Was this a  Putin assassination attempt?  

A bomb killed and injured an undetermined number of military personnel  including two dozen Russian generals on a Russian Military Base in Latakia, Syria. It has been speculated that Putin was supposed to be on the base, but Putin never made it there. This is said to have been a U.S. planted vehicle.
What is curious is the ‘Jerusalem Report’ stated  that  ‘Syrian militant groups claimed responsibility for a car bomb that killed several Russian military personal in the town of Latakia. According to reports, Ahrar al-Sham and Bayan groups claimed they planted a car bomb on the base at the eastern city of Latakia, on February 21st. They waited for three days before setting it off said Ahrar al-Sham to make sure those who planted it got out safely.’  (Does this even sound believable?)
Now here we have Syrian militant groups also stating,  “After weeks of hard intelligence work we were able to determine the location and time of the meeting (of Putin?)and planted the car in the location. After the explosion several ambulances and Russian choppers rushed to the location and they were seen evacuating deaths and wounded Russians to Latakia and Jableh hospitals.” 
I ask you all, since when do Syrian rebels stop to give such clear statements about their bombings? Do you really believe they would report to anyone that Russian choppers rushed to the location and tell you which hospitals the wounded were taken to?  Hello? It is so ridiculous….it stinks like dead fish!  Besides,  why would they give anyone their  Modus Operandi, (Method of Operation) on how and why they had a successful attack?  The answer is – THEY WOULD NOT!  This has false flag liar written all over it. It gives the appearance of a McCain or others sort of statement sent to his (and Rubio’s)  US backed Syrian Rebels to make sure no one looks up in the sky for a possible alternative bombing?
One thing is clear, Putin is not going to let dozens of his military die in vain.  Whatever he does, there is not one nation leader who can put any blame on the retaliation.  This was an act of war.  This is exactly the type of thing Rubio has endorsed doing….the very same thing his CFR  foreign policy advisors shout to do, and now it appears as though their leader Obama has allowed to be done.
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Dianne Marshall
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World War 3 Alert. US Missiles to take out dozens of Russian generals

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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