The only way the swamp can hold another impeachment without totally exposing their own evil doings and pre-planned orchestration, is to hold a lunatic style, illegal proceeding that has all the bells and whistles of Alice and Wonderland’s Red Queen shouting – “OFF WITH HIS HEAD!”

If anyone thinks this is all normal then let me remind you, nothing is normal at this time. Let me further remind the world, that no matter how many times the news says it was fair, the evidence that stems from a CIA raid in Frankfurt Germany, where people were shot and the CIA Director was arrested to secure the Dominion voting servers did take place.

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No matter how many times the news and the dems shout it was fair, it was the biggest election fraud in history and involved many nations, all who have been caught red handed. So, as the puppets of the cabal continue to gaslight and deny it, there was a stolen election and when thieves steal something, the police go after the thieves to catch them and to get the stolen merchandise back. In this case it was an election. Now, there are around 80 million Americans who are not happy that their vote was stolen, and they are just as unhappy as if their car was stolen, or a thief robbed their home when they were out! Who wouldn’t call the police?

Might I also add that it is not in the DNA of Trump the man to allow dimwitts and thieves to have their way with him and drag him through the mire publicly without punching back harder. Especially when it involves his integrity, family name and brand. He didn’t fight to restore America, day and night, for the past 5 years only to watch voter fraud in the elections, that involved both foreign and domestic interference, by a global cabal and domestic dimwit treasonous snakes. Nor will he allow the congress and the senate to continue their lawlessness without hammering back. He will even their scorecard!

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The  D.C. impeachment trial moves forward with Democrat Senators spouting their Cabal orders to go against the constitution and attack President Trump anyway.

Durbin and Democrats argue the trial can go forward even though Trump is out of office.

“The fact that President Trump is no longer in office does not change things,” Durbin said. “I want to put the evidence on the record once and for all, for this generation and future generations, as to what actually occurred.”

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And indeed, Durbin shall be putting evidence on record of a preplanned event that will open the eyes of the world forever. What will be exposed is their own party’s plot to blame innocent people in their own booby trap. Live footage has proven the event was staged and not by supporters of the President who came to protest the election fraud. Have they forgotten why the people gathered to hear the president speak? Have they forgotten the election was stolen? Have they forgotten there is a first amendment in the constitution?

trump is gone and just like that mass shootings are back

Or are they admitting that the President is still the legal bearer of the title of President, for they cheated and committed election fraud? Did they shout to use the 25th amendment to rid the president who already left? Or did they shout to use the 25th amendment to remove the president from office because he was still in charge?

Why are the so called experts still debating whether they can or cannot impeach the president after he has left office? Is it because they have overthrown the office and they have to get rid of the man so they can reclaim the military? Or are they just willing to commit another treasonous act that goes against the constitution? Why are they even wasting time with this if they have control of the military, the house, and the executive office? Why aren’t they celebrating their win and gloating in our faces instead of debating how to get President Trump out of office?

So while we are all watching a live theater performance of Alice in Wonderland/ 1984/Independence Day, of which “We The People” are unwilling participants, we must trust in God and ask for wisdom to be a critical thinker.  

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This isn’t a football game where we all know the guy cheated but the coach called it fair and we shuffle our feet and sit down quietly. This is our nation, our constitutional rights, this is election fraud and there are laws to deal with those who commit voter/election fraud, and election interference for both domestic and foreign. There is an executive order in place that explains exactly what happens with those who break such laws. We are not in Alice and Wonderland and the Constitution supercedes the Red Queen Pelosi’s lawless court.

Dianne Marshall

president trump speaks out

Look what I found….

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By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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