Melania – America’s Real First Lady, and Is Joe’s Impeachment Coming?

Melania Trump, America’s First Lady does her first sit down interview since leaving the White House. She is one very special woman with a big heart for humanity.

What will the future of America hold? Is this interview indicative of something more? Time will tell. Nothing is as it appears.

Meanwhile other news headlines speak of the coming impeachment of Joe Biden the usurper in chief.

Biden is going to be lucky if he stays out of jail…or GITMO. If he isn’t already there. Remember, nothing is as it appears and even President Trump has said many times, “Joe doesn’t even know he’s alive. Joe doesn’t look like himself. He’s a different Joe.”

One thing is sure… we have a President who has invested in a social media platform – Truth Social. Why is he looking forward to a future with this platform and sharing the truth and downplaying all the platforms that were already in place keeping track of everyone? It makes no sense to be wasting time fixing a platform that tracks for the Khazarian Mafia if he is working for that side? It would be stupid and a waste of time.

Trump at 5.15 min. into the video below says, “Joe doesn’t even know he’s alive”. He also stated that he had great things planned for the economy, and the stock market was at an all-time high and we have enthusiasm for the country is at a super V… and that came after the forecast was Trump was going to win the election. Trump forecast that if he didn’t win, you watch and the Dems will ruin the economy, the stocks would fall, your 401K’s would be ruined and we would have a depression. A depression like we have never seen before.

It looks like he was right for under Biden… who doesn’t even know he’s alive… stocks are failing, the economy is in the tank, gas prices are through the roof and the writing is on the wall for the worse depression we have ever seen. It can all be turned around quickly by taking certain steps of which now it appears… those steps must be to put a majority of Republicans in the congress and the senate. That must be done and the Dems see that writing on the wall. That is why they are revving up for a hot summer and going nuts in their rants and street organizing.

President Trump is pushing to expose the voter fraud and doubling down to turn congress and the senate red. We have to make sure there are no fake ballots and no rigged machines. This election must have a turn out of voters so huge for a red win that no one can stop it, not even the mules who dare to try.

President Trump is not a part of the RESET bunch, as some keep wanting to indicate that he is. He is doing and saying a lot of things to make people wake up and look at what is taking place for themselves, instead of just sitting around and waiting for everything to go back to normal.

Trump waking people up does not serve the Khazarian Mafia’s RESET agenda. He is not one of their puppets who are pushing people to sleep and wait and do what they are told. He is not creating division, he is exposing the ones who are.

And now the Sussman Trial is starting and the grand jury selection is now going on. Michael A. Sussmann is a former federal prosecutor and a former partner at the law firm Perkins Coie, who focused on privacy and cybersecurity law. Sussmann represented the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and retained CrowdStrike to examine its servers after two Russian hacker groups penetrated DNC networks and stole information. He is behind Clinton and Russia, Russia, Russia. Justice is coming.

So, as we go forward and look at what could be brewing… we see strong confidence coming out of the former Trump administration who were in his inner circle. We also see a total scream reaction and never Trump shouts from those who opposed him and his policies. We see fear from those who thought they could continue to mandate unlawful jabs on the people. We see doubles and all sorts of C.G.I. videos and people have had to discern who is real and who is fake.

Fauci has said he would leave the White House if Trump were to return. Now, if this is even Fauci or a double… as nothing is as it appears. It is obvious that the man will not be serving with Trump ever again… he will be serving in some other place such as GITMO, if he is lucky and that is if he is even still around in his original body.

Fauci still talks different and looks a bit different…but people have gotten used to seeing these guys in their new doubles by now. So many people can’t see through this anymore and have accepted the new as the old because they have persisted in shoving fakes in our faces. Anyone can go back and watch old original videos and compare. Keep discerning all things. Never stop.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Pray unceasing and press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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