. Order online or your favorite bookstore: Liars, Leakers, and Liberals: The Case Against the Anti-Trump Conspiracy: 9781549115189: Pirro, Jeanine, Author: Books

Now back to our story…

Then one day when appearing on a program with Seb Gorka, when she thought her mic was off, she told him of the constraints placed on her by Fox which in recent years had turned into harasment and ethics scandals and even expressed she was on such a tight leash she’s not allowed to go on other conservative outlets to promote her book including Newsmax. And so Gorka another one eager for big ratings over loyalty to truth tellers…makes sure the hot mic story leaks out to the public… if not him… someone in his network circle. Funny how these hot mics keep smoking with seasoned TV personalities who know how to wait for the signals that lets them know the mics are off, now isn’t it?

So NewsMax does a story and includes the Gorka hot mic and her censorship book promotion ban. Read: Fox Bans Jeanine Pirro From Newsmax TV |

Remember this took place in 2019.

Almost all networks allow their talent to appear on competing networks when promoting a book. But, the media is in control of what they want you to think, feel and choose. And ratings and cash is their number one priority.

Enter into 2021 and now with a Trump endorsement and his ralleys … you have NewsMax beating Fox ratings…

image 283

And so as long as you are using Trump for ratings… you can get a bit too big for your britches, believing you are the one that made it all happen… and the fall after that type of traitordum (is that even a word?) is hard… unless you can fill those deep pockets through another source of which there are many sources available that would love to fill those deep conservative pockets… just ask McConnell who has had his britches filled.

So it just so happened that…

Trump’s former endorsement for Newsmax, has apparently moved on from the calling card… and announced they are no longer broadcasting Trump’s MAGA rallies live. Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy said back in April, “We don’t want to be known as the Trump Channel.”

I’ll say that again, NEWSMAX SAID – “We don’t want to be known as the Trump Channel.”

And so as things progress with politics and untrustworthy Newsmax in July 24, 2022, “Occupy Democrats” writes an article also using the Trump brand for ratings titled:

“NEWSMAX TO TRUMP: We’re just not that into you.”

Excerpts: “The far-right news channel is just the latest in a long line of once-loyal media allies that are jumping off the Trump Train.

“In February, The Washington Post reported that Rupert Murdoch-owned Fox News had stopped airing Trump’s rallies live. At the time Ruddy was more than eager to pick up the slack – the complete opposite from now.”

And now that they have peoples attention, including Trump supporters they do their wrap up smear gaslighting and say, “Since the televised Jan. 6 Select Committee hearings began, the political tide has been turning against the ex-President for months. Pushback from once loyal media figures has shut down Trump-backed candidates’ claims that the 2020 election was stolen.Read: NEWSMAX TO TRUMP: We’re just not that into you (

Later they add, “When you lose Newsmax – ouch!” Whereas the truth is… “When you lose Trump and the support of those little ants who support Him “BOOM! Woops there goes another one of those ____ (fill in the blank, I have!)

So the moral of this story is… never trust a news media outlet that has its’ hands in ratings above facts and truth. Never trust a news media outlet that censors its investigative journalists from reporting the facts.

Or something…. remember the “Or something”.

Even BBC News reported on Newsmax and their blunder… back when it was first made by its CEO Chris Ruddy.

And what did they cut out? It had to do with 2,000 Mules and some real asses – Cheney, J6 Unselect Committee and Hutchinson… VOTER FRAUD!

Read: Trump Worries Newsmax Interviewer Will Edit Out His Election Fraud Lies: ‘You’re Afraid of Being Sued’ (

The days have come where those who want truth and facts will turn off and boycott the lads too big for their rating britches and always seek truth even if it means they have to become the news themselves! They aren’t desperate to hear more lies nor do they want any more gaslighting. They have had enough of all of that… those days are over! And it appears so is Newsmax… soon now…very soon now. Unless they change course their ship will be sailing into shallow water and be stuck on a low rating sandbar. Trump warned them not to edit… but some have to learn the hard way.

News flash for Newsmax…..

“But Newsmax’s effort to out-Trump the competition has been less successful since Trump left the White House for Mar-a-Lago. Newsmax’s viewership is down more than 50 percent from January (from an average of about 300,000 viewers then to about 114,000 on July 18), and following a significant slump in December and January, Fox News has reestablished itself as not just the most-watched right-wing cable news network but the most-watched cable news network, period.

“With Trump once again holding political rallies ahead of a likely 2024 presidential run, I thought it was timely to talk to Media Matters for America’s resident Newsmax expert, Jason Campbell, about Newsmax’s place in the broader right-wing media ecosystem. Suffice it to say he’s bearish on Newsmax’s prospects of ever filling CEO Chris Ruddy’s vow to “overtake” Fox News.

“The issue that I always come back to … is that Newsmax is just not good,” Campbell told me. “It’s very dull, it’s very repetitive of conservative talking points I see everywhere else.”

“To steal a line from the movie Scarface, Newsmax had basically gotten high on its own supply, and their viewers were left holding nothing at the end of all that. I think that played a major role,” he told me. Read: Why Newsmax is failing, explained by an expert – Vox

Meanwhile a year later… Newsmax swirling in the swamp….buckles and airs Trump Rally…. to boast of their quick fix like Crack infusion to boost ratings…. To them it is not about America, it is not about the truth, it is not about integrity in journalism, it is all about the ratings and the almighty fiat dollar. And they had to headline it themselves. Other people are busy reporting the news they won’t and don’t!

image 286

Newsmax Beats CNN in Prime-Time Rating |

NEWSMAX PLACES 70TH MOST POPULAR CHANNEL ON TV – DOWN 32% from last week. So they needed some crack to help their withdrawl …. and boom the real ratings are always with TRUMP’S TRUTH!

image 287

Summary: Newsmax beat CNN ratings which were in the toilet so brag? Meanwhile Newsmax bit the bullet and aired a Trump Rally in and ratings beat Fox who did not air it… and now that Newsmax has been compromised by someone or something… their channel is back to dull and nothing burgers unless you want to hear the same mantras from the Clay Clark Road show and repeat of 2020.

Their numbers have never been anything to boast of. So the positive thing for Newsmax is they don’t have far to fall. It won’t even make a thud and most people will still say…who’s Newsmax?

Remember: Miracles and goodness follow those who love and follow the way of the Son of the one true God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Therein lies the Holy Spirit to give teachings, wisdom, direction, favor, protection and comfort.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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