McConnell Says For Trump To Concede to VOTER FRAUD – ASK WHY!

McConnell wants this election over, cleaned up, put behind him and have Pres. Trump concede. Why?  It’s looking like it’s because he doesn’t need him now, for he won his re-election. But, I predict all machines will be audited and we will find Mitch lost and partook in some forbidden voter fraud to insure his win, or took some bribe to insure his other investments are protected. Watch and see. Taking bets now.

mcconnell says for trump to concede to voter fraud ask why
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Ky. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

If you recall Kentucky has a history of voter fraud as recently as the last election. See:

And now in this 2020 election there were 90 potential voter fraud complaints filed on Election Day, 338 overall.


Kentucky reports that bins of ballots were found discarded in a dumpster in Jeffersontown, KY, resulting in a postal employee being fired and possible federal charges. This is McConnell’s state of Kentucky!

When someone (like Mitch McConnell) who won fairly hears of those who were obviously cheated out of a fair election…wouldn’t you think that person would want to do the right thing and look into the fraud? But, if that same person had been a bit naughty, they would either stay silent or encourage others to look the other way and leave it all alone. That seems to be the way it all goes in the GOP on Capitol Hill… and it sure is looking obvious that some people did something and are trying to hide something.

image 135
Remember this? We still don’t know exactly what happened and I doubt if we ever will. It does leave for interesting conversation.

And now that we have learned the many ways and means of election voter fraud, it leaves question as to how McConnell whose overall approval rating was at 17% nationwide, outdid his opponent who had outraised him by huge numbers.

Prior to the election things looked pretty bad for McConnell, if you will recall. From an article prior to the election: “McGrath has raised $84.1 million since starting her campaign in July 2019, which is more than the Kentucky General Fund allocated to public health in the 2020-2021 budget.

The McConnell campaign raised $15.6 million in the same time period, which McConnell campaign manager Kevin Golden called a “record haul” for Kentucky Republicans in a single quarter of a campaign.

The McConnell campaign reported having $13.8 million on hand to finish out the final stretch of the election. McGrath has spent $64.2 million on the campaign and has $19.9 million on hand.” Read more here:

Yet, Mitch wins big??

image 136


Maybe someone is afraid that their election results will be looked into? Maybe someone is afraid of having their seat questioned? Just maybe?

Then there are other things that make you question all things…

Mitch McConnell In Trouble As Wife Becomes Target Of Investigation – The Ring of Fire Network (

image 137

So while all the fires are burning and chaos is breaking out from both parties and all government offices including the Supreme Court… a big swamp draining is about to begin. There is so much scandal and so much plandemic that it is really hard to keep up with what rabbit hole we are supposed to look at, let alone go down. It is appearing that the corruption is EVERYWHERE! One thing is sure, we need to take a good look at the people who don’t want to look at the voter fraud crime.

Let’s all look close at the ones who want us to take the voter fraud we now have in our face and put it into a box forever. Especially when each day it becomes more clear that more things took place than we knew the day before. It appears we have a clear case of sedition and all can take a good look at what the process of a modern day overthrow of the government really is. There is no doubt that a swamp cleaning is about to erupt on a scale no one saw coming.

May all those who took part in these evil acts be exposed and may they answer for their participation. I would normally say may justice be served, but all the halls of justice have seemed to be infiltrated from the lowest court up to the highest most supreme. Therefore…may the meek of the earth stand up for law and order with God at the helm, for it is a big giant and divine intervention is the only way forward.

Be strong, keep the faith, and wait upon the Lord for he shall expose all the evil. Be patient for sometimes it takes a little while for timing is everything, especially when the mess of betrayal is as deep as it is wide. Question all things and open your eyes and see.

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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