Lin Wood speaks out for America and now discovers that even notable men with great qualifications are just as easily violated as the small shop owner. So what are we to do people? When lawlessness becomes the standard of acceptable practice and truth is thrown out the window and our constitutional rights are in the meat grinder, what is the course? Wood knows that justice shall prevail and he also knows it looks like justice will not be served without a grand show down. So let the games proceed for they have already begun!
Listen to Woods explain what is going down in Georgia and America!

As Americans and I’m talking true patriots, enter into the real world of standing up for their rights, we are faced with a cold, dark winter. The same as Joey has said is coming. But, not in the manner in which Joey who is now under investigation has called for, it is a dark winter of having to defend America against domestic enemies that have infiltrated every town, big city and state. We all knew it had corrupted the halls of government in D.C., but many are just now learning by their own dictators heading their states and the henchmen at the local levels who are implementing the evil decrees just how awful and inhumane the situation is. Essential workers versus non essential workers and business owners is a war on the American people. Vaccines or punishment is a crime. House arrest for all Americans and instill fear so they will volunteer to do it all on their own. Otherwise we will send in the gestapo to arrest or ANTIFA, and BLM to destroy!

Voter fraud that steals elections is a federal crime and the Pelosi run globalist left are celebrating like something written out of a Sci-Fi novel.

lin wood on fire with sidney powell at georgia rally crowd roars we love you and thank you

So what is the real genre of this soon to be written in many books by many authors regarding COVID LOCKSTEP 2020? This blatant point in history could very well be written and listed under Sci-Fi, thriller, horror, mystery, persuasive speech, Christian Non Fiction, action adventure, fantasy, politics, crimes, and a new genre called bull s__t!

So while we the people scratch our heads along with those at the top – the only thing that is sure is to call upon the Lord in prayer for protection and victory.

As China raises its ugly warhead in the South Pacific Sea, and the US positions battle ships along with Russia and other foreign nations making their moves off radar…we the people are supposed to be watching local news on injustice compiled by fake news outlets and search on social media for any inkling of truth that may have snuck through.

The truth is WE ARE AT WAR and it is a global war. The globalists have paid off their elected puppets that rule nations with 30 pieces of silver and bars of gold to destroy their own nations economy, their own citizens, destroy their own infrastructure, all for a promise of prominence in the new world order. One world everything in a world out of control and the stupid minions that were placed into seats of ruling power via Dominion voter fraud machines, are too stupid to realize they will not receive any of what was promised.

Religious Liberty Dominoes - Point of View - Point of View

They destroyed their nations and killed their innocent people all in vain. For this battle is just beginning and I place my bet that God’s people win and all the evil ones will go down like dominoes.

Stand strong and never surrender!

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.