As the hearts of the brave beat faster and faster and the weak lose a few beats, God is watching all things. Who holds the future man or God? That is the biggest question to be asked on this day. If you look to man to save you, don’t get in the way of the lions, for God is calling his lions out to the forefront to expose all that has been hidden and reveal the naked truth for all to see!

The video below explains the road less traveled. It is a must watch this day. For those who have been sleeping, or just to busy to take notice over the last four years…now is the time to see what has taken place and why the lion roars!

Why do they need the military to guard the Capitol?

Why is D.C. on lock down with armed guard check points on every street for any and all exiting?

Why are national guard at so many U.S. State Capitol Buildings?

Why are those at the Capitol in fear?

Why are those who fund ANTIFA/BLM/and paid actor groups in fear?

How many of the ANTIFA/BLM/and paid actor groups been arrested?

Where is the Mayor of D.C.? She called for no military presence. Did that happen?

Why is a flag on the Capitol at full mast?

Why does any of this matter now? What needs to be seen now? What is happening now? Look to God and pray you are in his protection and pray unceasing for the hour of grace and mercy is still in the land. The shofar is sounding…heed the call. In the name of Yeshua……behold the Lion of Judah! Praise him all ye nations.

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Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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