Lin Wood Shares Patrick Byrne’s Bizarre Message For Deep State

Even though Patrick Byrne threatened to turn Lin Wood’s home at Tomotley into a pig farm, (among doing other not so nice things) Wood is forgiving and saying prayers for Byrne in his time of something?? People are trying to figure out what that something is.

Patrick M. Byrne gave a rather perculiar speech recently and made some odd telegram postings. But his bizarre ramblings are no longer shocking – people are immune to that now. They should be they’ve been innoculated many times now with his jabs. At least Lin Wood has and a few others.

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Click link to hear Byrne’s odd speech:

Why on earth would Patrick Byrne do a speech and have overhead projector power point presentation like this one?

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In the bizarre video clip shared by Lin Wood on Telegram, it begins with Byrnes saying, “that’s why I don’t want any more whistle blowers in my life.”  Then he pops up his power point that gives a bizarre list of 3 actions deep state can do to him and none are very good…

After he goes through the wordage, he rambles on about killing him won’t solve the problem because he has cancer and he rambles on… but, he presents his power point and gets to the words “Kill me” and says, “Kill me… Although I’m not sure how that’s gonna solve your issue? If you helped killed a guy that’s not going to solve anything for you…something about 89% of the people don’t believe in election integrity or some rambling… and if you killed the guy who helped set up this movement, I’m not sure that’s gonna solve anything for ya.

Bury me under Guantanamo with a National Security Letter, same problem.  You all know that everything I’ve told you is correct. Indict me and bury me with no bail…they could do that except for one thing.  A few months ago for the fourth time in my life a physician sat me down and told me, “Patrick you’ve got cancer”. I’ve got a number of growths on my spinal cord and up here. Which means if I get indicted, I either get somewhat compassionate or parole or something. They can’t keep ya in jail for 18 months with tumors growing so…. (long pause) … WINNING! (loudly)

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This is strange and from the look of the audience that is either a green screen or they are bored or not into what he’s saying. Maybe they aren’t into Patrick anymore? It sounds like Byrnes has figured out he’s in some hot mess over his big fat head, perhaps Treason… and it sounds like he has figured out some alibi where he is setting up his narrative for being indicted for just standing up for Trump and Flynn…which quite clearly if you have followed the man… he is deep state, working with the Dirty Trick Squad, but if Strzok et all are indicted he’s all alone. Maybe he’s pushing for a plea bargain and setting up a smoke screen for another one of his “tiny little things”.  Something tells me this one won’t go “poof” and disappear like the last one did. He must really be afraid to be giving a speech like this one.

Here is Byrnes Last Hurrah…of his deep state involvement and activity. If it is true? Desperate people say desperate things…but he knows he is caught in a big net. His gig is up. Working for deep state again a year ago? Either way he is done. Listen…

Rod Rosenstein and his Dirty Trick Squad…Whistle blower Video Testimony

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Click link to watch video: Rod Rosenstein and his Dirty Trick Squad…Whistle blower Video Testimony – I L. Lin Wood, releases more of the DHS Whistle blower testimony. This section is on Rod Rosenstein.
“Does everyone remember Rod Rosenstein? If not, I will educate you about him and others shortly. If you think you know who he is, you might find that you are wrong.
Every lie will be revealed. :pray:” Lin Wood
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Lin Wood…

Someone sent me the message below which was apparently posted by Patrick Byrne yesterday or today.

I think most of you are familiar with the fact that Patrick and I have some serious differences of opinion and he has made false accusations against me, even threatening to turn Tomotley into a “pig farm.”

I forgive Patrick even though he is apparently my enemy. I only met him in person once in a brief conversation when he flew Mike Flynn to South Carolina in November of 2020.

Today, I have prayed for Patrick as he apparently has some serious health problems and may need surgeries in the near future. I pray that his surgeries are successful and that his convalescence goes well. I pray that Patrick be comforted in his upcoming trials and tribulations.

God’s will be done.

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

Lin Wood…

Forwarded from Patrick M. Byrne

Hey. Clearing up confusion:

Yes they found some rose in my spinal column and upper chest. All looks good very operable except for one, which just looks operable. 6 look very likely benign, one is likely benign but could be malignant.

The machinery is becoming inoperable. Right now, I do not have time to bleed.  But after the election I Just need a few months downtime for surgery(surgeries?) and convalescence.

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

Meanwhile the comments to the video post of Byrnes Speech are interesting….here is a sampling.

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image 94
image 95
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To see them all go to Lin Wood’s Telegram at:

One thing I have to say… God’s people are kind even to their enemies who have wronged them. Lin Wood is a good man, and good people have said their peace. Pray for  the man and know that God is dealing with them. We don’t have to fight, but we do have to proclaim the truth and stand up for what is right and call out what is wrong. Judge right from wrong, pray they repent, and God does the rest. Amen.

Lin also asked this question….

Why do you think President Trump highlighted Roger “Dodger” Stone in his speech this evening???

From everything I have seem over the past several months, The Stoner is anti-Trump and is closely aligned with Flim Flam.

Your thoughts?

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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