LIVE LOCAL is more than a catch all for supporting local businesses. It is about supporting your neighbor and keeping peace among others. Jarrin discusses his concept of live local with Lin Wood, he shows you how to live it with “Speech, Sheriffs, Schools, Shops!”

We are in a War… and that real war is raging domestic and they are after the people! They are out to break down every fabric of soundness of mind, morals, values and principles to live a God fearing life by, with their weapon of FEAR!

This war is a battle for humanity’s very right to exist. It is a demonic warfare between good and evil! Each must choose, no one can make your choices but YOU. Discern all things and have God guide your every step. That is the only way to battle the evil. Stew agrees with Jarrin that God has to be in every conversation we have in our lives!

And now the CDC has reinvented their biowarfare definition of their (proven to be leathal) jabs to better fit their idea of a VACCINE….

The question is, why did they make a change in the definition? Listen to Stew Peter’s guest, Dr. Wiseman, on the strange new definitions and what they could mean.

All one has to do is stop and think about how none of what the jab pushers are saying make any sense. Sometimes spelling it out helps. Yet, there are those (and people we know and love) that will ignore the facts because the fear being pushed has layers they are afraid of …like can’t travel, can’t go to restaurant, will lose job (even though it is illegal to do that). So many cave and take it even though there is no benefit except you get the jab pushers off your back….but wait…even in that there is no benefit because they want to jab you into transhumanism and experiment with howmany jabs you can take during your short little life after multiple jabbing and boosting you into where ever it is they hope some will make it to.




Active Shooter at Patterson Airbase, Dayton, Ohio, at approximately 9:25pm, emergency responders responded to a report of an active shooter in the National Air and Space Intelligence Center in Area A at WPAFB. Security Forces are currently sweeping the building. The base is on lockdown. More to come.

He’s got that right…freedom and personal choice is what he’s taken out of it!

Stay Strong….


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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