We know COVID/ CORONA/ CROWN/ TOXIC POISON/ DNA ALTERING was man made…now we must find out why it was made? EXPOSE THEM ALL! WE MUST EXPOSE THE TRUTH and to do that, we must dig around to find it. Meanwhile, we must stop the FEAR MONGERING and hold the VIRUS MANIPULATORS RESPONSIBLE.

22 Frederick Douglass Quotes to Make You Fight to Stop Ignorance

We know the Cabal has been in control of what is fed, prescribed, viewed, elected, legalized, and made popular be it an item or a Hollywood Star… whatever they push for their mission is pushed to the top and controlled by the same. This is achieved by keeping the masses busy worrying about their personal lives and work places for in so doing, no one has the time, nor the desire to stop what they are doing to figure out the truth. Especially when those who do are either laughed at or if influential, some end up suicided. Both manipulative means to suppress, although one is more permanent than the other. And that choice is usually made because of the persons prominance, influence, or the many targets they hover over.

The MEANS, MOTIVE, AND MONETARY WALLETS TO TURN A PATHOGEN INTO A PROFIT does not come from the minds of everyday people taking care of their families and struggling to get along in their day to day life. Because of this…the evil plan is to keep them busy buying all of the latest ideas, inventions, fake news, fake fact checkers and theories while the hired ones create the next form of madness to be sent out as a mystic plague upon humanity.

And now the fact checkers are out trying hard to re-explain the fact that these have all been patented and they are trying to fill in the real facts with gobblety goop. A lot of bla, bla, bla….to make the truth appear as disinformation and the lies to appear as the truth.

DO NOT BUY INTO THE SPIRIT OF MESMERIZING! The FACT IS the power of controlling our mind with their Jedi hand waving fake news propaganda has been exposed and it simply will no longer work on those unwilling to sit down in front of their electronic mind washing devices.


It is so great because many have awakened and have taken to the POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. This is driving the demonic power of mesmerizing into a spiral downward motion. They underestimated the POWER OF THE LORD IN HIS PEOPLE. They have worked hard to keep the masses ignorant of the power they hold within, but that mesmerizing has been EXPOSED FOR WHAT IT IS…LIES, LIES AND MORE LIES. President Trump had told us it was fake news and we rejoiced when we heard him say it!

Now they are after any and all Dorothy’s who know they hold the power in their ruby red hearts (shoes) but now must learn how to use the good power it holds. But just as the Wicked Witch of the West could not physically touch Dorothy’s shoes…for it would send the witch to her end….so the demonic forces are the same.

But, alas, because the power of the shoes are new to us…and we are just learning that wearing them and not using them are two different things. For just as the shoes keep the witch from touching them….it is another level of understanding that gives the wearer true power to stand against the Witch.

Like Paul said about the followers of the way who are on the milk and have need to take of the meat of the Word of God. Many are weaning off the milk and as the allegory of Dorothy displays, we are as her in many ways. Much like Dorothy as she set out on her journey to find the Wizard, and along the way fround other misfits who had listened to mockings of others that had held them back, preventing them from using their God given gifts. We see they were either told or thought they weren’t smart enough, didn’t have courage, or the heart to discern anything for they were not learned. Dorothy didn’t know the power of the slippers…but she had common sense and reasoned along the way.

Together they set out on a journey to find the Wizard so each could learn how to have the gifts they sought…for the world had made them believe they did not have them, nor the power to use them even if they had.

Many of us are as they, and on a journey of unveiling…exposing the lies of the Wizard and all the insane things in the land of Oz in order to learn how to wield the power held within the ruby red slippers. We each have different gifts that work together for good for those who love the Lord.

And just like them setting out joyously singing from their heart, the monsters along the way are frightening, and things bombard them, oftening making their task look impossible…but in the end… because they fainted not, they win!

May we all dare to think with our hearts and find the courage to press pass the monsters as we take the exciting journey back to our rightful home with the Lord.

Remember we are coming out of the Truman Show….




By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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