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Mark Taylor prophesied of Trump being a President for two terms, and he also prophesied another interesting thing that is just now beginning to happen. He prophesied that the news media would begin to agree with him. God is going to clean out the news media. He said he would have His millionaires and billionaires step in and buy them out.

It’s time to do what you are called to do! Press forward!

Most often we have to go back and relisten to what was said…listen close and look and see how much of what we were warned of is now uncovered for us to see. As new events unfold we now see many who we thought were good are not as good as we believed and we see the games being played – even among our own people! We have been infiltrated and it is time we wake up and call it out!

Mark Taylor explains how the left is trying to lure us into a civil war and armed conflict. The plan is to deplete the military and call in the UN to fight Americans. We need to do the things we are called to do. We are all called for different purposes. In his talk from October, he makes very good sense. Listen to Mark….remember he is actively doing what he can do. He isn’t selling tickets to rah rah rahs…he is speaking out about preparing for reality in the real world.

Listen to Mark around 20 minutes in shout out that it does not take 6 months to do an audit. These audits need done ASAP! Florida needs to have all their counties audited or DeSantis is not going to have a fair election…the deepstate is after him. Deepstate is after all the states. It’s time to do CLEAN AUDITS!


Taylor points out that there are many pastors and leaders in the church who will be held accountable for their lack of truth and leadership in their people.

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Taylor points out that he has said in the past that the political exposures and the spiritual exposures will paraelle each other and they have. He stated the Lord has been showing him that along with the indictments coming forth with Durham…are indictments of the spirit from God to Pastors. The Lord showed him there were indictments coming with the names of Pastors, prophets, evangelists, and preachers names on them and it’s coming.

This was spoken in mid October. Taylor said, “I say this in all humility, but I say it so that the spirit of the Lord would follow some of these people right now. Because these false prophets, these false teachers, false preachers… there are indictments with your name on it. God’s about to punch your number with that indictment. It’s coming across His desk right now. Now what you see happening in the political is paralleling in the spiritual.

Now there are people out there, I have talked about this before, who have committed spiritual plagerism. Prophetic plagerism. They’re STEALING PROPHETIC WORDS FROM PEOPLE! I’m talking BIG NAMES. I’m not talking just one person, there’s many people out there doing it. Big named people. The reason why they’re doing this…why are they doing this Paul? Why do you think that they’re doing this? It’s because SOMETHING HAS DRIED UP. Something has dried up, in other words a revelation has dried up. So now they’re having to go to other people LIE, STEAL, AND CHEAT. And pull it from the true prophetic sources, because we have some true prophetic sources out there, but they’re stealing from them flipping it, making it sound like their own. Many who have taken other prophets words and making them their own. Now do you think God’s happy with this? “

Paul answers, “Not at all.”

Taylor continues, “Why don’t they have their own revelation right now? Could it be that they’re serving the fake Jesus? Because there is a fake Jesus out there. Because Jesus is what? Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. So if these guys are stealing, that means something’s dried up. But there’s spiritual indictments that are being handed down, right now. And what the Lord is saying to these people right now is YOU BETTER REPENT. You better come clean, or I the Lord God am going to expose you publicly and I will humble you myself. That’s what God is saying.”

“I know people that are coming forward that have seen this prophetic plagerism first hand. And don’t ask me who these people are for it’s not up to me to name’em, God’s gonna take care of this. But this is serious Paul. This is very serious when I say this because they don’t have the fear of God they have the fear of men. It’s all about numbers, it’s all about views, which ultimately leads to a bigger platform which ultimately leads to MORE MONEY.”

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What Mark Taylor just said is an answer to my prayer…I have been wrestling with this all year long as I have watched it unfold. Lately, it has become very sickening to watch and I have wrestled with how much to say…. but have said a lot here and there whenever the timing presented itself. The political was expected…but the spiritual was the thing that was stirring my soul and angering me with a righteous anger. The one that disturbs me the most in stealing someone’s prophetic message is a Mr. Clark who stole and misinterpreted the prophecy of Kim Clement. Making it a spectacle as he has shouted he is the annointed one to save America and even was so bold to address a public letter to President Trump stating he was told by Kim Clement to contact him. Yes he did that. He still proudly has it displayed on line for the world to see his arrogant shame. But, I see a plan coming down the pike that not only will expose the political infiltrators, but the prophecy thief hackers as well. God has it in motion as we speak! Amen.

Watch and see how God takes the frauds down along with the political evil ones.

This was spoken in mid October 2021 and is timely in taking another look at it again this day.

Keep on pressing foward into the Kingdom….God is with us…press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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