Pushing Cruz is like pushing a wet noodle up a winding stairway.  But, it appears Levin loves doing that kind of thing.  Remember, Levin still insists that Putin is evil and a threat to humanity, even thought he was the first one on the world stage to stand up for Christians and blast ISIS for their liver eating!  Now Levin is blasting patriots for supporting the candidate of their choice.  He is going crazy because he can’t scream the masses into submission to vote for the North American Union guy – who is surrounded by advisors from the Foreign Council on Relations, the Bilderberg Group members and former world bank leaders like Robert Zoelick, who also just happened to lead the North American Task Force to insure that the next president in 2016 will put the NAU as the main priority.  That means, the next president must be willing to keep borders open, bring in refugees, insure the banks get special treatment, push forward TTIP, and a host of goodies. Levin has to be aware of this, he is a bright man.
Levin is giving the appearance of a radio host who is holding on to a crumpled up piece of donor/sponsor puppet master money and slashing out at true American Patriots who have chosen TRUMP as their new commander in chief. This is sad, but very telling.
I really didn’t think he was all about his own personal interests? Yes, I knew it. Book sales and all. But he really doesn’t seem to care much about who leads….if he did he certainly would not be choosing Cruz. Unless he is all for this New World Order crap…..???
I don’t have any energy to analyze Levin at the moment, I just call it like it appears. Right now it looks pretty bad for him and his Goldman Sachs donor puppet born in Canada. And it sure looks great for the all American patriot named Donald J. Trump. Love the Sarah Palin endorsement, even though it behooves Levin. She is rocking across America with Trump full throttle! Power to the people – we gave you guys ratings and we can take them away!
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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