Missing Trump Yet?

The left is going crazy and are desperate to bring Trump down to their pits. So far they have failed on all fronts. But the insane ones keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results. So….now they are throwing chewing gum at the wall hoping at least some of those wads stick. So far, even that isn’t holding.

Trump asks, “Do you miss me yet?” as he slams Biden and Afghanistan.

It has always been obvious that Biden is the Cabal Puppet , but people are now wanting to know who this puppet really is. We know he is not Biden, but whatever they did to the real Biden is up for anyone’s guess. Maybe, just maybe, Biden is the first CDC mind control jab experiment. If so, look at the new world that those who survive shall be living in. One where you walk around like an idiot and say idiotic things while your memory cells still have some of your perverted habits like sniffing children and licking hands.

But hey, don’t worry great merchants hidden in dark shadows will program everything. That is the world they are building. And the very same world that is fallen, is fallen. The one God’s people are coming out of. What is left are empty shells possessed by cyber demons. What else can you call it. They all are parrots squawking the same memorized lines.

But maybe it isn’t fair to equate the uncalled out ones with Parrots. Even though parrots are social, and want to fit in with the rest of their friends they don’t compromise being a parrot and have gender issues, so no, parrots are not like that. However, in the wild, parrots make bird sounds because they are surrounded by other birds, but around humans, parrots imitate human words of those around them to fit in and identify with their new found flock. That’s a lot like the cabal parrots. The difference is cabal parrots copy human sound bytes for money, power, jobs, and fame or just because it’s their new tribe.

They say parrots are really smart. They can be compared to a 5-year-old child! With training, some parrots can learn the meanings of words, the names of their favorite foods, and even count up to eight. That being said, there still may be some hope for those on the left side of the road; and it explains the pathetic batch of political and fake news mindsets. All they need is a body and a voice box, the Cabal will program the rest. This is what they have planned for humanity as a whole. Parrot land where all have a program. Take a good hard look at Biden and welcome your new mental capabilities unless, you come out of her my people.

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image 31

SO THE TALIBAN HAS ACQUIRED LOTS OF TOYS BUT BIDEN SAYS….”Burp me it’s time for my pills, and I need a tiny head to sniff?”



It is obvious the man has taken a knee to the world cabal and their evil master. He sold his soul to the devil and sold our we the people to the china man! He is done, toast, and ready to take to the trash bin. He serves not the people. He is serving black hats and evil regime. May he choke on his 30 pieces of silver.

Keep pressing forward into the kingdom!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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