Mind Control For Christian Healing?

Are you ready to be bot hacked for God? Some are believing you are and it looks like many have already boarded a boxcar to that train.

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What the ad says above is enlarged below so you can read it.


What is the Quantum Effect?

God made our bodies unique and wonderful. Scientists have learned that our bodies are made up of energy.

As a famous scientist said “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” – Nicola Tesla

In the simplest possible terms:

image 52

Now COMBINE that with our unique Multi-Sensory solutions and experience the Quantum Effect when you utilize MULTIPLE senses that God gave you to help you with your health!

When you incorporate reading out loud our Reading Guide for your particular product, you use your MOUTH, your EARS, and your SIGHT which combine with the sense of TOUCH with the skin patch and the result is the Quantum Effect!

This multi-sensory approach to healing is unique to QE Strong and will be instrumental in your overall success and health! Experience the Quantum Effect today!

Here is the link to view the advertisement which is at the beginning of a segment of interviews by the Quantum Super Channel.

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Click on link to see ad: Donne Clement, Seth Keshel and Others. ReAwaken America Tour. B2T Show Nov 3, 2022.mp4 (ugetube.com)

Since the advertising is vague on how the product works, and what is in it… here are some other links that explain the Quantum Energy and how it works. It appears people can have their own mind control program patches made to fit what they want people to think, feel and decide. That is how free will works, but with this…you can over ride your own natural processes and program what you want instead of what you are thinking, feeling and deciding.

Quantum Energy Immune Boost – Skin Patch ($17) & Cards ($74) – Patriotic Strong – All-Natural Solutions Provider for Patriots

Quantum Energy Pain Relief Patches: Uses, Benefits, Side Effects & Price (crazytalker.com)

Also Read: Energy Medicine Pain Relief Patches Are Laughable Quackery | Science-Based Medicine (sciencebasedmedicine.org)

Quantum Energy – Patriotic Strong – All-Natural Solutions Provider for Patriots

Here are screen shots of the advertisement.

The Quantum Effect wipes out pain...

image 53

Stop pain and allergy symptoms in less than…

image 54

… 30 seconds with zero drugs.

image 55

Pastor Dave and hundreds of others have experienced the Quantum Effect for themselves.

image 56

It’s backed by scientific research…and rigorous lab testing.

image 57

Backed by scientific research?  Oh why have they been so foolish to smile and cheer at such down right folly? People are tired of the evil fake science at this moment. The science push and research has been proven to be bought and paid for by big pharma, even the FDA. Bad call starting out and it gets worse from here like the word “Quantum”.

Quantum is simply about two things…

image 58

Number 1. Intentions… As a man thinketh, so he is…

image 59

And 2, renewing your mind with the Word of God.

image 60

Only QE STrong encodes key intentions …

image 61

So now they are programming God into you? Is that the deal? Why didn’t God think of that? Oh…he gave us free will. Does God approve of this type of marketing? Will they send royalties to God for using his name in this advertising?

… and Bible verses about healing onto the small patch.

image 62

Seriously did they just say that? This is looking a bit like WEF and their RESET think tanks.

You simply place it on your body each day.

image 63

Where is God in all of this programming? Did they put God in the patch? Where is the Holy Spirit?

image 64

… and with the bonus Prayer Guide…

image 65

… read out loud a positive intention.

image 66

and one or two Bible verses about healing each day.

image 67

This marketing strategy is looking more and more like… a combination of enchantments and silicon valley hi tech. It gives my heart a bad feeling. It makes my heart sad and angry at the same time. What happens if you miss a day? Or one of the steps? What is in the patch? So stick on your programming patch and read one or two verses a day and presto, like magic you begin to heal. Where is the Holy Spirit in all of this?

The patch provides the touch…

image 68

… and the prayer guide uses your sight, speech and hearing to relieve pain and allergy symptoms with the senses God gave you.

image 69

So the patch and your senses and reading a scripture replaces the Holy Spirit. Whoa…. Keep your prayer guide, I’ll stay with the Holy Spirit!

image 70

It even works for people who have suffered decades of chronic symptoms.

image 71

Are you ready to experience the Quantum Effect?

image 72

No. Not with this marketing outlay. I will not put any patch on me that controls my minds natural thought processes. How do we know what was actually programmed into it? And I will not listen to anything that looks like it just came out of the Big Pharma ad agency. But most of all… I don’t like the way this marketing campaign used my God to push their stuff. And I don’t like the way they shoved the Holy Spirit to the curb. Putting our primitive 5 senses above the healing power of the Holy Spirit.

I have NEVER SEEN an ad so bold, disgraceful and disrespectful to the Lord and the Holy Spirit, let alone God Almighty, in my entire life. Whoever thought this would attract Christian buyers… just showed me they have no respect for God and no concept of the words “God is not mocked” or what they mean regarding His ways. The product is not the issue here. It is the way God is used in their marketing and the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, putting our senses and a mind control patch above the healing power of the Holy Spirit.

They would have done best to look at the product concept and elaborate on the biology and how the body’s central nervous system work with the senses. And not the approach they took.

I never talk about my other day jobs, but in this case it’s a must. I have over 30 years experience as an Aesthetician working with clients, and plastic surgeons pre and post operative for skin healing, and teaching professionally to help people understand how their body works and how things enter into the lymphatic system, and into the cells. Explaining the histology of skin, vibrations, sound, color, sight and touch and never once did I use God as a selling tool other than the power of prayer. The histology of skin and how the body functions even down to the foods we choose to eat and how our digestive system works to digest, reabsorbed the nutrients in the intestines and the process of elimination are all biological facts. They do not change.

How we interact with the atmosphere is how God created it to interact with our bodies. The fact is the full spectrum of the sun is needed for our cells to mulitply and divide. Light emmitting diodes from the sun are absorbed through the cells and stored in the mitrochondria inside the cell and used as energy so cells will divide and multiply. This includes all cells from B cells needed to build the immune system and T cells to fight off cancer cells, blood cells, bone cells…every cell in the body has to have light emmitting diodes from the sun or nothing happens. Skin WILL NOT HEAL WITHOUT IT and a flower will not grow, not even bacteria in a dark cave can multiply and divide without some source of light emitting diodes such as water trickling into the cave that contains it. Without that, no living cell can be reproduced. So the full spectrum light therapy is good and healing, as it also puts the body back into balance the way God intended it to be.

In 1994 I was blessed to have one of the first light therapy machines in the USA, through Pevonia International/ COSMO Pro., who had manufactured the first one of its type for the skin based off the technology used in London in sports medicine to help bone growth, and mind you that was even before NASA had it. The light emitting diodes would help skin heal 5x faster and more. Swelling was gone immediately and burns healed rapidly, it assisted the body naturally to put cells back into balance and heal a myriad of conditions creating enzyme activity, and peptide chains moving along and getting the blood moving thereby oxygenating tissues which make up organs. I knew the day would come when one day they would have a unit where you stepped inside like a shower stall and the entire body would get its body in balance in seconds.

QE is NOT THAT TYPE OF TECHNOLOGY. This is a direct application of mind control frequencies injected into the body. With you repeating a mantra to help control your thoughts and behavior.

This is a Quantum physics programming that overrides your decision making mind processes. In an article titled “Quantum Effects In The Brain”, it explains the Quantum Physics and the nature of consciousness.

  • Quantum physics provides the key to how consciousness works and to how the mind is unified with matter and the physical world.
  • Modulation of ion dynamics in the brain at the quantum level allows all parts of consciousness to be simultaneously interconnected.

The article explains how the brain’s activities at a subconscious level are in a quantum superposition—meaning, all possibilities simultaneously coexist. But the moment their results pop into conscious awareness a perceptible “choice” is made. This is key because, as explained in the new book the Grand Biocentric Design, there are always many possible chains of brain activities. But when consciousness hangs up on one of them—subjectively perceived as the awareness of a definite outcome—this can now be mathematically described as a collapse of the wave function.

In short it over rides your body’s messages sent to the brain and reprograms it to be the message that you have no pain. Which pain signals to the brain are designed to alert the body that something is wrong. Now, the mind control claims to have no side effects, but the big side effect is mind control which is not something to play around with. This is all done by programming with quantum physics technology.

Read: Quantum Effects In the Brain | Psychology Today

At a time where mind control and warning of chips and MRNA vaccines are being forwarned… why on earth would someone put a coded patch that controls the brain onto themselves? Whereas many are doing it…so did many take the vax. I must in good conscious warn people of this mind altering quantum mind coding. If you choose this… then you choose it. But, I can’t ignore telling you what this does. What’s in your patch is not what God intended us to do with our free will process.

There is nothing in the marketing that lends any credence to anything but hocus pocus and creates the image that God works with a mantra recited and putting on a patch. That is my outcry of what is wrong. What are side effects? Did they list any?

It would be nice to have these people pull back their ad and rework it with some actual facts instead of insulting the average consumer with ads that sound like a religious ritual that borders on superstition. Today’s consumer is very savvy and wants the facts and they want to know how it works, what’s in it, and why it works and they want it explained. They always have wanted the facts and the truth. One day these so called great ones will get an understanding. Until then… whenever we see such deception using God as hocus pocus… call it out. There are ways to word things without making medical claims, but the presentation here was like voodoo or worse…. it was like listening to Harari.

image 73

Using God and pastors to push any man made product Scientifically approved with auto programming mind control is not good. If you have a product sell your product. But don’t slap God all over it and act like this is something God is endorsing to get an immediate healing and experience the Quantum Effect?  This is a bad thing waiting to happen. Blasphemy….for certain, mind control the result.  

image 74

I have never seen such blasphemous mocking in the manner of a big pharma ad that cheapens God, Christ our Lord and The Holy Spirit…why all you need is a techno patch and reprogram your health with a patch and reciting words out loud several times a day while wearing the pain or allergy patch, and or both. This is not the teachings of the Lord. How can people who are against the mind control chips take this patch and code frequencies, of which they have no idea what they really are, into their bodies and brains? No one knows what the frequency coding is exactly, for it was never stated. At this point it could be graphene for all we know… but this was a definate no no…especially with all the clamor of informed consent being a must. The presentation was reminiscent of how mind control works and this should be an eye opener for most any Christian…but we have Pastor Dave’s full endorsement. Good grief!

image 75

So they will program it all for you. You don’t need to pray just recite a few verses daily. You don’t need to call upon the Holy Spirit just stick a patch on your arm or neck and let us code you with the frequencies to experience a healing? Do you trust any of this scalar energy coding at all? This is mind controlling people….wake up!

Good grief do these people even know how this all looks, and sounds and is? Whoever thought of the five senses marketing thingy omitting the power of the Holy Spirit obviously lacked one of the most important senses…the one called common.

I am floored and nauseated at the way they have belittled and used God to push their products and cheapened the Word with their marketing campaign. They are using God to push a product. That is the bad thing.

But then again, it’s no different than hearing a mega pastor tell his congregation that God wants him to have a Mercedes and a brand new Jet while he shows off the ring God bought for him and then says to send in your offering and God will bless you too.

Woe is all I have to say.  The Lord blesses us all with gifts but there is also a way to declare it and this ad left God out…they just flashed a Bible and verses and told you to recite, touch the patch and listen to yourself read outloud. This is just a few steps up from listening to Klaus and Harari.

Keep on pressing into the kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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