MK Ultra Mind Control – Be Not Deceived By A Road Show…

Through the looking glass…. and what that all means!

It started long ago and along the way it picked up speed. Hidden out of sight it was always in our face. We just couldn’t see it because of the philosophical deceits and traditions of men.

Colossians 2:8 “Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.”

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They use your platform, but if you don’t get in line… they will unuse and abuse you!  It’s Mr. Out To Saaaavvvveeee America brought to you by – USA, Inc. for the RESET world order with tips on how to profit on the way down!  Now get in line and get your piece of the pie…hey… it’s baked, it’s out of the oven and it’s cooling in the window.  The window of time that is…..

What time is it in your hometown? The clock is ticking as the pendulum swings… but it’s all a show right?

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And now for the rest of the story…

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Summary: According to the poem, the Walrus and Carpenter were walking along a beach one night when both sun and moon are visible. They came upon an offshore bed of oysters (this is about child trafficking), four of whom they invited to join them; to the disapproval of the eldest oyster, many more follow them. After walking along the beach (a point is made of the fact that the oysters are all neatly shod despite having no feet), the two characters are revealed to be predatory and eat all of the oysters. After hearing the poem, the good-natured Alice attempts to determine which of the two leading characters might be the more sympathetic, but is thwarted by the Tweedles’ further interpretation:

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“I like the Walrus best,” said Alice, “because you see he was a little sorry for the poor oysters.”
“He ate more than the Carpenter, though,” said Tweedledee. “You see he held his handkerchief in front, so that the Carpenter couldn’t count how many he took: contrariwise.”
“That was mean!” Alice said indignantly. “Then I like the Carpenter best—-if he didn’t eat so many as the Walrus.”
“But he ate as many as he could get,” said Tweedledum.
This was a puzzler. After a pause, Alice began, “Well! They were both very unpleasant characters—-” The dramatis personae for Through the Looking-Glass, identifies the Walrus as the Red Queen‘s bishop and the Carpenter as the Red Queen’s knight.

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And now… imagine you are the wise Alice. What do you interpret took place?

But Tim Burton stepped out as director for the sequel, a notable absence.

For the record, the reinvented story told in this “Looking Glass” sequel starts on a boat where Captain Alice out-sails the enemy during a storm. She heads home and finds a former boyfriend trying to take away her mother’s house.

Then Alice steps through a looking glass and into a time machine, a chronosphere, that allows her to turn back the calendar and rearrange history.


Why do they want to deceive you? Think of who is in the way of them doing what they desire to do? Look at who inside the church is enabling this situation? Who is exposing this situation? Who is being punished for not following the script? Hint: It’s not the ones following Darby and false teachings.

It’s time to speak of many things…

We have discussed many of these things indepth over the last two years. But today we are going to show what those who believe and led by the Holy Spirit are saying and how they are battling against false teachings, now popularized by the one out to save America and the Road Show to grind a one way dogma while laughing at and mocking those who are not buying into their dogma.

We will start with what these are teaching at the road show. They are a mix. Some are truly wanting to spread the word of God and expose all of the evil. They desire to open the eyes and spread truth.

And then their are some teaching the devils script as Mega Churches have done since its inception. These scripts are a tossed salad of the word of God. The scripts mesmerize the masses into believing a lie. These rob you of calling on the Holy Spirit and have you following things and looking for events that the KM Oligarchs create. The entire Darby ministry was created by the Jesuit order funded by Rothschild. The same Rothschild that changed their German name from Bauer to Rothschild in order to have a better image to influence the people of England, Ireland and Scottland.

Watch this eye opening history.

Now back to Alice…

For those following Q back when it began. The very first question was about Alice. In Carroll’s original book, “Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There,” when Alice stepped through the looking glass, she soon encountered the Jabberwock.

Twas brillig, and the slithy toves

Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;

All mimsy were the borogoves,

And the mome raths outgrabe.

The nonsense poem was written backwards, a puzzle Alice solved by holding the text up to a mirror.

She lands upon a kingdom-sized chessboard, where red and white queens oppose one another.

In Burton’s film adaptation the dialogue is changed and an elaborate game of “dress-up” replaces the game of chess.

In the original “Looking Glass” Tweedledum and Tweedledee recited the “Walrus and the Carpenter” and we found out why the sea is boiling hot and whether pigs have wings.

This is nowhere to be found in the new film.

Neither of the two recent versions of the classic Alice books remains true to the spirit of Lewis Carroll.

The magic of language has been erased.

Carroll himself was an Oxford mathematics professor whose books invited children to play with principles and puzzles in a most delightful way. When Tim Burton decided to make an “Alice” movie in 2011, all moviegoers knew that the movie would be an elaborate visual spectacle. That’s Burton’s style.

But did Burton have to excise the writing along the way? The visual effects made “Alice”spellbinding and brought the characters to life, so no one paid attention to the new hidden meanings because it was all played off as Burton’s breathtaking and bizarre visual imagination, and of course the uncanny acting of Johnny Depp.

image 330

Why does this little guy Ompa Lumpa remind me of Zelensky?

And why does this Willy Wonka duo remind me of the one who is out to save America?

image 331

Ahh, I remember now… Willy Wonka was a mesmerizing seducer.

In the movie, with Depp, it was obvious he seduced the parents to take their children to visit the chocolate factory. Think of what is happening today? Parents are terrorists if they don’t want the government chocolate school factory to raise them.

Burton remade it into Charlie and the Chocolate Factory…

I see deception and deceit with the masses going through the big fat wide gate and child sacrifices. Now that you know what you know… what do you see?

It is all looking a lot like MK ULTRA MIND CONTROL!

Ponder this… and let’s have a conversation.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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