Lara Logan, Diamond & Silk Get Real About Child & Human Trafficking and Black Goo!

Are you tired of the lies? Diamond and Silk sure are and Lara Logan sure is! They say it’s time to have a discussion about the real truths on what is happening at our borders, with our children in America and throughout the world!

Listen to the interview with Lara Logan. She has a lot of facts and has vowed to get the truth out there about child trafficking. Lara said it was time to admit this is happening and end child trafficking and ritual abuse. She is working on a documentary that will show the real story with the real facts.

Below Lady GaGa a victim of MK Ultra Mind Control. Photo from her video promoting her new perfume called “Fame”.

image 349

Lady GaGa appears to be a robotic figure crawling out of the mouth of black goo. Wearing a dark crown of fame?

image 350

That bottle reminds me of a headless bust. Below is the marketing promotion. It tells the story.


Black Goo is also known as Graphene Oxide or FerroFluid. This toxic substance is the main ingredient in DARPA Hydrogels (graphene oxide chips that connect with smart devices, the cloud and AI). Its main objective is to control your mind.

Black Goo/Graphene Oxide is secretly added to everyday items and is found in the Covid 19 vaccinations (listed in the patent). Big Pharma, the WHO, CDC, Gates, Fauci et al know this and never told you. Big Pharma have all kept the ingredients to their vaccines hidden from the public under the title “trade secret”. People have not been given information on the ingredients. People have been denied informed consent.

Informed consent would mean that the people taking the vaccine were agreeing to having graphene oxide injected into their bodies. They would have been told that Graphene oxide causes DNA damage, oxidative stress, inflammatory response, cell death (necrosis) and other effects such as physical destruction. It is not USA FDA approved for consumption.

image 351

Lady GaGa with a man with black goo over his face. What is this symbolic of?

Natalie Morris, who holds a criminal justice degree, devoted her time helping people who suffered Black Goo exposure. After years of research and client feedback, she found that Black Goo was most common in her clients who were victims of Satanic ritual abuse (SRA), children with severe autism, and individuals with debilitating illnesses and those with life-changing symptoms.

Graphene Oxide/Black Goo Used In Mind Control

Graphene oxide interacts and is activated by electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), specifically the broader range of frequencies found in 5G. It passes through the blood-brain barrier and manipulates brain neural pathways for mind control and transhumanism.

Bonding DNA to the Black Goo is directly related to embodying the artificial intelligent alien machinery and being subjected to severe mind control like an automaton or robot. This is related to the current purging of AI intelligence and Satanic forces that are very aggressive that we have been seeing in videos of people acting crazy and demonic.  This is used in robotics and is a key part of the transhumanism RESET agenda. This is the secret component to Klaus Schwab and Yuval Harari’s goal to chip humanity and taking away emotions, intuition, and free will.

We have heard a lot over the years of MK Ultra Mind Control, but now we are finding out how they have performed this on their victims in Hollywood and false flag operations. This is very real and the most sinister thing imaginable. It is genocide and murder. We have allowed this to be in our schools and these wicked ones have been mind controlling our children right before our eyes.

PHOTO BELOW: Lady Ga Ga (MK Ultra Mind Controlled) in the past has showed off her panda eyes and her fingers in an illuminati secret sign. Note her cutesy pig tails and her fingers are decorated as pencils. What’s wrong with that? It’s fashion and she’s a celebrity singer. Right?

Symbolism is everything to these people, but if we ask about it we are cut off and censored. Well, then if they won’t answer our questions we will reason it out. Knowing Hollywood sends messages to us all in films, and performances we’ll take a guess.

image 360

Pencil lead is graphene. The same graphene that is in the toxic jabs? Graphene equals black goo.  Graphene is used in mind control? Mind control is also done with frequencies? Graphene is a super conductor – you can rub the contact point of a light bulb against it and it will light up! Panda eyes are a result of child rape. Pig tails equal little girl?  Black and white colors equal illuminati chess board. Put the symbolism all together equals child sex trafficking? Sick…very sick.

image 355

Lady GaGa performed at Joey’s inauguration. But, many as myself believed her to be a double. Not sure what happened to her but today we are watching a different Lady GaGa. Her facial features and body is not the same. I showed the differences through photos of the inauguration in the Marshall Report at that time. It is sad how these people have been deceived into giving themselves over to be their robotic toys.

image 357

Theoretically, any Black Goo outside the body is immediately programmed if it’s quantumly entangled with the original program and part of the grid system. Those in charge of this program believe everyone can be uploaded to AI, and everybody can be controlled using artificial intelligence in the body. They simply don’t care who or how many die in the process. Actually they prefere to have around 7 billion of us not survive their madness. When the people in the world fully understand the entire big picture these wicked ones have planned… there will be no holding back the masses. And that time is coming quickly.

image 358

There are a lot of targeted individuals and mind controlled victims that are sent on missions. They leave their home and come back and don’t know where they went. They have unaccounted “time.” These are controlled like a computer game. This is what they are already doing.

image 353

Black Goo is a Pentagon development…

The Pentagon invested $20 Billion into Black Goo Nanotechnology. It was developed to be used on troops on battlefields. It’s a nanotechnology-based solution, which means it is a nano-sized, self-replicating molecule. It is 10,000 times smaller than a human cell.

It can survive outside the body, and enter into and disrupt all of the cells of the body. It can cause cancer. It can spread through the bloodstream and cause heart attacks and brain damage! It can cause death and has been classified as a weapon of mass destruction (WMD).


A study from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) did a study on Black Goo that suggested it would likely kill only humans and that the “poisonous” nano-particles would be so small that the human body could easily absorb them. They said Black Goo wouldn’t destroy the world and humans would simply absorb the particles. People would die but they weren’t concerned with that very much as they said the human body is very resilient. These people are either full of Black Goo themselves and someone is programmed them to right such dry, cold, harsh things or they created it for the purpose of depopulation.

It is looking more and more like they were trying to devise the perfect depopulation weapon, that would not harm the planet and keep their infrastructure in place. Black Goo is much safer than let’s say… using nukes?

image 352

Sex slaves and human sacrifices are just what these Khazarian Nazi’s do. The blood of children frightened to death gives them their adrenochrome. Spirit cooking dinners and hunts in the woods afterward are normal and fun to them. We who are against their lifestyle choices are in the way. The goal is to remove us so they can come out into the open and be who they are. Which is looking more and more like many of them are the children of Satan and the sacrificial ritual stories appear to be true.

image 359

It’s time to pray unceasing for the Lord to intervene.

Keep on pressing into the kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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