Rittenhouse Aquitted!

Kyle Rittenhouse was finally set free in a full Aquittal of all charges!  A 12 member jury found Kyle Rittenhouse NOT GUILTY on two counts of homicide, one count of attempted homicide, and two counts of recklessly endangering safety during RIOTS that were called “peaceful protests” repeatedly by fake news media and presented that tragic…Continue readingRittenhouse Aquitted!

Stand Up For God & Country!

DiLemme’s On Fire! It’s Time To Be A Gideon! A David! Time to Save God’s America! John DiLemme has been boots on the ground going directly to the people teaching truth and showing people how to take a stand for their constitution rights! He daily fights the good fight and gathers the truth tellers together…Continue readingStand Up For God & Country!

Diamond & Silk Shut it Down!

STOP THOSE WHO ARE KILLING, STEALING AND DESTROYING! It’s time to shut down the hands that mandate tyranny and stand up for our Constitutional Rights and Freedom! MORE GASLIGHTING – this time it’s all about the Constitution! Now we are being blasted with garbage to sway our opinion on the freedoms we have. DON’T BUY…Continue readingDiamond & Silk Shut it Down!


WHAT’S RIDING BABYLON THE GREAT? “I need you to be my apostles. Go out and tell others…Jesus taught us to love. God gave us this vaccine and all must do the Christian thing and take it,” says Kathy Hochul New York’s first female governor replacing Governor Cuomo, who holds the trophy for the most nursing…Continue readingVEXED NOT VAXED!

Is This Medical Tyranny?

Covid-19 vaccines are disabling our military, causing physically fit soldiers to become sick, disabled and in some cases, they died! Patrick Byrne, CEO – The America Project Some excerpts from the affidavit of LTC. Theresa Long, M.D. IN SUPPORT OF A MOTION FOR A PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION ORDER “36. I personally observed the most physically fit…Continue readingIs This Medical Tyranny?

Powell-We’re Making Progress

September 3, 2021 Good News Friday – September 3 As we go into the long Labor Day Weekend, we hope you stay safe and have an opportunity to get a bit of rest, recreation, and restoration for your selves. We are making progress on getting to the Truth. We must keep sharing it. Here’s some…Continue readingPowell-We’re Making Progress

Sidney Powell- Walk Out!

Sidney Powell is promoting for all who are forced to decide to choose a jab or their job to Walk Out on Wednesday, August 11th at 12:00 noon! Dear Patriots NO ONE should be forced to get jabbed with an untested vaccine against their will or through threat of job loss or education opportunities. Millions…Continue readingSidney Powell- Walk Out!

$500 Trillion Lawsuit

What do we make of this? Feel free to investigate this Scott Workman. Who is he? A $500 Trillion dollar lawsuit is in progress against the Federal Government and over 140 Monopolists via our Republic Constitutional Convention and Court…We The People are reclaiming what you have taken from us and done to us. They are…Continue reading$500 Trillion Lawsuit

Ask The Real Questions…

PELOSI AND MCCONNELL HAVE SOME ANSWERING TO DO~ President Trump spoke at the Rally in Arizona and he told us how the deep state operatives work their propaganda by taking what they do and blaming him. He reminded everyone of Russia, Russia, Russia, and impeach, impeach, impeach and how they blame others for what they…Continue readingAsk The Real Questions…

Say No To Indoctrination!

Hey Commies Leave Them Kids Alone! The new school program is where parents learn to JUST SAY NO! PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM ENROLLMENT IS IMPLODING! Parents are taking their children out of the clutches of NAZI like mandates and bat stuff crazy Teacher’s Unions that have gone along lockstep with new world disorder agendas to continue…Continue readingSay No To Indoctrination!