Mariupol Under Attack By Ukraine

Donbass: I’m Alive! “What are they doing?”

Ukrainian Azov Units making a human shield! Hear the civilians stories – 400,000 plus lived underground and not allowed to leave!

Where are the prophets visions? Have any been able to foretell this destruction of Ukraine by Ukraine? Well, if they haven’t seen the vision, they can watch what took place while they were seeing other things like Putin bad. Over 400,000 people in Mariupol had to shelter underground because Ukraine’s Azov units would not let them leave the city!

The citizens got no warning…every 2 to 3 seconds missiles hit their homes. People who survived in Mariupol under Ukrainian forces’ shelling, witnessed the Ukrainian tanks fire at residential buildings until all was utterly destroyed.


Although hundreds got a chance to be evacuated, many lost touch with family and friends who were forced to stay. Downed cell-phone service and no internet connection left NO COMMUNICATIONS.

It was Russian soldiers who helped the people of Mariupol find relatives, relay their messages and reunite the people with their loved ones as they patrolled areas and distributed food and humanitarian aid. Many buried their loved ones and their children were among the make shift graves.

This isn’t new – it has been taking place for over a decade – it is now a horror show for the citizens of Donbass and throughout the region!

Why is Biden funding this for Zelensky? What is he involved in? We know many of his dealings and yet, there appears to be nothing said about his part in any of this. The EU also has blood on their hands. When will the truth be heard? When will people open their eyes and see what is really taking place?

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Sasha*, a Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) staff member from Mariupol, Ukraine, describes living under bombardment by Russian forces, fleeing the city, and coping with the pain of separation from those left behind. 

“I was born in Mariupol, and I have spent my whole life in Mariupol. I studied and worked and had a good time in Mariupol. When MSF hired me, I was happy to do meaningful work too. Life was good in Mariupol.

“But suddenly it became real hell.

“At first, none of us could believe what was happening, because in our times, this sort of thing just shouldn’t happen. We didn’t expect a war, and we didn’t expect bombs. We thought it was just talk on TV and that someone would stop this madness from happening. When I realized that it was actually becoming real, I felt sick—so sick that I couldn’t eat for three days.” READ FULL STORY: Ukraine: “One long nightmare” in Mariupol | Doctors Without Borders – USA

Pray for the Lord to end this massacre and all who are guilty of fanning it on!

Keep on Pressing into the Kingdom of God! PRESS, PRESS, PRESS!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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