Leaker On Parade… The Story Continues To Drip…

The aftermath and a youth named Jack.

The “Intelligence Leak” (worse of its kind since 2013 they say) exposes U.S. spying on adversaries and allies, while U.S. and European officials scrambled to understand how dozens of classified documents covering all manner of intelligence gathering had made their way online with little notice.

Meanwhile, some say the leaks now show that Ukraine’s President Zelensky has taken direct orders from the US Pentagon in fighting his war with Russia. No wonder he has been such a bold, brazen, mouthy, coke snorting NAZI, laughing in our faces as he demands more billions and nukes. He really believes he can do anything he wants because he has become the deepstates new lap dog (allegedly).

Then we have Marjorie Taylor Green shouting, “They couldn’t find the Supreme Court leaker who put Supreme Court Justices lives in danger, but magically, they can find 21-year-old low level National Guardsman ‘responsible’ for exposing the truth about Ukraine.  And the same people that want to take away your guns, are waging war, in a foreign country, without permission from congress. Think about that.”

All while RosemaryMD, @RosemaryMDPhD on April 8, 2023 stated, “It was not a leak. It was released by @PentagonPresSec and @DHSgov and FBI to suggest “Russian disinformation” after Hollande was caught admitting the U.S. @UnderSecStateP started the proxy war to destabilize Russia. Muddy the waters.”

Who did it? And how do they know for sure?

With today’s A.I. capabilities, and the Pentagon whom it was made for, it is hard to believe a 21 year old youth would be able to outsmart DARPA and hack into the top secret documents, then pass them out to the gaming community like memes!

Allegedly it is being said that an enlisted member of the 102nd Intelligence Wing located at Joint Base Cape Cod, named Jack Teixeira did it. Teixeira is also said to allegedly have the highest intelligence clearance there is.

image 249

The arrest came after Teixeira was identified as a person of interest in the case, which was opened last week when some of the shared documents were discovered on Russian Telegram channels.

Reports indicate Teixeira was a prominent figure in the “Thug Shakers Central” Discord group, where the documents initially appeared. Discord group is simply a community-based group chat service originally created to let gamers talk while gaming. (Do you see where this might be heading? Chat rooms? Saying stuff while you are gaming? Do you feel free folks?) Have you ever opened an email and it had a virus? What if it had a Pentagon Document? How do you defend that? Think everything through. It can have dire implications on all of us, the same as false flag shooter events…to take away our gun rights. Look at what their history is. Do you trust this regime? Do you trust the CIA, FBI and DARPA, In-Q-Tel which is our social media platforms and group chat capabilities? They’ve been running Facebook, Twitter, Google… and can access anyones computer or digital device. How about we start looking there first? How do we know he didn’t get a download dumped on him first? And how does anyone know if In-Q-Tel wasn’t planting it into their program?

image 251

How were the documents leaked?

The classified pages were disseminated on the small Discord channel Thug Shaker Central, linked to fans of the YouTuber Oxide. What does that tell you?

image 250

And on top of everything else, Zelensky is attacking Christians.

On top of all the leaks, the money laundering, human and child trafficking, bioweapon labs, cartels, dark money weapon sales and blatant killing of civilians by Zelensky allegedly obeying orders from the Pentagon, Zelensky is now with new orders (allegedly) to kill Christians. Who the Pentagon, allegedly, is taking orders for the RESET global lizard people puppet masters, also known as…KM Oligarch overlords.

In an article by Victor Nava titled, “Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene defends alleged US intel leaker Jack Teixeira”, it stated the following:

Far-right Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene on Thursday defended 21-year-old Air National Guardsman Jack Teixeira, the accused leaker of highly sensitive Pentagon intelligence documents, and said he’s being treated by the Biden administration “like a traitor and criminal.”

“Jake Teixeira is white, male, Christian, and antiwar. That makes him an enemy to the Biden regime,” Greene (R-Ga.) wrote in a tweet

“Greene, who is staunchly against the US providing military aid to Ukraine as it attempts to fend off a Russian invasion, has called the Biden administration’s role in the conflict in the former Soviet state “a proxy war with Russia.” 

To fully understand the puzzle here, you have to go back to after WWII and the forming of the CIA, the UN, Operation PaperClip and Ultra Mind Control… we discussed these in past blogs… so we will just go to 911 and the Bush initiating the Patriot Act and the war on terror which set up everything needed for the Obama Regime to come in and take over to finish the nation toppling. And since they never thought Hillary would lose, they had to blame Trump for all of their foreign kill, steal and destroy policy and keep their war monger and “save the smelt” sins hidden. Thus we got Russia, Russia, Russia and everything dumped on Trump to impeach, impeach, impeach and a constant barrage of accusations and lies. And now the first President to ever be indicted. Good grief what ever will they do next?

We pause for a moment and take in this song… it just seemed like the thing to do.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming…

After knowing the press arrived at Jack T’s home, and the spy drone caught dangerous Jack reading a book at the patio table… hours before the FBI arrived because they figured out where he was (that’s their story not mine) and factoring in how the show is going, we listen to what Trump said in his speech at the NRA. He spoke about getting back into office and not in the traditional way …. he said, “or we won’t have a country left the way this administration is going.” He noted Biden administration and not Biden only.

So the leaks ???? The kid is looking more and more like a face to place on the news (a false flag poster boy) to blame, as in “crisis actor”. Same as Zuckerberg… and Jack at Twitter, Musk at Space X, etc. So we have the name Jack Teixeira. Not an average name but one with some possible meaning? Odd that it’s the same last name of John of God the pedophile who made his money the dark way, Teixeira.

image 245

The two names make perfect sense for a crisis actor character. And then again, it just may be his real unpaperclipped birth name. Pay no attention that Jack comes from a military family and is a good kid. Look at their evidence…. look at the leaked documents and believe everything fake news tells you!

Instead, watch the perp walk. Drone footage by fake news who arrived before FBI, and from this picture.. before Military???

image 246

According to Reuters, Jack Teixeira, is a 21-year-old Massachusetts Air National Guardsman, who was arrested Thursday in connection to the Pentagon leak investigation. They also quoted Majorie Taylor Green’s tweet we mentioned above that said, “Jake Teixeira is white, male, Christian, and antiwar. That makes him an enemy to the Biden regime.” (This just happens to fit the new Zelensky and Israel agenda to gather Christians and remove those hateful creatures.) There are videos that show Ukrainians crucifying Christians on crosses and breaking their legs, and manhandling senior Orthodox Christian Priests in Ukraine.

Reuters also quoted Greene as saying, “It’s the Biden Admin and the DOD who are acting like criminals. They’re the ones who should be held accountable to the American people because of what they’re doing in Ukraine,” adding that Biden should face impeachment over the war in Ukraine. 

And of course they already have a court room sketch. They always have a sketch!

image 247

Whose sketch do you like better? I vote for the Trump Moves sketch.

image 248

Back to the leaked documents…

The leaked documents include analysis from U.S. intelligence agencies about Russia and several other countries, all based on information gleaned from classified sources. Before we go any further… we must remember there are white hats (God fearing Patriots) and black hats (lizard workers) in the Pentagon and it is unclear which side leaked the docs, or if they were even leaked from inside, or were hacked? Or… I suspect they could have come from Cyber Space Command? They have everything already right there! It all keeps changing, so for now… this is just a gleaned mix of what is being reported.

The news said the series of detailed briefings and summaries opened a rare window on the inner workings of American espionage. (I’m glad we covered Black List and the CIA five minute masks a little while back. We were prepared for this day. Smile. We already knew the drill.) Among other secrets, the docs appear to reveal where the CIA has recruited human agents privy to the closed-door conversations of world leaders; eavesdropping (is that like hearsay or gossip?) that shows a Russian mercenary outfit tried to acquire weapons from a NATO ally to use against Ukraine; and the leaked docs told what kinds of satellite imagery the United States uses to track Russian forces, including an advanced technology that appears barely, if ever, to have been publicly identified.

Read: Discord member details how documents leaked from closed chat group – The Washington Post

Also see: Who are arrested Air National Guardsman Jack Teixeira’s parents? (nypost.com)

About the leaks… this story will bend, twist, shapeshift in many ways before you hear the end of it, so I won’t get to heavy in it. Just a few things, and hopefully things you haven’t heard. So here goes, the alleged classified documents were posted around March 1 on the Minecraft messaging board. They included details of Ukraine’s air defenses, plans for NATO surveillance in the Black Sea, and signals intelligence on top officials in Israel and S. Korea. This is according to Yaroslav Trofimov who is Chief Foreign-Affairs Correspondent of The Wall Street Journal.

Trofimov also said on Twitter, “The people in the online spaces where Jack Teixeira spent his time and allegedly leaked highly classified documents posted violent slurs against Black, gay and trans people, Jews, Ukrainians and pretty much everyone else. Everyone, except the Russians.”

How convenient is that? Where have we seen how such things are done before?

Jack Teixeira taken to Boston Court House?

The video below we have cameras waiting to film the 21 year old Air National Guardsman, Jack Teixeira, accused of leaking the Pentagon Top Secret, Classified Documents outside the Boston courthouse. As an active military Air National Guardsman, on such serious charges, wouldn’t he be held in a Military Tribunal? Why is he the next two month fake news live court case for the pleebs to follow? Are you catching onto this yet? Is there anyone out there that knows how this would go if it were a real military person, committing a military classified document from the Pentagon offence? This does not sound right at all.

According to the Military Code of Justice 669 Prosecution of Military Personnel, and the Victim and Witness Assistance Council for the military Justice, they have their own protocols. The question is, can the hearing, such as Jack’s, be held in a public district court house? It appears it could… but considering the severity of the alleged crime…unlikely. Has anyone even mentioned court martial yet? We are talking the Pentagon here??? Top secret documents and not AWOL type of thingy.

Jack Douglas Teixeira, a member of the Air National Guard is facing two federal charges. The two charges are for “unauthorized retention and transmission of national defense information” and “unauthorized removal and retention of classified documents or material.”


The MOU between the Department of Justice and the Department of Defense was finalized in August 1984 and provides as follows:



This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) establishes policy for the Department of Justice and Defense with regard to the investigation and prosecution of criminal matters over which the two Departments have jurisdiction. This memorandum is not intended to confer any rights, benefits, privileges or form of due process procedure upon individuals, associations, corporations or other persons or entities.This memorandum applies to all components and personnel of the Department of Justice and the Department of Defense. The statutory bases for the Department of Defense and the Department of Justice investigation and prosecution responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  1. Department of Justice: Titles 18, 21 and 28 of the United States Code; and

2. Department of Defense: The Uniform Code of Military Justice, Title 10, United States Code, Sections 801-940; the Inspector General Act of 1978, Title 5, United States Code, Appendix 1; and Title 5, United States Code, Section 301.


The Department of Justice has primary responsibility for enforcement of Federal laws in the United States District Courts. The Department of Defense has responsibility for the integrity of its programs, operations and installations and for the discipline of the Armed Forces. Prompt administrative actions and completion of investigations within the two (2) year statute of limitations under the Uniform Code of Military Justice require the Department of Defense to assume an important role in Federal criminal investigations. To encourage joint and coordinated investigative efforts, in appropriate cases where the Department of Justice assumes investigative responsibility for a matter relating to the Department of Defense, it should share information and conduct the inquiry jointly with the interested Department of Defense investigative agency. It is neither feasible nor desirable to establish inflexible rules regarding the responsibilities of the Department of Defense and the Department of Justice as to each matter over which they may have concurrent interest. Informal arrangements and agreements within the spirit of this MOU are permissible with respect to specific crimes or investigations.



a. Corruption Involving the Department of Defense PersonnelThe Department of Defense investigative agencies will refer to the FBI on receipt all significant allegations of bribery and conflict of interest involving military or civilian personnel of the Department of Defense. In all corruption matters the subject of a referral to the FBI, the Department of Defense shall obtain the concurrence of the Department of Justice prosecutor or the FBI before initiating any independent investigation preliminary to any action under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.The FBI will notify the referring agency promptly regarding whether they accept the referred matters for investigation. The FBI will attempt to make such decision in one (1) working day of receipt in such matters.

B. Frauds Against the Department of Defense and Theft and Embezzlement of Government Property

The Department of Justice and the Department of Defense have investigative responsibility for frauds against the Department of Defense and theft and embezzlement of Government property from the Department of Defense. The Department of Defense will investigate frauds against the Department of Defense and theft of government property from the Department of Defense. Whenever a Department of Defense investigative agency identifies a matter which, if developed by investigation, would warrant Federal prosecution, it will confer with the United States Attorney or the Criminal Division, the Department of Justice, and the FBI field office. At the time of this initial conference, criminal investigative responsibility will be determined by the Department of Justice in consultation with the Department of Defense.


A. Subject(s) can be Tried by Court-Martial or are Unknown

Crimes (other than those covered by paragraph C. 1.) committed on a military installation will be investigated by the Department of Defense investigative agency concerned and, when committed by a person subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, prosecuted by the Military Department concerned. The Department of Defense will provide immediate notice to the Department of Justice of significant cases in which an individual subject/victim is other than a military member or dependent thereof.

B. One or More Subjects cannot be Tried by Court-Martial

When a crime (other than those covered by paragraph C.1.) has occurred on a military installation and there is reasonable basis to believe that it has been committed by a person or persons, some or all of whom are not subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the Department of Defense investigative agency will provide immediate notice of the matter to the appropriate Department of Justice investigative agency unless the Department of Justice has relieved the Department of Defense of the reporting requirement for that type or class of crime.



A. Offense is Normally Tried by Court-Martial

Crimes (other than those covered in paragraph C. 1.) committed outside a military installation by persons subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice which, normally, are tried by court martial will be investigated and prosecuted by the Department of Defense. The Department of Defense will provide immediate notice of significant cases to the appropriate Department of Justice investigative agency. The Department of Defense will provide immediate notice in all cases where one or more subjects is not under military jurisdiction unless the Department of Justice has relieved the Department of Defense of the reporting requirement for that type or class of crime.

B. Crimes Related to Scheduled Military

ActivitiesCrimes related to scheduled military activities outside of a military installation, such as organized maneuvers in which persons subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice are suspects, shall be treated as if committed on a military installation for purposes of this Memorandum. The FBI or other Department of Justice investigative agency may assume jurisdiction with the concurrence of the United States Attorney or the Criminal Division, Department of Justice.

C. Offense is not Normally Tried by Court Martial

Where there are reasonable grounds to believe that a Federal crime (other than those covered by paragraph C.1) normally not tried by court-martial, has been committed outside a military installation by a person subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the Department of Defense investigative agency will immediately refer the case to the appropriate Department of Justice investigative agency unless the Department of Justice has relieved the Department of Defense of the reporting requirement for that type or class of crime.

Read full Code of Military Justice: 669. Prosecution of Military Personnel | JM | Department of Justice


The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), enacted by Congress, contains the substantive and procedural laws governing the military justice system. The President prescribes procedural rules and punishments for violations of crimes in the Manual for Courts-Martial (MCM).

Investigations of serious offenses involving military personnel such as rape, indecent assault, drugs, or larceny are usually conducted by a criminal investigative agency, such as the Army’s Criminal Investigation Command (CID). For less serious offenses and most military-connected crimes, the authority rests with military or security police investigators. In cases involving very minor offenses, the immediate commander of the military member suspected will conduct or cause to be made a preliminary inquiry. Lawyers, known as judge advocates, are actively involved in advising commanders throughout the process.

Unlike civilian communities, military commanders exercise discretion in deciding whether an offense should be charged and how the offenders should be punished. The disposition decision is one of the most important and difficult decisions facing a commander. The commander has a number of options available for the resolution of disciplinary problems. Briefly summarized, they are as follows:

  1. The commander may choose to take no action. The circumstances surrounding an event actually may warrant that no adverse action be taken. The preliminary inquiry might indicate that the accused is innocent of the crime, that the only evidence is inadmissible, or the commander may decide that other valid reasons exist not to prosecute.
  2. The commander may initiate administrative action against a soldier. The commander might determine that the best disposition for this offense and this offender is to take administrative rather than punitive action. Administrative action is not punitive in character; instead, it is meant to be corrective and rehabilitative. Administrative actions include measures ranging from counseling or a reprimand to involuntary separation.
  3. The commander may dispose of the offense with nonjudicial punishment. Article 15, UCMJ, is a means of handling minor offenses requiring immediate corrective action. Nonjudicial punishment hearings are non-adversarial. They are not a “mini-trial” with questioning by opposing sides. The commander conducts the hearing. The service member may request an open or closed hearing, speak with an attorney about his case, have someone speak on his behalf, and present witnesses who are reasonably available. The rules of evidence do not apply. In order to find the service member guilty, the commander must be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that the service member committed the offense. The maximum punishment depends on the rank of the commander imposing punishment and the rank of the service member being punished. The service member has a right to appeal the imposing commander’s decision to the next higher commander.
  4. The commander may dispose of the offenses by court-martial. If the commander decides that the offense is serious enough to warrant trial by court-martial, the commander may exercise the fourth option, preferring and forwarding charges. The commander may chose from three potential levels of court-martial: summary, special, or general court-martial. These courts-martial differ in the procedures, rights, and possible punishment that can be adjudged. A summary court-martial is designed to dispose of minor offenses. Only enlisted soldiers may be tried by summary court-martial. A single officer presides over the hearing. The accused has no right to counsel but may hire an attorney to represent him. A special court-martial is an intermediate level composed of either a military judge alone, or at least three members and a judge. An enlisted service member may ask that at least one-third of the court members be enlisted. There is both a prosecutor, commonly referred to as the trial counsel, and a defense counsel. In addition, the accused may be represented by civilian counsel, at no expense to the government, or by an individually requested military counsel. READ full report: Military Justice Overview – Victim and Witness Assistance Council (defense.gov)

Perhaps this is all part of a complete overhaul of BOTH JUSTICE SYSTEMS. Grab some popcorn and watch where this goes. It is afterall… the greatest show on earth.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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