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“Good afternoon.  I want to thank you all for coming.”   Oops – I just plagiarized a bunch of people who plagiarized.  If you ever heard that line….trust me you will hear it again.  If you ever heard “My parents taught me morals and the values of hard work”, trust me you have heard it a hundred times from Americans who grew up with it. That is why America relates to it!  You  will rarely if ever hear  it from the mouth of a liberal and definitely never hear it from the mouths of Black Lives Matter member or New Black Panthers..  If you ever heard, “I was taught, my word was my bond”, trust me you won’t hear it from the liar media or any liberal liars unless they are trying to deceive you.
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It’s called slap happy drunk liberalism folks!
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Now back to lying crooked Hillary who has lied her arse off since she was brought into this world!   Benghazi was her doing to run guns.  Arab spring was her and Obama’s master mind with a lot of help from the Bush’s and Soros.  Islamist radical infiltration of the western world is the plan of the globalists who desire their world order. NAFTA was their slap to American sovereignty and the death map for American businesses.  Not to mention all the Bureau of Land Management secret deals and then there is Haiti!
Racism and war on women is their agenda and evil Hillary has created much hell for good people.  Her village is full of voodoo and nightmares on Elm Street!
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Does anyone know what the Clinton body count numbers are to date?  The torn lives?  The IRS witch hunt numbers?
It’s time to stop their evil regime and save America!

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.