NATO and Biden Lead Humanity Into A Hell Hole! Kiev Takes Drone Hit!

Breaking News: RUSSIA Oct 5, 2022 The capital of Ukraine was visited by kamikaze drones “Geran-2” for the first time!

Russia Z, published videos from Kiev, you can hear a characteristic rumble and subsequent explosions. According to their information, “We hit the military barracks and the airfield. There are losses among Ukrainian officers and manpower.” See Video at end of article.

Residents of the German city of Zwickau came out to protest against anti-Russian sanctions.

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The protesters oppose the energy policy of the German authorities and call for a change in the cabinet of ministers.

 Germany, like everywhere else, has seen a surge in energy prices. The cold weather in Europe is due to start in mid-October, and the people are not going to just go home and freeze because of government sanctions and playing climate change games. People aren’t as stupid as Klaus and the EU believed they were. They know what is going on and they are tired of it. They are tired of pretend virus, lockdowns, rationed electric, high bills, and now… winter is here and they refuse to freeze and pay triple for rationed pieces of warmth when there are answers. To them it’s simple, stop the sanctions against Russia!

At the same time, gas deliveries from Russia remain limited, now that Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines are damaged in the Baltic Sea by a series of explosions and rendered inoperative. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the attack on the pipelines was an act of state terrorism. The Russian Prosecutor General’s Office has opened an investigation into the case.

I really don’t think the RESET bunch thought this all out as well as they told their puppets they did. The sheep have bypassed the emotion of fear and are now displaying their anger!

These are not some state sponsored paid riot group. These are the back bone of all nations and when they all rise up the puppets will have to hide. Their schemes will be exposed.

On October 2, 2022 NATO sent an intelligence report to member countries warning of the “missing from the base” of the Russian nuclear submarine K-329 Belgorod, which carries up to 6 Poseidon torpedoes – known as the “Paladin of the Apocalypse” – La Repubblica reported.


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The US has activated a satellite network to track torpedoes by the temperature the torpedoes emit when they are activated, but they are unable to detect them underwater. Maybe I don’t understand this, but what good is a satellite network designed to track torpedoes who are always traveling underwater when fired… if it is unable to detect them underwater? Can anyone explain this to me? I’m a bit confused how to make sense of this, unless it is one of Elon Musk’s satellites. Then it makes perfect sense. Or did they just tell on themselves that this is how they heat up the oceans? Ya know… to get the water hot to boil up a hurricane? I’m just trying to learn all these things….every clue leads to a new discovery…even if you guess wrong…you learn something from it. Smile. Something about making a radioactive tsunami got me thinking. Like Japan… and hot waters in the gulf. Just thinking.

Meanwhile as things in Ukraine and Russia escalate and NATO, EU make dumb moves… Switzerland refused to transfer the frozen assets of the Russian Federation to Ukraine. It appears that Bern does not consider this option of supporting Ukraine optimal.

Funds are frozen, not confiscated! Switzerland continues to refuse to hand over Russian assetts to Ukraine.

A clear no from Bern to a renewed request from Kyiv to hand over frozen Russian assets to Ukraine. Bern emphasizes that the billions and numerous properties have not been confiscated. The owners just don’t have access to them right now.

Meanwhile, Zelensky is jumping up and down (how I visualize it anyway) and demanding the handing over of the Russian assets frozen in Switzerland. I think he’s more angry just to hear Switzerland call the money RUSSIAN ASSETS! This has got to be driving the EU, Joey and Zelensky crazy. Putin is toying with them and they have nothing…except they want a war and their piggy bank back. They miss their bioweapon labs and are falling behind in their dark money collecting from human and child trafficking.

But the Associated Press reported that the US (Joey Big Bucks) announced another big sum for a military aid package for Ukraine, a whopping $625 million! Where is he getting all of this cash?

And now – Greenhouses in the Netherlands stopped working due to energy prices. These greenhouses account for almost 40% of Europe’s vegetable production.

Folks, we are already in world war III!

The propaganda news isn’t going to tell you the truth. All who have eyes to see and choose to read what real independent journalists have actually reported will get the facts, with real film footage, real photos, and real interviews with people who live there and people who have been kidnapped, harmed, and raped.

They have stories of citizens in the new Russian Federation whose children were killed in front of them, schools and hospitals bombed, going without food and will tell you that if not for Russian food drop offs they would have starved. This has been going on for the last 8 years and even before that with the NAZI regimes in Ukraine! The same ones Obama and Biden set up for their puppet masters. Putin had enough and it was time to free the people and while at it, end the piggy bank, bioweapon labs with monster type experiments, child and human trafficking, and the money laundering from  NATO nations and US corrupt deep state regimes who do the bidding for Khazarian Oligarchs for their cut of the funds of corruption.

The war is escalating and the foolish, greedy little puppets have gone mad on their gains and the perceived power they believe they have. The truth is they are cowards, they are not that smart, they are memorizers and script followers. None of them are equipped to figure out what to do when their pattern is interrupted. They are dumb and greedy. That is what they are.

Their power lies in deceit and in having no problem whatsoever in telling lies. Their cold stone hearts make it easy to kill good people to save their own hides. They have no conscience. That has been removed long ago.

It is truly a me versus you sort of crazy coup. They create racism to feed minorities into a frenzy of past injustices and instill triggers as though the things told were happening to them right now as they hear them. They know the power of mob mentality and use it to create chaos.

What is concerning is they are doing this with imposters behind masks and costumes. Some are doubles who look closely like the one they are to imitate from afar and they use all of these, along with Computer Generated Images of the same ones they want you to believe are alive and saying the lies they want you to hear and believe.

We have reached the point in this insanity of leadership where it is very difficult to know who is real and who is a dummy (although there are a lot of dummys of both types among us).

This war is being fought by the Western Nations against Russia to take them down so they can truly control the world. Or so they believe it would be that simple. What they have done is lit a match on a short fuse that is attached to a bomb. That fuse is sizzling and about to make impact that will turn the entire world on its’ head if they are not stopped and removed.

We have their street armies in the forms of ANTIFA, and many mentally disturbed MK Ultra mind controlled victims that go off like ravaging animals when the right frequency is beamed at them. (That’s my guess of how its done. Who knows it may be natural?)

They have serious space based technology that makes monster weather and of course lots of bioweapons in jabs, our food, water, and floating in the air we breathe. The array of toys they have to destroy are shocking. There are weapons that can be used to destroy entire nations without ever needing a nuke.

We may see Putin use some of these. After all, he doesn’t want a radiation storm any more than humanity does… the evil leaders on the other hand are insane enough to say do it. Zelensky is begging to get some so he can fire them off like fire crackers.

That being said, I was looking at all the things taking place on the ground in Ukraine, Russia, Europe, and the US, and was contemplating what would I do to counter this mess if I was Putin. I have several ideas. My thoughts went to the information I would have access to. That would make a difference.  I am sure Putin knows all the KM names of those behind the puppet placements and RESET. Like who they are and where they are. I would start there accessing intel.  Then I would look at the pathetic puppets who were put in place by these, then strategize and make a plan. 

So, if I were Putin, and knew the secret intel, it would be easier to assess. Being limited, my first guess on what could be done with Ukraine and NATO and Joey would be to look at Zelenskys sloppy advances and hold the line. I would fast track all the legalities and declarations with the new Russian Federation while at the same time advance my military preparations for my next move… because Zelensky is a monkey with a hand grenade; a reference Putin once made to Obama.

I would patiently wait for Zelensky to put his little toe on the newly annexed land of the Russian Federation and while all his ill equipped troops were pouncing on the new Federation land… I would fire a Bush type shock and awe light show over Kiev and all the major armories making sure any land and air fleets parked on the ground got their share of the fireworks. Then I would claim Ukraine back as Russia.  It would be over as fast as it started and then… ask who else wants to join Zelensky in his battle.

What would be your plan?

You see, the Joey and NATO plan is to have a year of war and wear Putin down…by supplying Zelensky with military weapons that tax payers pay for, thereby weakening the economy further and perpetuating greater shortages, starvation and poverty world wide. nations need to defend themselves so they can trash all humanity and lead up to depopulating 7 billion.  They actually think Putin can’t see their games. They plan to wear Russia down like they did in Afghanistan. One big drawback to that battle plan. The terrain is not mountainous filled with underground caves. They have not thought their ideas through. When it comes to war and it is either I live or you… that is a no brainer with Putin. So, he has a plan and he has already put it into action. This will be a shock and awe moment if Zelensky so foolishly puts his toe or the toe of his soldiers over the new border line.

Once Russia reclaims Ukraine… it foils their plans and ends their piggy bank war games. Joe’s games are over and the truth is on the lap top from hell. Wonder who it is under that rubber mask? We all no that ain’t Joe.


Just checked to see what the latest reports from Ukraine and Russia Federation are, and low and behold… An Air raid went off throughout Ukraine and part of Russian territory controlled by Kiev and explosions are reported in Nikolaev!

He did what I would have done!!! Somebody must have put their toe over a bit too far! BOOM!!!!!

RUSSIA Oct 5, 2022 The capital of Ukraine was visited by kamikaze drones “Geran-2” for the first time!
Russia Z, published videos from Kiev, you can hear a characteristic rumble and subsequent explosions. According to their information, “We hit the military barracks and the airfield. There are losses among Ukrainian officers and manpower.”

And now the propaganda begins…Kiev Post Reports….

“During the night, the enemy carried out strikes with Shahed-136 type kamikaze drones against Bila Tserkva,” governor Oleksiy Kuleba said on social media.

Kuleba said there were “six hits and explosions” in the town 100 kilometres south of Kyiv, whose pre-war population was around 200,000. Read:One Injured in Attack by Iran-Made Drones near Kyiv – Kyiv Post – Ukraine’s Global Voice

The rhetoric that this is Putin’s war and for him to stop is beyond sickening. Putin, if the truth be known… is the only one who can stop it…and he is! The real war is the one against humanity. And Zelensky is the poster boy for the EU, Joey, UN, NATO, and the Khazarian Oligarchs!!!!

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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