Mob Rule On Display

Democracy’s secret weapon is now out in the open and it has reared it’s ugly head. It’s called… …MOB RULE AND IT IS ON FULL DISPLAY! Democracy is when the majority rules and when majority rules they can send out the mobs and make the lives of anyone who disagrees with them sheer hell and…Continue readingMob Rule On Display

Crusader of Truth – G. Edward Griffin

A man whose time is NOW! Learn from him all you can, while you still can! One of the greatest Truth Crusaders of our time is G. Edward Griffin, author of Creature from Jekyll Island and founder of the Red Pill University among a list of other achievements. He has been researching for the truth and…Continue readingCrusader of Truth – G. Edward Griffin

Senate Abortion Bill Fails~

‘Baby Roe.’ Why on earth did this even come up in the Senate to begin with? Oh right, Speaker Nancy Pelosi shoved it through her house of cards and hoped the Senate would overrule the Supreme Court which is supposed to be the branch of government overseeing the law of the land to keep the Queen Nancy…Continue readingSenate Abortion Bill Fails~

God’s People Win This War!

STAY INFORMED AND FEAR NOT. Refusing to know what “they” are doing will not make it go away. However, knowing what they are doing is just the first step. The second step is to prepare for what is coming. Preparation is everything. Learn what you need to do and Stay Healthy! Add things like flax…Continue readingGod’s People Win This War!

Right To Kill Babies Held Sacred To The Left

That is just the way it is…and now have they gone too far? Or better yet, how far will they go? Will there be any consequences for these law breakers? Or will this be cheered on and deemed a cherished Crusade for the communist party inside the Capitol? 18 U.S. Code § 1507 – Picketing…Continue readingRight To Kill Babies Held Sacred To The Left

Supreme Court Leak, Roe Versus Wade Overturned…

The Supreme Court is now surrounded by fencing to protect them from any angry mobs after the news of Roe Versus Wade being Overturned is leaked. It makes one wonder how they knew some mobs would be angry and coming for them. They will not mention that the law-abiding conservatives and those who love the…Continue readingSupreme Court Leak, Roe Versus Wade Overturned…

Historic Rundown…Believe it or Not…

It’s always good to gather all the information and discern it all. No one has all the answers… as we go through this box of puzzle pieces trying to figure out which piece goes where to bring into view the picture on the outside of the box… we are inside of it wondering what it…Continue readingHistoric Rundown…Believe it or Not…

Keep Pressing Forward!

Rittenhouse not guilty……justice has prevailed….. …and here we go….right on time for their puppet masters! And as though the world wasn’t watching…and as though anyone believes the lies that the evil ones are spewing out? The puppet masters have called out their blue state hoards. But then again…San Fran isn’t quite as far gone as…Continue readingKeep Pressing Forward!

Rittenhouse Aquitted!

Kyle Rittenhouse was finally set free in a full Aquittal of all charges!  A 12 member jury found Kyle Rittenhouse NOT GUILTY on two counts of homicide, one count of attempted homicide, and two counts of recklessly endangering safety during RIOTS that were called “peaceful protests” repeatedly by fake news media and presented that tragic…Continue readingRittenhouse Aquitted!

Stand Up For God & Country!

DiLemme’s On Fire! It’s Time To Be A Gideon! A David! Time to Save God’s America! John DiLemme has been boots on the ground going directly to the people teaching truth and showing people how to take a stand for their constitution rights! He daily fights the good fight and gathers the truth tellers together…Continue readingStand Up For God & Country!