Mark Taylor’s Prophetic Warning

Mark Taylor has just released a prophetic word from the Lord. Below it is written in its’ entirety.

Judgment has Begun

Mark Taylor, January 28, 2022

The Spirit of God says, “Many False Prophets and Pastors are Prophesying
Judgment in 2022. Do you not realize they are prophesying their own Doom? The very
things they are prophesying they are guilty of! The sins of these False Pastors and
Prophets are great! The bowls of sin are overflowing for these corrupt leaders who have
been fornicating with the Whore of Babylon long enough! The sand has run out of the
hourglass and my Judgment has begun for those that are drunk from her wine, the
Blood of the Saints and my true Prophets! Those that have enjoyed her delicacies have
truly received their reward! For I will pour out my Judgment on everything that is corrupt!
I will start at the top of their Pyramid, the leadership that has led my people astray. The
infiltration from the enemy is catastrophic! Everything has been infiltrated and corrupted.
Seminaries, Churches, and the people that have been led astray. The wickedness of
these False Prophets and Pastors has become a stench unto my nostrils! They have
turned my Houses of Worship into a market place and a den of money changing
thieves! You Vipers! I paid the ULTIMATE PRICE on the cross for all of Humanity
through my Pain, Suffering and SHED BLOOD! Did I charge money for that? NO! Woe,
Woe, Woe, to you money changing Vipers! I already paid the PRICE, so my Gospel is
FREE! My Gospel was never to be PROSTITUTED for Money, Big fancy Homes and
cars! REPENT”!

The Spirit of God says, “The Deep State Church is plotting and planning in their
secret chambers. They are trying to prevent their coming exposure of their great
deception of death against the people, and the Illuminati equation. Why are you blindly
following these corrupt leaders who seek Glory from man and don’t give Glory to me?
Why are you not using Discernment? You have no Discernment or Spiritual senses
because you are Drunk from the enemies wine! For they plot and plan against you with
their next money and influence scheme, all while making you a slave to them, their
system, and their Old Religious Order! I the Lord God came to set the captives free
through RELATIONSHIP, not RELIGION, to free the Oppressed and to give you your
sovereignty back. Through their schemes they are assisting in ushering in the New
World Order, the Antichrist Spirit, and a One World Religion under the guise of Unity,

and it will be a false unity under the enemies Triune. You have turned these leaders into
idols before me! You support their corruption and further their Demonic plans, therefore
you are complicit in their wickedness! REPENT”!

The Spirit of God says, “The System, the System, I the Lord God will crash the
Religious system that so many for thousands of years have tried to protect. I have sent
many WARNINGS to COME OUT of HER by many of my servants, my true Prophets,
only to have them Ignored, attacked, harmed, or Murdered!
Their innocent Blood cries
out to me and I will avenge them! Do you not realize that under the System, (501c3) you
are under a curse? You took a bribe for the slaying of my innocent, my little ones! You
have denied my Kingdom for the enemies! Now my Judgment is on the Religious
System and its leaders! Righteousness and Justice are the foundation of my Throne!
They are trying to protect the Old Religious Order, but I the Lord God shall expose it
and destroy it! This is a Sodom and Gomorrah moment, COME OUT of HER NOW for
my Judgment has begun!
Do not look back as Lot’s wife did, for I will destroy the very
System the Apostate Church has become and fornicated with! So as it was for Sodom
and Gomorrah, so shall it be for the Whore and the Old Religious Order that has
fornicated and protected her and lead my people astray! Some Churches, Ministries,
Lodges, Orders, and their man made Kingdoms will burn to the ground! Others will go
Bankrupt! Some leaders will be removed from the face of the Earth! Why aren’t they
listening? Because pride has handed them over to a reprobate mind! Being handed
over to a reprobate mind is part of the Judgment! Their arrogance knows no bounds!
Repentance will save your soul but it will not stop my Justice from being served! Some
will say this is an attack on Christianity. NO! This is my Judgment on the corrupt System
that man put in place, NOT I the Lord God”!

The Spirit of God says, “Read the signs, read the signs, the False Prophets are
no longer hiding their true intentions, for the clash between the Spirit of Elijah and the
prophets of Baal are at the crescendo!
They will call on their God and my true Prophets
will call on theirs and you shall see who the one true God is! Their God is Baal, Moloch,
and Mammon, but I the Lord God will show myself strong and mighty, and the Spirit of
the Fear of the Lord shall fall on the people”!

The Spirit of God says, “Woe, Woe, Woe, to you False Prophets and Pastors that
have lead my people astray! Do you think I don’t see what you do in your inner
chambers abusing and sacrificing my little ones? Do you think I don’t see it all? Woe to
you hypocrites for you are whitewashed tombs! It would be better for you to have a
millstone hung around your neck and cast into the sea! (Mat 18:6) Woe, Woe, Woe, to
you false Prophets and Pastors that are Witches and Warlocks calling down Death
curses on MY TRUE Pastors and Prophets! Therefore if you do not Repent and you
take 1 of mine, I will take 100 of yours! You take 100 of mine I will take 1000 of yours!
REPENT”! (Exodus 22:18)

The Spirit of God says, “Do not Fear my people when you see these things for
they must come to pass. I will split the Old Religious Order wide open for all to see, the
lies that have been perpetuated against all of humanity and my people. Then the lost
books and scrolls shall be opened and my TRUTH shall be set FREE! I will establish my
Kingdom on the Earth with my remnant Ekklesia. The transfer of wealth and assets will
be transferred from the Wicked, the System, and will be transferred to my Kingdom
remnant! Then my Gospel which is FREE will begin to spread through Home groups,
the highways and byways, street corners, and open fields. My true Gospel will flow with
FREEdom to the ends of the Earth! Rejoice for I am establishing the foundation of my
throne on Earth as it is in Heaven for My Righteousness and Justice shall reign!

PDF of the Prophetic Word from Mark Taylor: judgment-begun.pdf (



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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