Lin Wood Speaks Out! Part 1

Recently we have watched a hypnotic November take a spin dive into the camp of “WE THE PEOPLE” and the veil is lifting up! Many heroes are being sifted like wheat as God separates the sheep from the goats! Many who once bedazzled the masses are now being shakened like trees in a storm, and their fruits are falling on the ground for all to see. Some, indeed are ripe and sweet and some are very rotten even to their core. Others have been picked prematurely and given time…we shall see if they ripen bitter or sweet!

Lin Wood has been dragged through the fire, burned and refined only to emerge tested and proven to be 100% PURE GOLD!

The only way to tell this story is in Lin’s own words and the words of those who lied and set up the smear campaign, each with their own set of matches…and all for their own greedy gain, and some for their puppet masters!

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Whether the story begins that night in Kenosha, Wisconsin, or with Fight Back raising money to get Kyle Rittenhouse out of jail, or if it begins with the stolen election, or after the Rittenhouse trial and a visit to Tucker Carlson for an exclusive…whether it involves seedy characters like David Hancock that no one knew of until he shoved his way into a photo op with President Trump at Mar-a-lago or a number of misunderstandings….one thing is clear….the enemy is inside the camp of WE THE PEOPLE AND IF NOT FOR THE LIKES OF LIN WOOD AND SIDNEY POWELL NO ONE WOULD BELIEVE THE MESSAGE YOU ARE ABOUT TO HEAR!

So….get a drink…tea, coffee, water or something adult….and listen carefully as this truth unravels itself.

We start with the world watching the Rittenhouse trial and find the defendent NOT GUILTY. We the people cheer and are happy for Kyle like we were watching the Truman Show and he escaped. Next come the interviews where the world sees Kyle with President Trump and a strange man that most no one knows….and Trump does NOT INTRODUCE, NOR ACKNOWLEDGE, NOR GIVES ANY SIGN HE WAS THERE…AS THOUGH HE WERE ALREADY FIRED. Leaving it up to the people to figure out. Typical chess move.

We now have an exclusive interview with Tucker Carlson that appears coached, staged, and unauthentic. We get to hunt for the segments we are about to discuss, because Carlson has those divided up. This is confusing if you only saw one of them…for several reasons…but we will leave it for what it is…it was by design for advantage to complete an innocent version of a wrap up smear…more described as a covert narcissist behavior style. So that being said…here is Lin Woods response to the many lies that were told and his defense. We start at the beginning and you can see it unfold for the truth and not the lies and deception that was given. NOTE: I AM GIVING TOPIC HEADINGS ON SEGMENTS FROM LIN… SO IF YOU WANT TO REFER BACK YOU CAN FIND IT FASTER.

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To resolve the challenges we face in these extraordinary times in which we live, we must exercise a high level of discernment to identify the wolves in sheep’s clothing. Undisguised wolves are easy to identify. The disguised wolves are masters of deceit.

I have my own standards that I use to identify the wolves who seek to deceive us by wearing sheep’s clothing:

1. If an “elected” official, candidate, or Patriot leader “wannabe” is not actively fighting to investigate and FIX 2020, that person is a wolf.

2. If an “elected” official, candidate, or Patriot leader “wannabe” is not actively fighting to get rid of computer voting systems and demanding a return to paper ballots, WATCH OUT, that person may be a wolf.

3. If an “elected” official, candidate, or Patriot leader “wannabe” is not active and vocal about ending child sexual trafficking and bringing heinous criminal traffickers to justice, WATCH OUT, that person may be a wolf.

4. If an “elected” official, candidate, or Patriot leader “wannabe” is focused on gaining fame, fortune, power, or influence, WATCH OUT, that person may be a wolf.

As General Flynn said very clearly Saturday night at the Doug Billings event, we do not need any more career politicians who have served 20 or more years in politic office. We need citizen-statesmen and women. 

You will have difficulty identifying the disguised wolves by what they say. They try to fool you by sounding like the other sheep in the flock.

Check the sheep out carefully if you have any concerns that he or she may be a wolf in disguise. Keep them close so that you can observe them carefully as you investigate and analyze them. Are they principled? Are they truth-givers or do they lie? Are they loyal to their fellow sheep? What are the fruits of the body of their life’s work? You can often spot the wolf by noting with whom the disguised sheep hangs out. Don’t be shy. Challenge them to expose TRUTH

Do the research.

Connect the dots.

Draw your own conclusions as to whether they are real sheep or wolves in disguise.

It ain’t easy to expose the disguised sheep but in the long run, it will prove to be well worth the effort.

Just sayin.’

P.S. While we ALL have the right to choose the faith of our choice, my faith instructs me that when a sheep openly admits that he or she is led by and follows the teachings of the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ, RELAX. That one is a real sheep!!! Focus your eyes on that sheep. You will not sink in an old or new swamp. In fact, you will rise up in order to get out of the swamp.

Rest time!!!

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸


Jarrin, Stew, and I spent much of our time talking about the level of deception in which the enemy is presently engaged. So many wolves in sheep’s clothing. Many of the enemy are out there planning to deceive others for their own personal gain and agenda, even in a planned effort to attack truth-givers to wrongfully discredit them.

Stew has the most difficult task of the 3 of us, as he is doing his imperfect best to provide truth to his viewers about the critical issues facing our nation and world in the extraordinary times in which we live.

I am amazed at the number of interviews conducted by Stew. He is a bounty hunter for TRUTH. And he drops many TRUTH bombs every day and many of them hit the target.

There is always a chance that the enemy could try to set Stew up with a false “truth-giver” in a planned effort to discredit him. Stew has a tough job as he must pray for a high level of discernment. He works amazingly hard at his task while still spending quality time with his children. I respect Stew.

Will Stew make mistakes? Of course, he is imperfect. But he does the best he can to convey truth. So far, his record is superb. That makes the enemy angry as the enemy hates truth-givers.

Same is true for Jarrin and the same is true for me. We also do the best we can but we are imperfect too. For myself, I know that I have been fooled by many deceivers in the last year and a half. But I am still standing.

And know that what is true for me, Jarrin, and Stew is also true for you.

So don’t beat yourself up if someone you trust or like turns out to be a deceiver. The enemy is a master of deceit. We are ALL imperfect and capable of being deceived.

Just keep doing the best you can one day at a time.

The search for TRUTH is not easy. We do it because it is hard, not because it is easy. Keep searching.

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

Lin Wood, [11/13/2021 3:00 PM]

I am glad to read that Stew Peters is looking into David Hancock.

Stay with me for more on Hancock who has been correctly described by Professor David Clements as “Fraudcock.”

And pray for young Kyle Rittenhouse and his mother, Wendy.

Lin Wood, [11/13/2021 3:00 PM]

[Forwarded from Stew Peters 📢🇺🇸]

Listening to Robert Barnes re: Kyle Rittenhouse, and I’m really intrigued.

This Dave Hancock fellow, described by Barnes as a “shadowy fella”, is apparently in control of the Rittenhouse family. Barnes says Hancock has “hijacked” Kyle and Wendy.

Barnes says he hasn’t taken “a penny, a nickel, a dime or a dollar”, and all he wants is for Kyle to be found innocent, because Kyle IS innocent.

My read on Barnes is that he’s telling the truth, and it would seem that there is some potentially nefarious sabotage happening, which would be unthinkable.

Who is this Hancock? What’s the story there? I’m looking into this.

For documented court filings related to allegations of fraud by David Hancock in connection with two “charities” he claims to have established for Kyle Rittenhouse, FreeKyleUSA and The Milo Fund, visit Gordon Rose’s Telegram Channel, “Deep State Dave.”

The information supports my earlier claim that Hancock stole the #FightBack donor list when he unlawfully hacked the #FightBack computer domaine in mid-November of 2020 after he had been ordered to leave and stay off my property in South Carolina.

Hancock is a conman. He fooled me and the Directors of #FightBack for a short few months before his scam tactics were revealed to the foundation.

Stay with me for more on Fraudcock.

Telegram (

Deep State Dave

Gordon Rose is exposing disgraced former Navy SEAL & deep state professional con man – David Hancock – #DEEPSTATEDAVE

Lin Wood, [11/13/2021 3:23 PM]

David Hancock was a Navy SEAL who has now finally admitted that his Trident was pulled by his commanding officers.

Hancock posted his military record which conclusively shows that he is NOT lawfully allowed to wear the Trident. In short, Hancock is a disgraced former SEAL.

A SEAL’S Trident is only pulled for very serious misconduct.

I was informed that Hancock’s Trident was pulled for reasons related to his improper creation of an alleged “charity” for families of deceased Navy SEALS and in connection with alleged misuse of a government credit card.

There is more. Stay with me.

Lin Wood, [11/13/2021 3:30 PM]

Since the time I ordered David Hancock off my property at the end of October of 2020, Hancock has been obsessed with falsely attacking me on Twitter and Telegram.

Hancock has gone into the business of selling t-shirts and coffee mugs which smear me with my former office-sharing partners, Nicole J. Wade, Jonathan D. Grunberg, and G. Taylor Wilson.

I think you know about the false attacks made against me by Wade, Grunberg, & Wilson who refused to show up for their depositions to answer tough questions under oath.

On his social media channels created to smear me, Hancock somehow enlisted or coerced my oldest son and daughter-in-law to provide information to him. He has also enlisted or coerced my former housekeeper into doing likewise. He has attacked and smeared my friends and other business colleagues.

David Hancock is a CIA/Deep State operative.

There is more. Stay with me.


Lin Wood, [11/13/2021 3:48 PM]

Part of David Hancock’s con on me involved his claim that he was “very close” to finding Jesus Christ. I spent several hours talking with him in private to counsel and encourage him in his claimed “journey” to Christ.

I later learned that Hancock was surreptitiously recording his conversations with me.

What kind of person engages in that type of covert activity that violates a person’s right of privacy?

Oh, wait. Nicole J. Wade, Jonathan D. Grunberg, and G. Taylor Wilson also surreptitiously recorded conversations with me.

Do you recognize how the person doing the secret recording manipulates the conversation of the person who is unaware of the surreptitious activity?

I do.

Then the enemy publishes selected portions of the secretly recorded conversations on social media attack websites, uses them in court documents, and they become the basis of false smear articles published by the CIA Mockingbird propaganda rags.

I know their Deep State tactics. Do you?

There is more. Stay with me.

Lin Wood, [11/13/2021 4:03 PM]

David Hancock brought 2 other individuals to my property last year to allegedly assist him with my security. Their names are Jordan Molach and Aaron Vick.

Jordan claimed to be a deeply religious former Navy SEAL who admitted he worked undercover for the CIA in Afghanistan. I thought he was a military hero. Turns out I was wrong about Jordan. I should have known better.

Aaron Vick claimed to me a prominent maritime security expert who was also struggling to find Jesus Christ. These con artists really know how to play someone who truly loves Jesus and tries to share Jesus with others.

As uncovered by the investigation of Gordon Rose who was also scammed by Hancock, Molach and Vick along with others were involved in a multi-million dollar scam to obtain U.S. government money in connection with selling Covid-19 test equipment in Puerto Rico. Vick presently has an outstanding warrant issued for his arrest in Puerto Rico.

The Hancock Puerto Rico operation was conducted under two corporate entities, Global Maritime and Fortress Global.

Yep, there is more. Stay with me.

Lin Wood, [11/13/2021 4:13 PM]

While still located on my property, David Hancock created a scene (with Aaron Vick conveniently on the phone) in which he was so profane and threatening that I had to disarm him for my own safety and order him out of my house.

Fraudcock later distorted that event to have me falsely attacked in the CIA Mockingbird propaganda media.

Fraudcock had also tried to create another incident on my property when he drove a 3-wheeler up and down my oak alley and destroyed recently planted grass just before #FightBack was scheduled to host a fundraiser for Doug Collins. Thankfully, I allowed my property manager to deal with his intentional vandalism and damage to my property so Fraudcock’s desire to create another incident with me did not materialize.

There is more on Hancock but let me pause and explain my reasons for discussing him today. Stay with me.

Lin Wood, [11/13/2021 4:31 PM]

For the last several months, I have ignored or laughed off David Hancock. The enemy hates to be ignored and laughed at. I had intended to continue doing so in the future.

I did preciously confront the lies of Hancock about #FightBack publicly to conclusively refute his false accusations that #FightBack and I had “stolen” money from Kyle and Wendy Rittenhouse.

#FightBack and I followed the letter of the law in our efforts to help Kyle.

In recent days I have learned that Fraudcock is on a media tour elevating and touting his role as the gatekeeper, fundraiser, and security expert for Kyle and his mother, Wendy. I have also learned from social media that Attorney Robert Barnes has serious concerns for Kyle and Wendy who are being controlled by David Hancock.

I have no fear of David Hancock as evidenced by the time when I disarmed him. I also know that objective people can discern that he has been obsessed with falsely attacking me and they pay little or no attention to his errant nonsense. They know my record. Hancock cannot harm me.

But I am worried about Kyle and Wendy, especially as the end of his criminal trial draws near.

I know Hancock is a Deep State operative and I am concerned about why he has taken such a prominent role in being the Rittenhouse spokesperson and protector.

Under these circumstances, I felt that I should shine light on darkness so that people would know the TRUTH about Hancock and the phony image he has created for himself.

The enemy is the master of deceit. But in time, every lie is revealed and the deceiver is exposed.

Thanks for staying with me on the Hancock story. There is much more to be revealed but I think I have said enough for the present time. Enough is enough. Always has been. Always will be.

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

Lin Wood, [11/17/2021 11:36 PM]

The TRUTH is hard to face and accept if you have been brainwashed, propagandized, or otherwise misled for years.

If you rip the blindfold off too quickly, the brainwashed, propagandized, or otherwise misled person will be inclined to deny the TRUTH even when it is staring them in the face.

Better to lift the blindfold off slowly, exposing a little more TRUTH with each incremental lifting.

Then when the blindfold is completely off, the whole TRUTH will be much more readily accepted as the whole TRUTH.

I think President Trump knows and understands this process of revealing TRUTH.

But what do I know? I am just a 45-year trial lawyer who has been falsely attacked across the nation and who now spends a great deal of time writing on Telegram.

I am certain of one thing about President Trump – he knows a lot more than I do about the TRUTH of every issue facing this country in its fight for freedom against tyranny.

After all, he is the 45th President of the United States re-elected by We The People in a historic landslide victory.

Just sayin.’


Lin Wood, [11/19/2021 12:55 PM]

Many prayers were answered today with the not guilty verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse case.

My heart goes out to Kyle and Wendy for the suffering they have endured.

I want to thank the donors to #FightBack for the role each played in achieving justice. Although #FightBack was asked to cease its efforts for Kyle at the end of November 2020, your support and donations to the foundation made a difference early in the battle. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The video of the incident prepared by #FightBack was compelling and I pray was helpful to Kyle’s defense. Funds were spent on attorneys fees and expenses incurred by Kyle in the initial months of the case.

With your help, #FightBack was able to post the $2M cash bail so that Kyle would be free and safe as he prepared his case for trial.

Mark Richards did an awesome job as Kyle’s lead criminal defense lawyer. I congratulate Mark on his victory which achieved justice for Kyle. A job well done.

#FightBack continues its mission to advocate for the defense and protection of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Thank you again for being part of the #FightBack mission and for your significant role in achieving justice for Kyle Rittenhouse.

I give ALL the praise and glory to God who works on Earth through His children.

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸


Lin Wood, [11/20/2021 12:51 PM]

As Nicholas Sandmann’s lawyer, we took down two Goliaths – CNN and The Washington Post.

At the time I was terminated as his lawyer, I had previously filed lawsuits and successfully defeated motions to dismiss in defamation actions against CBS, ABC, NBC, Rolling Stone, Gannett, and the New York Times.

Before I was terminated, I was contacted by Nicholas periodically to provide him advice on personal issues. I always tried to counsel Nicholas wisely. He is a fine young man who was wrongfully and badly abused by the Mockingbird propaganda media.

When I was terminated by the Sandmann Family, my co-counsel Todd McMurtry refused my request for reasonable remuneration for my efforts and assistance in the 6 pending cases I had filed on Nicholas’ behalf. I was disappointed and hurt by his decision but I have nonetheless remained steadfastly loyal to Nicholas Sandmann, his parents, and Todd.

I actually would love to see Kyle Rittenhouse retain Todd to represent him in his defamation cases.

As a lawyer, I have always placed my client’s interests ahead of my interests. A lawyer is a professional, not a business person. Money must always be secondary to the best interests of the client. Check my record. I have spoken publicly on this issue many times.

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

An email I just received from NEWSWEAK is posted below.

Lin Wood, [11/20/2021 12:57 PM]

[ Photo ]

Lin Wood, [11/20/2021 1:06 PM]

I responded to Jason Lemon of Newsweak with TRUTH.

I would be shocked to find that Kyle Rittenhouse Attorney Mark Richards made any disparaging comments about #FightBack or me. Tax attorney and #FightBack board member Lawson Pedigo was the only person at #FightBack who had any discussions with Kyle’s attorneys after John Pierce told #FightBack to cease its efforts to help Kyle and that the family wanted to replace me with John on future defamation matters. These demands were made by John Pierce right after #FightBack posted the $2M cash bail for Kyle’s release.

Of course, it is always possible that Mark Richard is being misinformed or misled by third parties or persons who have an agenda to falsely attack and smear #FightBack and/or me.

How do you spell FRAUD?

Two suggested spellings: J-O-H-N and D-A-V-I-D.

Time will tell ALL. Every lie will be revealed.

My response to Newsweak is below.

Lin Wood, [11/20/2021 1:29 PM]

Could my day be crazier???

I just learned that John Pierce filed an interpleader action in Texas against #FightBack and a entity known as Milo Fund, LLC d/b/a FreeKyleUSA.

The good news is that Pierce admits the TRUTH in his complaint that he has NO claim to the bail monies posted by #FightBack in the Kyle Rittenhouse matter.

The bad news (bad for others, not #FightBack) is that the Milo Fund may be trying to make a claim to a portion of the bail funds paid by #FightBack.

What??? Are you kidding me???

#FightBack posted the bail for Kyle at the end of November 2020.

Milo Fund, LLC was created by incorporation in Nevada in January of 2021.

I smell a rat or two. Do you?

How do you spell RAT?

Two suggested spellings are J-O-H-N and D-A-V-I-D.

A third spelling option is C-I-A.

When you have time, check out the Pierce case filed in Texas. Also, do a deep dive on Milo Fund, LLC and FreeKyleUSA.

Just sayin.’

Lin Wood, [11/20/2021 1:38 PM]

Mike Lindell donated $50,000 to #FightBack Foundation which #FightBack used in part to fund the $2M cash bail for Kyle Rittenhouse to be free to go home with his mother in late November of 2020.

I love Mike Lindell. Mike and I love Jesus. He did help Kyle and so did I and #FightBack. Thank you, Mike Lindell!!!

image 81
Note how Lindell was pulled into this smear deep state campaign!

I thought General Flynn knew about #FightBack’s efforts for Kyle since he was a guest at my South Carolina property in November of 2020 while he was working on some election stuff with Doug Logan, Jim Penrose, and Seth Keshel.

I extend grace to my friend,,General Flynn. Maybe he just forgot about the efforts of #FightBack to help Kyle Rittenhouse.

Lin Wood, [11/20/2021 1:44 PM]

Since people’s memories fade (sometimes quickly, sometimes conveniently), below is the itemized list of monies raised by #FightBack for Kyle Rittenhouse and monies expended by #FightBack for Kyle. I posted this itemization a couple of months ago in case anyone forgot about it.

Do the math. Do the research. Connect the dots. Draw your own conclusions.

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

Lin Wood, [11/20/2021 1:55 PM]

In addition to the above expenditures for Kyle, #FightBack has to pay back a $150,000 promissory note to actor Rick Schroder who loaned #FightBack that amount of money to meet the final $150K needed to reach the $2M cash bail required to free Kyle at the end of November 2020. Rick did not donate the money to #FightBack for Kyle. It was a loan. #FightBack had to sign a written promissory note and Rick made me personally guarantee the #FightBack note. I did so to help Kyle and #FightBack.

#FightBack and I did what we had to do to get Kyle out of jail in Kenosha as quickly as possible due to public death threats being made against him to kill him while he was in jail.

What was I saying earlier about no good deed . . . ?

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸


Tucker let the information Kyle had of not meeting his bail go without questioning on purpose. Kyle, a good kid said there was no reason for himself to stay in jail for there was one million dollars raised. No one informed Kyle or Kyle misunderstood that his bail was 2 million dollars. So the fact and truth is, Kyle was not able to be released from jail as his $2 million dollars had not yet been raised. Kyle, given the benefit of the doubt was misinformed. The entire interview was misleading!

And the wrap up smear goes forward as it always does. Tucker Carlson cut up his exclusive segment into pieces. Therefore if one person only saw one segment…one would believe Kyle was in jail for 20 days and report 20 days and if they watched the other segment which mentions nothing about the first segment one would believe he was in jail for 87 days and the attorney Lin Wood kept him in jail which is the farthest thing from any TRUTH! LIN WAS NOT EVEN HIS ATTORNEY, PIERCE WAS! So now the world is led to believe Lin Wood would not post the bail. After all they had one million dollars raised….no one mentioned the bail was set at 2 million dollars on either segment. No one said it was Pierce that put him in the Illinois jail that increased his bail to two million!

So the truth is Kyle needed 2 million dollars and was in jail until that was raised. And Lin Wood contacted Mike Lindell to help raise the funds and Lindell put in $50,000 of the two million…and the remaining $150,000 was given as a promissory note by actor Rick Schroder who loaned it to #FightBack and was always to be repaid. Now the wrap up smear is to make Lin Wood look greedy and want to grab any money he can from poor little Kyle. The CIA Seal with no trident….is definitely behind this scandal. Which will come back and bite all of them. Kyle is being used as a cash cow pawn. He’s smart, but he is still a kid who is easily fooled by these con artist CIA deep state operatives.

Lin Wood, [11/20/2021 4:02 PM]

Wow!!! A twofer!!!

On a day when I highlight that no good deed goes unpunished and the day could not get crazier, check out this interview by Kyle’s lawyer, Mark Richards!!!

I complimented Mark earlier today on a job well done.

#FightBack paid a portion of Mark’s attorney’s fees for Kyle’s defense.

And then he goes on national television and calls me an “idiot???”

I don’t think Mark did his homework on the character and role of John Pierce. I don’t think Mark did his homework on the character and role of David Hancock.

Or did he?

I certainly did not do my homework on Pierce and Hancock before they infiltrated my life. But I learned my lesson.

Will Mark learn his lesson?

Or did he already know it?

What do you think?

Lin Wood, [11/20/2021 4:10 PM]

I have had a BUSY day shining light on darkness and speaking TRUTH to refute lies and Deep State propaganda attacks.

But I did take the time to send an email to Mark Richards. See the email below.

I pray for Mark and ALL of my enemies.

John Pierce made the decision that Kyle was safer in Illinois than in Kenosha. I did not. John Pierce made the decision to file the habeas proceeding in Illinois, I did not.

You see, Mark, John Pierce was Kyle’s criminal lawyer. I was not. I was only engaged by Wendy to handle defamation issues after the criminal trial was over. 

You should be ashamed of denigrating me and #Fightback for our legal and good faith efforts tohelp Kyle. Heck, we even paid some of your bills.

 Demand is hereby made that you immediately retract and correct your false accusations against me. If you do not do so I will prove that you ae right on one point you made on CNN – I will sue you.

Govern yourself accordingly,

L.Lin Wood

L. Lin Wood, P.C.

Lin Wood, [11/20/2021 4:18 PM]

Gosh, darn it!

With all the TRUTH activity today, I made a mistake. I remain imperfect.

I quickly acknowledged my mistake in the follow up email to Mark Richards below.

It had been a “good news/bad news” day for me.

The bad news for me is that the enemy does not take Saturday off from his evil work. The good news is that Jesus does not ever take ANY time off. My Lord and my Savior is always with me and He never forsakes me.

Every day is an adventure.

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

Lin Wood, [11/21/2021 1:49 AM]

I had to stay up late again this evening because I wanted to spend time with my guests that I missed today due to the need to deal with the errant nonsense and lies of the Deep State shills.

Ask yourself these questions about those obsessed with attacking me:

1. Do they attack me because they have a personal agenda at work such as the love of money?

2. Do they attack me because I support the Constitution?

3. Do they attack me because I support the Bill of Rights?

4. Do they attack me because I fight for FIXING 2020?

5. Do they attack me because I support President Trump?

6. Do they attack me because I demand action to end child sex trafficking?

7. Do they attack me because #FightBack tried in good faith to help Kyle Rittenhouse?

8. Do they attack me because I represented Richard Jewell and Nicholas Sandmann?

9. Do they attack me because I oppose mask and vaccine mandates?

11. Do they attack me because I oppose critical race theory?

12. Do they attack me because I oppose abortion?

13. Do they attack me because I want enforceable borders?

14. Do they attack me because I want to end the reign of the Federal Reserve Bank and its stranglehold on our country’s economy?

15. Do they attack me because I would like to see America return to being a republic instead of being a corporation?

16. Do they attack me because I want traitors to be identified and punished?

17. Do they attack me because I support a strong national defense?

I pray they do not attack me because I unashamedly love Jesus Christ.

On the principled issues, my conservative positions should be embraced by almost ALL Patriots or at a minimum, not be the basis for “Patriots” to attack me.

Something is not right here. And I think you know what it is.

The enemy is attacking me because I try my imperfect best to speak TRUTH and the TRUTH is exposing who are the real Patriots and who are the wolves disguised in Patriot’s clothing.

TRUTH threatens their disguises.

Look carefully to identify the individuals claiming to be conservative Patriots who are attacking me.

You might be staring in the face of the enemy in disguise.

Just sayin. Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸


So the deal is to use the Rittenhouse trial to create fake news against Lin Wood and distract from the Sex, child and human trafficking trials of Maxwell and the Blood bank of Holmes in order to divide patriots even further.

I can just hear the likes of Kissinger and Schwab saying…by doing dis, ve shall divide and confuse …polarize the useless eaters even further apart and bring down both vin Wood and ze Kyle, and top it off with ze downfall of Tucker.

It’s a vin, vin, vin. No defamation suit vill be von in ze end. .. Ha ha ha…..ze public vill hate zem all.

The plan is as foretold by Albert Pike to have them all hating each other and confused with all the chaos and Christians will doubt God all together give up and turn to their one world government as the only direction. (not in those words but that is the jest of it).  So that is not going to happen…it is written there shall be a remnant left and they shall be victorious. The Lord is coming to strike them down and set up a kingdom that shall last forever!

Continued in Part II LIN WOOD SPEAKS OUT! Lin Wood Speaks Out Part II – The Marshall Report (



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