EVERY AMERICAN SHOULD READ ROCKEFELLER’S “OPERATION LOCKSTEP” TO Know what the ELITE GREAT MERCHANTS OF THE EARTH planned and how they planned it complete with a think tank looking into every scenario possible with ways to stick it to you in the gut. Imagine spending hours, days, months and years planning the greatest reality show Sci-Fi thriller to be played out in live theater and getting paid lots of silver to do it. Some were paid in gold. Others were promised power and great wealth. Some were just paid a pittance because after all…thug work is a dime for a dozen in the hood. Here is a good source with lots of articles on the various aspect of the elites think tanks:Lock Step – The eerily prescient pandemic scenario of the Rockefeller Foundation – Money and more (

Lock Step – The eerily prescient pandemic scenario of the Rockefeller Foundation – Money and more (

The links above will get you up to speed. In a nutshell, the Rockefeller think tank labor force of critical thinkers for Operation Lockstep are the greatest minds that can be bought. Yet they have no common sense. Oh how thrilled these thinkers were ten years ago (and all along up to this day) to rub elbows with the powerful elite. The same elite they hate because they are the one percenters.

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Funny how Karl Marx was right on the power of money. He wrote on how it can make a man sell his soul and change his thinking for very little if he’s hungry enough. But when you need high level creative thinkers you need to dole out a more pursuading sum….that’s where their foundations come in and that kindly name they love to call themselves – a philanthropist. When in reality, they are buying those who will sell their souls for a dollar, or several millions of dollars. After all, the devil knows every man has his price. As well as every woman. I am still wondering how much Stacey Abrams held out for? Nothing like allowing yourself to be paraded on a stage for all the old men to look you over and see if you are the goods they seek to purchase for a buck. She certainly wasn’t smart enough to see the entire fiasco as the Modern day slave trading block it was.

Stacey Abrams has ascended to political prominence. How has she harnessed  so much power in so little time? - The Washington Post

Trust me if her goods didn’t look tantalizing for their evil goals, they would have shoved her aside, muzzled her back up and sent her packing back to Georgia a scorned “wanna be insider” stuck on the outside hollaring for reparations. So what was her highest bidder? After all she said she was willing to talk to anyone for opportunities. (WINK, WINK). That translates “I’ll lie, steal and destroy if you make me an attractive offer. Remember how she grinned when she said, “I do have a certain set of skills”. The audience laughed as though they knew exactly what she was talking about. After all, when it’s obvious you’re not a thorough bred, you simply don’t get invited to the Bilderberg meeting. The only way that’s possible is if you’ve been thoroughly groomed and already won a few races. An old mare just isn’t on the up and coming guest list at the Bilderberg Meeting. Not unless you’ve already shown some crafty, honing of a treacherous skill set. So what skill set could that possibly be? It is appearing like it had something to do with Georgia’s election fraud. I haven’t seen her resume but, all I can assume is that she must have had a lot of experience and connections.

There are many Stacey’s out there – not in the sense of the name, but in the sense of those whose skills are needed for a while and when they are no longer needed…they are tossed, or have an accident, get sick or just simply disappear. Those who desire to usher in their new global beastly order won’t even remember her name once she does what they paid her to do. If she doesn’t go to jail first. But remember…Epstein didn’t kill himself.

What the global paid think tanks failed to realize is that Americans and other strong freedom lovers throughout the world aren’t as cooperative as the starving, vaccinated and now crippled and dying people they built into their scenario – the scenario categorized as under privileged nations. The think tank acceptors of 30 pieces of silver have under estimated the resolve of God’s people and now they are being met with an awakened population of patriots who have exposed their evil plans and will stop at nothing to end their evil depopulation enslavement.

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All eyes are upon every one of them now. The globalist thought they stopped the entire world, but what they did was rock it and that woke up a lot of patriots. With the crazy down time, intelligent patriots took time to do some serious critical thinking and they jumped down some deep rabbit holes. Holes that kept going, and going, and going. The saw strange fuzzy messages and figured out many things.

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Once you read the think tank’s ideas of how people will react, you will understand their weakness is their lack of living in the real world. They’ve been playing video games too long. The over confident think tankers had no idea how to outsmart patriots, because they are simply not wired the same way as hard working, law abiding citizens. They don’t understand what it means to actually earn a dollar nor what it means to actually stand up for something. Therefore they error in their precious outcomes. For there is one major flaw in their computer game cyber simulations…people have emotions. Game characters are controlled by the user and the users imagination. In the real world people are bound to react totally different when inspired, and their adrenaline kicks in. A guy with a joy stick is totally unprepared for a angry man with a baseball bat.

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So take in all you can of how they think that they know what you think. After you have a good laugh, then study it, digest it, outsmart it. Remember the hunters become the hunted! Then double down and march forward. Carry an equalizer and watch your back. Pray unceasing and support those on the front line! Remember to expose their evil at every turn!

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

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