Just When You Think Cruz Can't Sink Any Lower…

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Not only is it now proven that the Fiorina and Cruz Campaign were behind the trash about Melania Trump….and we had to hold our nose and watch Cruz defend his wife, now in another desperate attempt to belittle Trump, creepy Ted is using children again.  This time America’s children.  He blatantly lied again (no surprise here) but this time accusing Donald of having a trash mouth and unfit to be president for children will learn bad words and how will parents explain this bad example to them.  Well Mr. Ted, how many kids had to ask mommy and daddy, “What does copulate mean?”  And how many asked, “Why is this man calling Donald Sleezy and a rat?”  And how many know that what he is accusing Trump of are lies….and of his own making?

He bla, bla, bla’d for what seemed to be forever while I yelled at the TV things like, “Give me a break Cruz you creep!  The biggest shame our children are watching and listening to is a grown man who is a pathological liar and commits voter fraud, cheats, backstabs others and has no shame in doing so.
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Our children (of all ages) are watching the all of the Cruz scandals, all the Cruz lies and asking  “Why is this man lying all the time?  Why is he cheating?  Why is he committing voter fraud?  Why is he getting away with it?”  I am answering all the kids who ask with the truth.  Even with my 9 year old grand kids….they are asking too.  I answer, “Because Cruz is not an honest man.  He has a disease.  He is a pathological liar and a corrupt man. He is also an illegal alien and should not be running for president.  This is what happens when bad people run for office.”
Ted Cruz and Carly attacked Melania and turned around and made it look like Trump was attacking Heidi?  Good grief!  Today we know Cruz and Carly were responsible for the entire attack.  See link and story here: https://conservativetribune.com/person-melania-ad/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=PostTopSharingButtons&utm_content=2016-05-02&utm_campaign=websitesharingbuttons
Our kids need to know the truth.  Heaven knows the main stream media doesn’t tell it. It is my hope that when Cruz falls on his face and has the total melt down, all the parents and adults will tell their kids, “Look and see what happens to people when they do bad things.  They get in trouble for lying, cheating and stealing.  No good things come from liars. Never be like this man who lies and has no guilt at all in doing so. And never tell lies about other people.  It is very bad.”
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The Bible’s ten commandments tell us to never bear false witness. We try and teach our kids the right things to do and one of those is NEVER TELL A LIE.  ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH!  What makes this pathetic man all the more irritating is the way he uses the Bible as a weapon and condemns good people.  Good people from entire states and segments of society.  He is beyond evil.  He indeed is as Boehner said Lucifer in the flesh.  The ultimate accuser of mankind.  He is unfit to hold any office and illegal to hold any as well.  He has no proof of citizenship.
Our children and the world are watching all the Cruz finger pointing liar show and it is shameful.  Ted is so mentally wasted  he thinks he is getting away with all of his scandals.  Ted and the liar media have lost all credibility with the public, at home and abroad.  They have only succeeded in making complete and utter fools of themselves. They have shown they possess no principals, no values and take no responsibility for their lies.
The people have had enough.  Mark my words….no one is getting away with a dang thing here.  You reap what you sow. Just take a look at what the evil liars are sowing….not much good. I am waiting for either some repentance or the harvest to kick in.
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I am standing with Donald John Trump!  Tomorrow Trump will win by a landslide in Indiana!  He and all the supporters shall reap if we faint not!
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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