If you want real news… you may find it in humor.

What used to be sarcasm and humor is now accurate news. There is more truth in “Awaken With JP” then there is on cable network’s “Cabal Paid Fake News” and the reading of their fake scripts.

There are a lot of strange things taking place all of a sudden. Is the propaganda news lifting up a bit for ratings or is there another reason why they are allowing a few truths to be expressed and a few truths to not be fact checked as false?

Even CNN has allowed a few exposures of partial truths to leak out. Why? Who is in charge?

Dr. Robert Redfield, former director of the Centers for Disease Control under President Donald Trump, revealed that he believed the Covid-19 coronavirus originated in a lab in China. More interesting is that CNN aired the man’s opinion publically that the virus came from a China lab and CNN now calls it ground-breaking news? Hello? Why now? Who’s in charge? Has the cabal lost the propaganda war?

Fauci is in big trouble and so is WHO. They have all been taken down. We will see the fall out very soon. Meanwhile someone needs to tell the folks at the Gee 07 that their elbow bumping, mask wearing summit is nothing more than a world exposure of the entire RESET Lockstep fail!

MEANWHILE…Wokeness is a survival strategy for the totally incompetent.

Watch for President Trump to be back in the saddle real soon. He never left the ranch!

President Trump has exposed the Fauci all along. Those who listened heard President Trump speak to the states and We The People about our constitution and Bill of Rights all along the way. No one was mandated to shut their states down. President Trump asked for cooperation to go along with the CDC who said that millions would die if we didn’t shut down for two weeks. Then CDC wanted two more, then months more, then indefinately until there was a vaccine. (Remember LOCKSTEP planned for it to take five years to get a vaccine in which the world would be in a poverty strickened mess ready to have a world government take over everything. A great WORLD RESET.)


President Trump rolled out a vaccine in 9 months saving the USA and the world from the sinister LOCKSTEP outcomes. Yet, instead of thanking the President, people condemn him for allowing a vaccine. They forget that half of the people in the US were begging for a vaccine. President Trump said, “The vaccine is available for those who want it.” He did not mandate it, he provided what the fear based woke were shouting they wanted.

Fauci warns of covid-19 surge, offers blunt assessment of Trump's response  | The Seattle Times

The mandates that were unconstitutional came from Governors, Mayors, Corporations, and other government councils. Not the President. The President offered direction on how to stand up for your constitutional rights. He told the people to contact Attorney General Barr if your rights were being denied. Many took their issues to the courts and won. Many simply complied. Some were caught in the cross fire and time was not on their side.

God has given all mankind free will. We all know and have experienced in our lives how good choices and bad choices impact our day to day outcomes. We each have our own right to choose how we will react to a situation and what we will choose to do.

Each must live their lives and take responsibility for their own choices. Everything we do has an outcome. Some for good and some not so good. But, it is never too late to change and do what is right.

Chinese scientists discussed weaponising coronavirus in 2015: Media report-  The New Indian Express

The truth is, we are at war and it is a different type of war. One we have never seen. It is a war between good and evil, with bio and cyber warfare weapons being used. Propaganda and lies are shouted, shoved, and shown, while the truth is silenced, censored and not allowed to be seen or heard. The only way the cabal can win the war they have waged against all humanity is for the world populace to cooperate.

South Dakota remained open. Kristi Noem respected the peoples rights and freedom. She has since stated that there was an overwhelming increase in people moving to South Dakota and they have the lowest unemployment in the US at 2.9%. She has said, her decision to remain open during the requested COVID lockdowns was one she made because her people love FREEDOM!

Listen to Kristi Noem as she speaks at the NC GOP and tells the story of why she kept her state open when the rest closed down. God Bless this governor for being the lit candle America needed to see during the COVID storm. Trust me, I told my family, if I have to move during COVID…it will be to South Dakota! Smile.
lockstep reset fail looks like trump is winning



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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