Trump Rally In Iowa Tonight…

Oh and President Trump said Fox News called to let him know they will be airing the entire Iowa Rally. He says they want some ratings. I’ll be watching “Right Side”, how about you? Just heard due to tornadoes the rally was modified and postponed…or was that postponed due to modified tornadoes? Meanwhile … Why…Continue readingTrump Rally In Iowa Tonight…

Monkeypox Click Bait…

Meet the new Monkey Pox Czar appointed by Joey Avatar… Dr. Demetre Daskalakis. Dr. Daskalakis has been appointed by Biden to be the Monkeypox Response Deputy Coordinator, and is said to be a ‘Satanist’. Just because he has apparently, or shall we say allegedly, been seen in dressing and attending Satanic like events that have…Continue readingMonkeypox Click Bait…

Predictive Programming?

What if Q was an A.I. app? What would you do with that information if that were a true red pill? Someone sent me a video showing how to use “Auto GPT God Mode Ai”, that explained its new “Huge” upgrade. As I watched the video… my mind processed the information and I thought of…Continue readingPredictive Programming?

Nothing Is As It Appears Except The War On Your Mind!

No matter what you see and hear, the signs are all there that show the good guys who are out to end the lawlessness are winning! There is truth and propaganda at every turn, it’s up to you to sort through everything you are told, and everything you see and discern what is real and…Continue readingNothing Is As It Appears Except The War On Your Mind!

Now For The Part Where The Words of Biblical Prophets Are Seen…

How many scriptures can you find that foretell what you are seeing today? If you haven’t begun the most exciting part of the show already, now is the time to get out your Bible, your Lexicons, and forbidden books like Enoch, Jasher and Jubilees and ask the Holy Spirit to show you in scripture what…Continue readingNow For The Part Where The Words of Biblical Prophets Are Seen…

A.I. and Humanity, What Can Go Wrong?

Elon Musk says “A lot!” and the God Father of A.I., Geoffrey Hinton Quits Google after shocking A.I. encounter! Today, we give you some recent information that appears to be some sort of warnings and “prepare ye the way of A.I. for it isn’t as safe as they thought”, parallel to globalists who are celebrating…Continue readingA.I. and Humanity, What Can Go Wrong?

If You Ever Get Bored On Twitter… Check Out NSF!

Ya got to hand it to A.I. UNICORN techies, they just keep on plug’in along… and they love to plug into EVERYTHING! NSF EPSCoR has announced its 2023 EPSCoR RII Track-1 Awards. Like we should all know what NSF stands for let alone EPSCoR RII? And are these achievement awards or entertainment? Like the Oscars…Continue readingIf You Ever Get Bored On Twitter… Check Out NSF!

Shocking A.I. or Business As Usual?

A.I. is out of control? Seriously? Why I am shocked? I tell you… I’m just shocked? A British scientist known for his contributions to artificial intelligence has told Sky News that powerful AI systems “can’t be controlled” and “are already causing harm”. Professor Stuart Russell was one of more than 1,000 experts who last month signed an…Continue readingShocking A.I. or Business As Usual?

Unicorn Valley is Fallen is Fallen!

DOOMED FROM THE STARTUP! The illussion is the only part that is real! Clawing back our nation? Or just laying out the truth? When the Joey Avatar Administration’s Attorney General speaks and tells way too much, are we listening? AG Merrick Garland said this of January 6, 2021: “The Justice Department has conducted one of…Continue readingUnicorn Valley is Fallen is Fallen!


It was said the day would come when “THEY” (global KM Oligarchs and their puppets) would not be able to walk down the street. Today we are watching as “THEY” are reaching that moment in time! The climate change games, the plandemic bioweapon games, the transgender games, the potholes in the streets everywhere games, the…Continue readingBUSTED, BUSTED AND BUSTED SOME MORE!