PROPAGANDA IS THEIR BIGGEST WEAPON and they DO KILL, STEAL and DESTROY… along with telling lies!

Some are doing the same as always and finally their views are now recognized as stupidity driven by a NAZI ideology to rule the world but first we must take away the right to bear arms and strip Americans of their gun ownership. Unarmed equals unprotected equals take down made easy.

The Five point out the insane, off the wall, ideology of the women on the View and their ideas and accusations of republicans being the party of massacres, the party of insurrections, the party of white supremist, and the need for gun control. Good grief!!

As many have said… the answer is not to take away guns from law abiding citizens, the focus should be on arresting those who obtain them illegally and use them to commit crimes in the streets, especially in New York and Chicago where gun laws are the strictest while gang related shootings are the highest and committed daily. Shootings skyrocket over the weekends and their mayors watch it happen and are silent. When they crack down on that… the problem is solved.

But they aren’t concerned with that, nor black on black crime. They want to disarm Americans for another reason all together. That reason is to take away our second amendment right to bear arms against a corrupt overreaching government.

image 60

Never forget the facts are the facts – we watched what the same ones who want to take your guns allowed to happen all while they yelled to defund the police!

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THE FAMOUS SANDY HOOK SHOOTING WAS A FALSE FLAG THAT DID NOT INCLUDE ANY DEAD BODIES! This was done by Obama and his Gun Grab Agenda. And the dumbed down angry tv watchers were angry and believed it all. The videos below show how to critical think and not be deceived. Learn how to think critically and then look at the show and find all the lies. You will find thousands and thousands of truths… Add the Holy Spirit and you will spot them as they come at you!!

Now… what is behind all of this global RESET and their desire to rule the world and bring all their ideals out into the light. Everything they do is geared toward keeping their supply source flowing and their habits fed.

Know their propaganda and mind control programming that has been used on you all of your life. Few have even questioned any of this. It never was just the commercials… it wasn’t just fake news…. it was EVERYTHING!

In the video below, is a very good history of our Khazarian Mafia…Cabal… showing what we have talked about here in many articles. And even Janet Ossebaard takes it back to Japheth and Ham, the sons of Noah. The same as what is written in the book of Jubilees, and other Biblical books such as our Bible. This Baal worship is of old and before the flood. It is yet here to this very day. It was rekindled again, shortly after the flood.  The Table Of Nations – The Marshall Report ( Table Of Nations-Shem, Ham, Japheth – The Marshall Report (

So now we find another one who has dug to find the truth and shared it far and wide. The Truth shall set you free!

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God and press, press, press!!!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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