Maxwell Trial-Nothing Burger?

Narratives of the Maxwell Maddam Case are all over the richter scale. Which one will hit the masses and stick? That is the trillion dollar question!

Will it be the narrative that little Ghislaine just wanted to be like her daddy? Robert Maxwell, the Mossad covert spy who ousted millions from others and made billions? Or will it be that she just had her heart broke when he was found mysteriously dead while yachting off the Canary Islands in 1991? Could her obsession of visiting strange places in Islands be tied someway into her fathers passing?

Ghislaine Maxwell clutching a photo of her father, Robert Maxwell, a media mogul who allegedly stole hundreds of millions of dollars from his own employees' pensions.

Or do we believe the narrative that Epstein reminded her of her Father? And she admired the strength he showed in dealing with powerful people? Forget the fact that she was his maddam and arranged the most disgusting sex perpetrations imaginable. Or if we are to believe that…what did she arrange for her daddy? We can invent all sorts of unimaginables there too. From offshore accounts to even an island owned by someone to take world elite too and have unimaginable play times? Ahh, but that would be fact checked and a lie……

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She was simply a socialite who had a big Daddy complex and lost her way because she was suffering from the loss of her Daddy? She meant well and didn’t know anything about anything Jeffy was doing. She is as shocked as all of you. Right?

And forget the fact that Jeffy supposedly purchased the Island in 1998 from a Mr. Arch Cummin. That no one is able to find any information on that rascally Mr. Cummin. But, seriously, even the name sounds fake. Arch? Cum min? Come on man????

Convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and alleged accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell in 2005.

Pay no attention to the fact that even boy Wonder of Zuck land experienced Adrenochrome while visiting one of Ghislaines Island fantasy resorts….. Oh but all of that was fact checked and false.

false zuckerberg post

And pay no attention to the fact that he was on the Epstein Flight log list. That didn’t happen either.

Just stay focused on the socialite who was so enamored about Daddy and was the favorite of Daddy’s nine other children.

Ghislaine Maxwell, seen here sitting next to her father, Robert Maxwell, was considered the favorite among the disgraced mogul's nine children.

Forget the fact that a person named Ward told The Post that Epstein would “humiliate” Maxwell, sometimes in public, just like her father with whom she was “obsessed.” And forget the fact that Ghislaine was procuring  underage girls for Epstein to sexually abuse from 1994 to 2004. She just has a Daddy complex for guys like Epstein.

Forget the fact that President Trump had a task force out to bust the human and child trafficking rings …not just in America, but world wide. And forget the fact that Epstein was heavily involved in the same such human trafficking rings and forget his guest list had nefarious dealings with such trafficking. Forget the fact that Epstein had a huge track of land in New Mexico and a business venture with Mitt Labs to generate a perfect race with his own sperm bank. Forget the obsessions of Daddy Epstein and forget anything Ghislaine may know about all of these bizarre ideas.

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And please forget all the other locations that never really have nothing at all to do with this trial. I mean what could Ghislaine possibly know about any of this?

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And don’t ask about the mysterious fire on the Island. Nothing here to see…move along.

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See the source image
That was some fire to big for marshmello roasting.

That was some fire that took place in January 2019. Residents living in the Caribbean near Jeffrey Epstein’s Island reported hearing an explosion and seeing a very large fire on the southwest corner of his private island. But don’t say a word about this…you may get fact checked. They won’t be talking about this…so read here to get familiar with it all…..Massive Fire Spotted On Private Island Owned By Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein – The Clover Chronicle

Then there are things like this strange statue on Epstein Sex Slave Island….. who is talking about this? Can you find the word hoy and what this stuff all means…what else can you see in this statue?

There is nothing here to see. Just an exclusive island for fun and relaxation.

So move along and pay no attention to the facts that it is possible a plea deal has already been made and what you are watching is part of the big show. And hey….remember elite just have a fettish for dressing up and having masquarade parties. It’s one of their hunger game things…all make believe.

A man of mystery, many wonder exactly what went down on Little St. James. We're slowly learning about Jeffrey Epstein's activities on his island.

And I am sure the locals from other islands lied about the vast number of underaged girls that would be shuttled on and off Epstein’s sex island.  Girls as young as 11 were seen on Epstein’s sex island. The island was so infamous that it had nicknames like “Island of Sin”, “Pedophile Island”, and “Orgy Island”. 

The full details of what took place on Jeffrey Epstein’s sex island may never be known, what the victims have brought forward in court is disgusting and evil enough. It is said that to a full investigation has yet to be done of the place…but that may just be part of the narrative to keep the truth cards held in private until it’s time to lay them on the table. Remember, what you are hearing about the Epstein trial is what the CNN and fake news wants you to hear and what many psyops what you to think, believe and be confused with. After all….socialite Ghislaine is a Daddys girl and was suffering a complex after he died mysteriously on his yacht at sea. Forget any Mossad spy connection, and forget the world elite entertaining with human sex trafficked minors and others. Don’t look at any real facts like Epstein was held in solitary confinement…and somehow killed himself. Forget the fact that any of this is supposed to make any sense at all….for it is obviously NONE OF OUR DANG BUSINESS. SO MOVE ALONG.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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